Wild Videos Show Rhinos Charge at Tourist Safaris in India

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A rhino charged a safari car for about a mile at India’s Manas National Park.

These tourists’ trip to India came at an extra charge.

Terrifying footage has captured rhinoceroses storming after safari tours in India, forcing drivers to frantically try to outrace them.

In one clip filmed on Dec. 30, a one-horned rhino chasing is seen chasing after a group of tourists at Manas National Park in the Assam state.

The massive mammal, which can run at a speed of up to 35 miles per hour, pursued the vehicle for about a mile. A second view of the chase shows that tourists were sitting and standing in the truck’s bed with little to protect them from the 3-ton animal.

Tourists can be heard screaming for the driver to go faster as the rhino comes within mere inches of the car. After a few exhilarating minutes, the rhino gave up and ran into the bushes, The Free Press Journal reported.

A second rhinoceros chase was posted on Twitter the next day.

The animal pursued the car on an open dirt road at the Kaziranga National Park, about 150 miles from the Manas National Park.

A rhino charges the car.
Rhinos can run at speed of up to 35 miles per hour.
“Bhaga!” the tourists can be heard repeatedly yelling, which translates to “speed up.”
The riders eventually directed their screams away from the driver and toward the charging animal in an effort to scare it away.

As the video progressed, so did the rhino until it brushed against the tires of the jeep, the Press Trust of India said. The animal immediately ran off into the grasslands after making contact with the car.

The tourists eventually made it to safety, where they discovered marks of the animal’s teeth on the rear tire of the car. Authorities suspect the contact may have injured the animal and sent it retreating.

Such chases are rare for the animals — rhinos typically only turn aggressive if provoked, though will charge if they perceive a threat, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

16-Year-Old Sophomore Student ‘Collapses and Dies Suddenly’ While Playing Flag Football

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On Thursday night, a sophomore high school student in Las Vegas, Nevada, died suddenly while playing flag football.

Ashari Hughes, a 16-year-old player for Desert Oasis High School, collapsed suddenly after the team’s home game against Valley High School on Thursday night because of a “medical emergency.”

One of Hughes’s relatives told FOX5 that she was playing in the field when she began experiencing chest pain.

In an email sent to students’ families, the school principal said, “staff immediately began providing medical aid and continued until paramedics arrived.”

She was rushed to the hospital but died later that night.

Superintendent of the CCSD, Dr. Jesus Jara, made a statement about the death of the student later Friday morning:

“The Clark County School District grieves the sudden passing of one of our student-athletes. The loss of this young life deeply saddens us, and our thoughts are with the student’s friends, family, and loved ones. When a tragedy occurs, it affects not only that school but the entire Clark County School District family, and we grieve with the students, staff, and families affected by this loss.”


The Clark County Coroner’s office has not yet released Hughes’ cause of death.

New York Post reported:

Registered nurse Aphelia Phifer-Hill posted to Facebook on Thursday night that she rushed onto the field to perform CPR on the girl, who was her daughter’s teammate, the Review-Journal reported.

“Today was the first time ever, in my 26 years of nursing that I had to do CPR on a kid,” she wrote.

Phifer-Hill wrote that the teen collapsed after the game, and “everyone was panicking” amid the cold, rainy weather, the paper reported, adding Phifer-Hill attempted chest compressions and used an external defibrillator.

“Her family was not at the game, but finally arrived,” the post continued. “We were able to get a heart rhythm.” Phifer-Hill said the teen was hospitalized and intubated before she ultimately died, the Review-Journal reported. Her post was apparently deleted after the report was published.

The fallen 16-year-old was remembered Friday for her love of the sport.

The girl’s parents, Enttroda and Twayne Hughes said in a statement, “She loved music, dancing, and being around all the people she loved … She called football the real love of her life!”

An online fundraiser for Ashari Hughes’ funeral costs was posted Friday afternoon and raised more than $2,000 in two hours. The total surpassed $21,000 of the $50,000 goal by Saturday morning.

Watch the video below:

“It’s really shocking because because we’re really young”: A Desert Oasis student joins her school in grieving the loss of 16-year-old Ashari Hughes. She died following a medical emergency during a flag football game.

So very sad. We can file this under Died Suddenly. There are just too many, and many more to come I’m afraid.

Died Suddenly



Hundreds of Chicago Teachers and School Employees Accused of Grooming, Sexually Assaulting, and Raping Students, Inspector General Report Reveals

From theblaze.com

A new report revealed that hundreds of Chicago teachers and school employees were accused of grooming, sexually assaulting, and raping students during the 2021-2022 school year. The alarming findings were exposed in the Chicago Public Schools Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) annual report that was released this week. 

