Check Your Bank Account: All Your Money May Be Missing After Major Bank Suffers Problem


Many Bank of America customers posted on social media Wednesday that they were experiencing major problems with the digital payment app Zelle.

Individuals took to Twitter to share messages received from Bank of America that claimed they had negative account balances. Others stated they were having difficulty getting through to the bank’s customer service department.

Twitter user Jeepeto Cuarenton shared an image indicating his account balance was $-2,060.44.

Another wrote, “So cool how @BankofAmerica magically disappeared a large Zelle transaction that HAD ALREADY POSTED and I had used to pay bills. Now I’m extremely in debt in my checking and I can’t get ahold of them. Unbelievable.”
Still, another added, “So, I woke up to find hella Zelle deposits missing from my Bank of America account. When I called customer service they said ‘due to extenuating circumstances we cannot take your call’ and the phone hung up.”

“What if I needed access to that right now? When’s my money coming back?” she wondered.
Zelle Support responded to a Twitter user writing, “Hi, thanks for contacting Zelle Support. The Zelle App & Network are up & running.”

“We are aware of an issue that is impacting Bank Of America customers when sending & receiving payments. We recommend contacting Bank of America’s customer support team for additional updates,” Zelle added.

A representative for Bank of America sent the New York Post a statement which read, “Zelle transactions made between Jan. 14 and Jan. 17 may be delayed in occurring and posting to accounts as requested.”

“Transfers will be completed and will appear in [customers’] account activity and balances as soon as possible,” the bank said.

“We apologize for any delay or inconvenience.” Source

Tim and I are taking this seriously. We are not using Zelle anymore and we are in the process of finding a new bank. Tim is researching various banks to see how they are rated.


3 thoughts on “Check Your Bank Account: All Your Money May Be Missing After Major Bank Suffers Problem

  1. So folks you are getting a preview of what can happen when we are at the mercy of the world digital banking system. Except now imagine it’s a cashless society. You will not be allowed to use or have access to cash. Let me repeat NO CASH, crypto, bartering or precious metals. No alternate means of renumeration. We will be required to depend on the World digital banking & the govt to provide enforcement & make it all right. BTW ur pension funds, 401’s, savings, stocks, bonds etc will be digitalized too. Nothing will escape. All will be tracked. We can take solace in our govt who can’t or won’t even balance their own budget which is basically managing the $ we send to them in taxes. No waste there.

    Imagine endless texting, letters to agencies, forms to fill out, time spent on hold listening to a recording “your call is important to us” + stupid music, endless follow up, msgs sent, et ad nauseum to get your entitled digits. It was more effective & efficient for you to pay your own bills, keep track of your income & a small emergency fund for situations such as on this posting.

    We all can predict how well our faceless corrupt govt will work in our behalf & their track record of timely performance. They really care about us, huh? It’s the same wonderful folks who gave us the mandated or else death jabs & federally protected every sin abominable to God. I would rather continue to manage my personal affairs myself.. BUT NOT TO BE ALLOWED under the new breed of cradle to grave world tyrants.

    There will be only one way to pay bills (digital) or receive the income (digital) due to us serfs & that is thru the World digital banking system. If it fails (we know computers never foul up) then we are up the proverbial creek & no paddle.

    Just look at the people complaining on this post & then add to it 7 billion other folks once this system is fully implemented. Your digital income can also be regulated by the future ESG scoring system (see China & the WEF praising as the future model) & its freedom hating algorithms depending on how unelected, nameless, lap dog bureaucrats will “rule” according to their opinion of your allegiance to the whims of the masters of the universe.

    Don’t be fooled the digital world banking system is a heavy yoke & short leash which will control all aspects of every person’s life. One of the Rothchilds said give me control of a nation’s money & I care not what laws they make. We are on the cusp of that realization.

    1. julieg777

      Dale Vernon, you are so right! This is just the beginning unless something is done to stop this.

  2. Carol

    I recommend a small community bank. With all the wokeness going on in big business I think small community businesses are the way to go

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