British Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra Tells BBC 30,000 Excess Deaths This Year Most Likely Linked to mRNA Vaccines (VIDEO)


British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra joined the BBC this week to discuss the shocking number of excess deaths recorded in Great Britain this year.

recent report claimed 50,000 excess deaths were reported in 2022 compared to a normal year. There are other reports that claim there were 30,000 excess deaths in the UK last year. The excess deaths in the UK last year was the worst in 50 years.

According to Dr. Malhotra the deaths were likely linked to the experimental mRNA COVID vaccines.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra: This is probably a contributing factor. The mmRNA COVID vaccines do carry a cardiovascular risk. And I’ve actually called for a suspension of this pending an inquiry because there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment on what is causing the excess deaths.

The UK and US have seen a serious spike in excess deaths this past year. Both countries implemented vaccine mandates during the COVID pandemic.


I keep reading that the jabs shold be stopped in light of the data which has been collected, showing the huge increase in deaths. But will the authorities halt the jabs? I highly doubt it.

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Biden Admin to Scientists: If You Want Grants, You MUST Promote Inclusion and Equity

This is hideous, but we must remember that God is in Control!


Dzmitry Dzemidovich/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The Biden administration has a message for scientists: Get woke or go broke.

At issue is a new policy by the Department of Energy (DoE), America’s chief physical sciences’ funder, that demands grant applicants demonstrate adherence to social-justice orthodoxy. Per the Daily Caller:

The new policy, which began in October 2022, requires grant proposals that are submitted to the department’s Office of Science to include a “Promoting Inclusive and Equitable Research” (PIER) plan in addition to information regarding their scientific project, according to the office. Researchers who want to receive funding must explain how they are working to “promote fairness and inclusiveness” while carrying out their studies because doing so is “an intrinsic element to achieving scientific excellence.”

The quality of PIER plans will be one of the criteria used to evaluate grant applications and will be used to inform “funding decisions.”

The plan can outline methods undertaken by the research body to recruit researchers and students from “diverse backgrounds” or groups that are “historically underrepresented in the research community,” according to the Office of Science. Scientists may also present PIER plans that outline strategies to create an “inclusive” and “safe” research environment that “fosters a sense of belonging among all research personnel.”

…“The complexity and detail of a PIER is expected to increase with the size of the research team and the number of personnel to be supported.”

For the record, the term “equity” has become a euphemism for officially sanctioned discrimination designed to, ostensibly, achieve equal outcomes. This isn’t the first time the DoE has banged this drum, either. In an October 3 announcement titled, “Everyone Has a Role to Play in Making Science More Equitable and Inclusive,” the agency issued a new funding requirement for professional science conferences.

Applicants must submit a PIER Plan “along with their research proposals,” related the AdvanceGeo Partnership at the time. “In addition, proposals requesting funding to support a conference will require that the host organization has an established code of conduct or policy in place that addresses discrimination, harassment, bullying, and other exclusionary practices.”

Of course, government involvement in science has frequently yielded bizarre and sometimes dangerous outcomes. There was Lysenkoism in the USSR, officially supported by the Soviets till 1964, which preached the heritability of acquired traits; biologists disputing it were persecuted. And in Nazi Germany, many “scientists tailored their research programs to the regime’s policies to get funding,” wrote BioEdge in 2005.

Then there’s the example I provided in the 2014 essay “Blinding Me With Science: Fraud and Folly for Fame and Funding.” “As British science writer Nigel Calder pointed out in the documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle, if he wanted a grant to study squirrels, he wouldn’t ask for just that,” I related. “Rather, he’d say he wanted ‘to investigate the nut-gathering behavior of squirrels with special reference to the effects of global warming.’ ‘And that way I get my money,’ said Calder. ‘If I forget to mention global warming, I might not get the money.’”

As for the DoE’s woke aspirations, ironically, though not surprisingly, it’s not following the science. There is no example anywhere, in all of history, of groups being equally represented across all endeavors. This is for a simple reason: Different groups have different characteristic talents, strengths, and inclinations.

For example, the NBA and NFL are, respectively, 74.2 percent and 57.5 percent black, while the NHL is 93 percent white; these leagues are also zero percent female. Do they require Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) programs?