The report stated that there were a total of 470 sexual allegations last year – including inappropriate touching, groomingsexual abuse, illegal sexual acts such as rape, sexual comments, and sexual electronic communication. 

The OIG’s Sexual Allegations Unit (SAU) opened 447 cases investigating teachers for potential sex crimes in 2022. 

The report said, “Over the past four years, the SAU’s accomplishments have been significant. It has opened 1,735 cases following allegations reported by students, alumni, parents, staff, and others. Of those, it has closed a total of 1,384 cases raising concerns of adult-on-student sexual misconduct, and substantiated policy violations in 302 investigations.”

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In the past four years, only 16 criminal charges have been filed against Chicago Public School employees for sex-related crimes. 

In one case, a special education teacher allegedly groomed and had sexual intercourse with an eighth-grade student twice. Over seven months, the teacher and student contacted each other 12,000 times via phone calls and text messages. The teacher was charged and pled guilty to one count of criminal sexual abuse.

A former Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) staff member had sex with a female high school student when she was 16 and 17 years old. The adult provided the minor with alcohol. The JROTC staff member reportedly sent hundreds of text messages to the student, including one that read: “I’m ready to f*** right now … I’m not gonna be gentle either.” 

When the JROTC member suspected that he might be under investigation, he purportedly threatened to kill the student and her family if she went public with the abuse. 

“The JROTC staff member was arrested and charged on eight counts of criminal sexual assault and one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse,” the report said. “The staff member pled guilty to the latter count, and was sentenced to time served and four years of probation, and is required to register as a sex offender. He resigned from CPS during the investigation.”

In another case, a high school student alleged that a physical education teacher exposed his groin area to her during a driver’s education class. The student reported the abusive behavior to other staff members, but they dismissed the accusations. A staff member allegedly blamed the student for wearing provocative clothing. 

The student shared her experience on social media, and a 15-year-old student claimed the same teacher sent her photos and videos of him masturbating on social media. 

“The OIG referred the allegations to DCFS, which alerted the Chicago Police Department. CPD investigated the allegations and the teacher was eventually charged with manufacturing harmful materials and distributing them to a minor,” the report stated. 

A charter school administrator allegedly took a high school junior to a Broadway musical in Chicago. During the drive home, the administrator reportedly “slid his hand down inside of the front of the student’s pants and touched his genitals.” 

The Chicago Public Schools Office of the Inspector General’s report said: 

Starting very soon after the student’s graduation from the charter, the investigation revealed that the administrator had successfully positioned himself in the (now former) student’s life as a mentor and father figure while at the same time he pursued him for sex. Years of cash transfers to the student from the administrator’s personal bank account alone topped $50,000 and started shortly after the student graduated (the student also stated that the administrator would hand him cash when they met). In addition to the cash payments, the administrator bought him clothes, gifts and took the student on trips to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, and Ibiza. Credit card records also showed the administrator purchased the student airfare to the Bahamas.

The administrator resigned from his position after the student went public with the allegations and an investigation was launched. Source

I couldn’t help but wonder…..Is THIS what happens with too much Community Organizing?

Brethren, we need to lift up in prayer, all of the children who were groomed and molested. We need to pray that all perpetrators are caught and brought to justice. I imagine that the ones who are indicted and incarcerated will have done to them what they did to the innocent children while they are in Jail!!


Dale Vernon’s Thoughts on…..

Texas Homeowner Shows Intruder He Messed with Wrong Bull, Holds His Own Until Deputies Arrive

The intruder must be industrial strength stupid or there is more to the story. It seems everyone in Texas is armed to the teeth. Most “newsworthy” self defense type shootings reported seem to come from that neck of the woods.

If you live there I would think you should know better. They need to try that philosophy here in the crazy, libtard Seattle area. We got nice modern jails too but they don’t seem to be used much for long except to provide 3 hots & a cot.

BTW don’t get accused of mistreating a murdering, raping, drug dealing gangbanger or they & the ACLU will sue the pants off the innocent victim & the county + collect big $ from us taxpayers. After all it might not be the gangbanger’s fault. Murdering the innocent & drug dealing might be part of their cultural background (think Somalia, Nigeria, Central America etc) & the only way they can subsist.

Isn’t diversity wonderful?

BTW keep ur hands where I can see ’em.