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Texas Homeowner Shows Intruder He Messed with Wrong Bull, Holds His Own Until Deputies Arrive

The intruder must be industrial strength stupid or there is more to the story. It seems everyone in Texas is armed to the teeth. Most “newsworthy” self defense type shootings reported seem to come from that neck of the woods.

If you live there I would think you should know better. They need to try that philosophy here in the crazy, libtard Seattle area. We got nice modern jails too but they don’t seem to be used much for long except to provide 3 hots & a cot.

BTW don’t get accused of mistreating a murdering, raping, drug dealing gangbanger or they & the ACLU will sue the pants off the innocent victim & the county + collect big $ from us taxpayers. After all it might not be the gangbanger’s fault. Murdering the innocent & drug dealing might be part of their cultural background (think Somalia, Nigeria, Central America etc) & the only way they can subsist.

Isn’t diversity wonderful?

BTW keep ur hands where I can see ’em.

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