Jews are less than one percent of the world’s population, but constitute 20 percent of its Nobel Prize winners. In Malaysia, where “anti-Chinese discrimination is written into the Constitution, is embodied in preferential quotas for Malays in government and private industry alike, and extends to admissions and scholarships at the universities, the average Chinese continues to earn twice the income of the average Malay,” pointed out economics professor Thomas Sowell. Apropos to this, Asian-descent Americans are our country’s highest-earning racial group. Again, is DIE in order?

Then, “Male geniuses outnumber female geniuses 7-to-1,” wrote Sowell’s great friend, the late Professor Walter E. Williams, in 2013. “Female intelligence is packed much closer to the middle of the bell curve, whereas men’s intelligence has far greater variability.” Add to this men’s greater inclination toward science, and it’s understandable why most scientists are male.

None of this is opinion. Regarding the sexes, for instance, experts long ago determinedthat women are actually more likely to pursue traditionally masculine endeavors (e.g., STEM) in more patriarchal countries such as India than in highly egalitarian ones such as Norway. Why? Because in poorer places such as India, women must enter lucrative fields to survive, like it or not; in richer countries such as Norway, they can afford to follow their hearts.

And their hearts take them toward things feminine.

But the DIE social engineers have their story and they’re stickin’ to it. The Obama administration had already applied a version of DIE to our air-traffic-control corps and school punishment (because “too many” blacks and Hispanics were being suspended and expelled). And United Airlines announced in 2021 that it would be choosing pilots based on racial and sex-oriented quota.

But the DoE’s wokeness (and our other insanity) no doubt makes the Chinese, who aim for world domination, very happy. Why, already producing 10 times as many scientists as we do, we can almost hear them counsel: Just DIE. Source


Minnesota Poised To Ban Christians, Muslims, And Jews From Teaching In Public Schools

New licensing rules in Minnesota that require teachers to ‘affirm’ students’ transgender identities will meet immediate court challenges from civil liberties advocates.

We are getting so close to the end!


Minnesota will soon ban faithful Christians, Muslims, and Jews from teaching in public schools by requiring that every state-certified teacher “fosters an environment that ensures student identities such as … gender identity … are … affirmed.” Once the new requirements clear a final procedural hurdle, they will be immediately challenged in state and possibly federal court, a civil liberties lawyer told The Federalist on Tuesday.

“We have lots of parents who are upset by this sort of thing in schools already,” said Doug Seaton, president of Minnesota’s Upper Midwest Law Center, in an interview. “They’re going to be even more upset with how their teachers are going to be licensed. Their teachers are going to have to be faced with hiding their beliefs or getting denied [for a state teaching license].”

Seaton said it was accurate to describe the nearly finalized regulations as communicating: “Christians, Muslims, and Jews need not apply for Minnesota teaching jobs.” That is unconstitutional, he said, so UMLC plans to sue once the changes go into effect.

The state agency that composed the changes disputed they would effectively ban religious Americans from teaching in Minnesota schools through a spokeswoman on Wednesday. The spokeswoman did not respond to a follow-up asking how Christians, Jews, and Muslims could adhere to their faith while complying with the licensing requirements that all new teachers publicly reject their faiths’ declaration that God has created only two sexes, male and female.

Minnesota’s Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB), a division of the state Department of Education, has been working to change teacher certification requirements since 2019. Its latest public draft, which is finalized save for a few tweaks that don’t affect the content, includes multiple requirements that licensure candidates publicly support critical race theory and transgender ideology and include both in their teaching. Teachers must receive state licensure to be employed in Minnesota public and many private schools.

PELSB justified its changes by claiming “the predominantly white teacher workforce must be equipped to understand their own implicit bias and the unique lived experiences of all their students as a core requirement of teaching. For this reason, PELSB has worked closely with a wide range of stakeholders, including researchers and experts in the field of pedagogy, to ensure that anti-racism, cultural competency, and implicit bias were effectively embedded and identified throughout the scope of the proposed Standards of Effective Practice” (page 62).

“Standards for effective teaching” 1A in the nearly finalized regulations requires a teacher candidate to “affirm[] the validity of students’ backgrounds and identities.” 

Standard 2D requires that a licensed teacher “fosters an environment that ensures student identities such as race/ethnicity … sex and gender, gender identity, sexual orientation … are historically and socially contextualized, affirmed, and incorporated into a learning environment where students are empowered to learn…” 

Standard 2F mandates that “The teacher communicates verbally and nonverbally in ways that demonstrate respect for and responsiveness to the cultural backgrounds and differing perspectives learners bring to the learning environment.”

