Award-Winning Chef Suddenly Dies at 48 – Emotional Tributes Show How Well-Respected He Was


An award-winning chef is being mourned by Scotland’s culinary community after his unexpected death at 48.

Gary Goldie’s family emphasized that he died suddenly in a statement provided to Scotland’s Daily Record on Sunday.

“Gary has died very suddenly at the age of 48, survived by his loving family, children Jodi, Gaz, Isabelle, and granddaughters Mya and Cecilia,” the family said.

No cause of death was given.

“Gary was incredibly talented,” the family said. “His love and passion for foraging, married well with his amazing, natural talent for cooking.”

“His achievements were many and his reputation and knowledge crossed the culinary world.

“At this sad time, kind comments from chefs all over Scotland clearly show how respected he was. Some claim that Gary was instrumental in sparking the wild food scene in Scotland.

“Above all he was a family man and there are few words to describe the grief that his colleagues, friends and family are feeling.”

Chefs and hoteliers such as Paolo Balbinot and Gary McLean-Quin mourned Goldie in statements of their own, describing him as a unique culinary talent, according to the Daily Record.

Goldie was named Scottish Hotel Chef of the Year when he worked at the Ardanaiseig hotel, according to The Scottish Sun.

The hotel released a statement memorializing the chef and expressing condolences to his family.

“Gary was very passionate about cooking; that’s clear to anyone who met him and his love of foraging kept the menus interesting and vibrant,” it said. “The loss of his talent and knowledge will be felt across hospitality.”

“Gary’s biggest passion was, of course, his family who we all hold dear in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.”

GoFundMe fundraiser has raised nearly $5,600 as of early Wednesday to offset costs for Goldie’s family following his sudden death.

Goldie was a pioneer in foraging for wild ingredients in food, according to The Herald of Scotland.
The outlet reported he was also involved in the country’s music scene as part of hip-hop group The Jakeybytez.

“It’s took us all a few days to process the sad news that our friend and brother Gary Goldie has passed away,” the band said, according to The Herald. “We shared some amazing times in the studio, chilling together and doing gigs across the land!

“He had such a passionate personality that was infectious to anyone he spent time with and many a time we watched in awe as he just freestyle a verse in one take or whipped us up delicious food with ingredients none of us knew existed!

“He opened his door to us many a time and since we all first met all those years ago has considered us as brothers just like we did him.

“We send our love and power to Garys Friends and Family at this hard time and want to assure them our door is always open for a chat and support!” Source

So terribly sad. Once again, file this under DIED SUDDENLY.



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  1. Craig

    Condolences to his family
    ASDS is the new norm people get used to it.1600+%increase. Get five or ten shots they will enforce it. The elite (left wing)do not care how many they murder they have no regard for life or human suffering
    Satan wants you dead…
    WEF meeting this week to help his cause along

  2. Laura Floyd

    Damar is a walking miracle. By all means he should have died. I’m a 45 year+ RN. Cardiac arrests don’t just bounce back. I believe God heard all the prayers of both football teams and everyone else who prayed. In all my years of nursing, I have NEVER seen anything like what is happening now. Please God!

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