Standards 6, A-G require teachers to agree that the taxpayers supplying their salaries and the people who created the school system that will employ them are racists, and affirm other cultural Marxist beliefs. For example, Standard 6C requires that “The teacher understands the historical foundations of education in Minnesota … that have and continue to create inequitable opportunities, experiences, and outcomes for learners … especially for … students historically denied access, underserved, or underrepresented on the basis of race … gender, sexual orientation.”

Standards 6 D-G.

The standards also require teachers to instruct their students in critical race theory, in mandates that teachers promote “anti-racism” and “equity.” Those two terms are defined by their advocates to mean instituting structural racism against people with comparatively lighter skin and using skin color to judge people’s merit and performance. See standards 4E and H, below (standard 4F below has been slightly revised).

Before the licensure changes can go into effect, they must be reviewed once more by an administrative law judge. The judge already reviewed the proposal and recommended four tweaks that do not change the content of the requirements, merely their wording, to comply with regulatory technicalities. 

Since the board made the changes he requested, the judge is likely to approve the tweaked draft PELSB sent back to him on Dec. 16, 2022, Seaton said. PELSB expects these licensing changes to go into effect at the latest by this spring, its spokeswoman told The Federalist.

“[T]he PELSB has made it impossible for those practicing orthodox Christianity and Judaism, as just two examples, to freely exercise their religion and simultaneously hold a teaching license. It makes it impossible for those colleges who seek to teach students how to teach to also maintain a distinctly orthodox Christian message on this key tenet of orthodox Christianity. It compels potential licensees to speak the PELSB’s chosen beliefs as an established creed and live them out in order to have a job. It establishes the PELSB’s view of human sexuality and gender as orthodoxy despite sincere opposition based on biological reality and traditional orthodox theistic beliefs,” Seaton noted in written comments to the administrative law judge who approved nearly all the standards in December.

PELSB’s members are appointed by the governor, Tim Walz, a Democrat who was re-elected in 2022. After Minnesotans filled up public meetings to protest these licensure changes in fall 2022, PELSB told news outlets the changes will only apply to new license candidates, not renewals. State-licensed Minnesota teachers must renew their licenses every one to five years.

“They have claimed this won’t apply to renewals, but the statute says it will,” Julie Quist, chairwoman of Minnesota’s Child Protection League, told The Federalist. “So they came out after all the criticism [to say] that this doesn’t apply to renewals, but the statute hasn’t been changed. They can say they’re not going to enforce it, but that means they can change their mind any time they want to.”

Minnesota already requires all teachers to take classes in “cultural competency” to renew their licenses, a change that went into effect in 2020. Those classes include training on “bias” regarding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

College teacher preparation programs in Minnesota will also have to comply with these new requirements, PELSB has noted. That sets up another constitutional conflict by requiring religious institutions to endorse behaviors and ideologies that conflict with their public confessions of faith, Seaton said.

“We have people in other employment settings who are being presented with this, this affirmation and carrying the flag for these ideas,” Seaton said. “So we have people who are quitting and being terminated and disciplined already in Minnesota” over being forced to publicly agree with critical race theory and transgender ideology in order to keep their jobs.

PELSB noted that many teacher preparation programs in Minnesota have already adopted these changes: “the new standards are already embedded into their programs.” The state university system has embarked on an “Equity 2030” campaign across all majors that demands “faculty must find a way to engineer identical outcomes among all demographic groups,” according to Center of the American Experiment Senior Policy Fellow Katherine Kersten.

“We see a left-wing capture of school boards and educational agencies all over the country, even in red states,” Seaton noted. “So I think it is likely this thing will be seen in other parts of the country as well.”

The Upper Midwest Law Center is seeking plaintiffs for its legal challenges to the new licensing regime, Seaton said, such as religious students studying to become public school teachers and Christian colleges that currently participate in the state’s teacher licensing programs.

“Many people don’t understand how far along we are, but there’s no question that’s how far along we are because it’s in statute now. And I don’t know exactly how we’re going to turn this around but we’re committed to it,” Quist said.

Quist said one place to start would be for private institutions to develop teacher training and certification programs and for religious and other schools to use such independent programs instead of state certification. She also suggested that churches, community organizations, and foundations get more serious about starting and funding private alternatives to public schools so children can get an indoctrination-free education. Source

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
(Isaiah 5:20).

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