G20 leaders agree to work toward mandatory digital health passports for all human beings: This will kickstart one-world beast system experimented with during Covid

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We reported earlier this week on the Indonesian health minister’s call for all nations to adopt a globally recognized digital health passport in order to track, monitor and restrict people’s freedom of movement during the “next pandemic” and now we have official confirmation that this was not just a single health minister’s opinion — it’s part of official G20 policy.

The G20 represents leaders from the world’s 20 largest economies, minus Russia which has been isolated and demonized even though its partner, China, is still hailed as a wonderful model of success in the way it so efficiently keeps its people in check.

I am sure some readers heard this Indonesian health minister and thought, no big deal, he is after all just the Indonesian health minister, right? He could have been speaking out of school, a wild shoot among otherwise reasonable “leaders” meeting in Bali.

I hate to break it to those readers, but they were wrong to assume any such thing.
When the G20 Summit ended, its formal communique included a strongly worded declaration on digital health passports. The Indonesian official was not speaking out of school or in any way going against what the most power nations of the world want to see take place in 2023.

The official G20 leaders’ declaration calls for digital COVID-19 certificates.
The section of the final communique, which is republished and available on the White House website, which deals with vaccines and the Covid-19 pandemic states, “We recognize that the extensive COVID-19 immunization is a global public good and we will advance our effort to ensure timely, equitable and universal access to safe, affordable, quality and effective vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics (VTDs).”

The communique goes on to describe the need for greater multilateral collaboration among nations, stating, “We remain committed to embedding a multisectoral One Health approach and enhancing global surveillance, including genomic surveillance, in order to detect pathogens and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) that may threaten human health.”

This is global governance in action and they’re no longer hiding it. National sovereignty is treated like an after thought, a small encumbrance that is easily sidestepped in the midst of a “crisis” or emergency type situation. And we all know how easy it is to create a crisis when you own the entire global corporate media.

They are coming right out and telling us now what the goal is — a one-world system that will surveil every human being, including their genomic makeup, for compliance with their “response” to whatever the scary crisis of the moment might be — a pandemic, climate change, war, famine, whatever they decide to use as fear porn. We already know what their “response” consists of — mRNA vaccines for all, whether you want them or not. 

Even if these vaccines were entirely safe and effective, which we know they’re not, I still would never submit to a single poke.

Why? Because the virus was the tool to get folks to take the vaccines and the vaccines are the tool to get them to take the digital health passport, a form of global ID that will be used to restrict basic human rights, the freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. There is no one tool ever to appear on the earth that has the potential to be used in such a sweeping way to eradicate freedom on not just a national or regional basis but a global basis.

They want you outfitted with their tool of control, the digital health passport or SMART Health Card, on your phone, so they can track you and restrict your movement whenever they feel the need for another lockdown or partial lockdown. 

Global central bankers are just as eager to get their new digital currencies in place as health officials are eager for everyone to get a digital health passport on their phone.

This is no coincidence. These two components, the global digital money and the global digital ID, will work technologically hand in glove to enslave the human population.

Your health and your money are the two avenues through which the beast system is being advanced.
Any Christian who can’t see that this is indeed the beast system taking over is spiritually blind. And once this system evolves to a certain point it could quickly be converted to the actual mark of the beast, where no one will be allowed to buy or sell without having received the world’s tag of acceptance.
Yuval Hariri has already told us where this is going. He said the next step is to place the tool of surveillance “under the skin.” Covid was key in getting us to accept this invasive technology, he said. Watch and listen below.

Bill Gates told us early on in the pandemic that creating a digital certificate of vaccination was the end game, the “final solution,” as he put it.

Klaus Schwab, the son of a German Nazi, said “Nobody will be safe if not everybody is vaccinated,” which made no sense if you took him at face value. If you got the vaccine and it worked, why wouldn’t you be safe?

But anyone who knows Schwab’s mindset knows that Covid vaccines were never about protecting anyone’s health. They were about enslaving us. Covid represented a “rare window of opportunity,” Schwab said, to restructure the entire world under a “Great Reset.” 

So what Schwab was really saying was that no one will be allowed to opt out of what’s coming if the globalists have their way. It will be all-inclusive with, as U.N. Agenda 2030 states, “no person left behind.”

I don’t know how else to say it. They aren’t making this optional folks. That’s how you know it is indeed the biblical beast system, because it is global and it is mandatory, just like the Bible said it would be.

So no true Christian can go along with this. Your very soul is at stake.

This is why we must resist with every fiber of our being any Fed or central bank-issued digital currency and every attempt to track us using the above described digital health apps.

Let’s stick together on this. A clump of grapes attached to a vine is difficult to crush no matter how hard you squeeze them. But pick a single grape off the vine and separate it from the clump and it can easily be smashed and bled dry.

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Comment from Dale Vernon on: “FAKE ELECTIONS and Now FAKE MEAT” Post

FAKE ELECTIONS AND NOW FAKE MEAT: FDA Says Lab-Grown Meat Safe for Human Consumption

From our brother Dale Vernon:

And don’t forget that future fake meat will be sanctified as a “safe and effective” meat substitute by the holy grail bribery center of the FDA. Gee where have we heard that before?

There is no telling what the real content of this “meat” truly is, but we can trust Billy G that nothing harmful or revolting will be in it…can’t we? Billions of animals will be pardoned from slaughter BUT not billions of people cuz the Globalists must cull humanity of us who are deemed “useless eaters”.

So what to do with all the dead people? Rejoice for the Globalist elite solution is at hand!
Remember the movie Soylent Green? The remaining peasants will be forced to eat us! Of course they won’t know that (gotta watch that misinformation ya know) but the peasant/slave class choice would be to starve, resist and be turned into human meat loaves.

Perhaps a Billy G meat marketing campaign would trumpet Christian only ingredients in the “new and improved” offerings because of the lack of vices causing cell damage at extra charge NATURALLY & ORGANIC….musn’t omit those appealing marketing terms.
The fake meat and fake coming “messiah” who will confirm a (fake of course) 7 yr covenant with Israel actually have much in common. He will be the top instigator & enforcer of this and other diabolical programs to crush humanity into worship of himself as god.

However there is HOPE…accept the Lord Jesus Christ of the BIBLE not the fake “messiah” who is waiting in the wings to take power and will threaten you with persecution, torture & death (not fake) if you don’t take the “mark 666” and worship him as almighty god.

Jesus is the Lord of life, the fake coming “messiah” the lord of eternal death. You make your choice between the two & receive eternal life in heaven or eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire.

Read the Bible to be able to tell the difference and ask the Lord of life, Jesus, to SAVE YOU from your sins!

Read John’s Gospel for openers. Read Revelation chapter 6 onward if you want to see & experience the REAL wrath of the God of the Universe on earth and mankind. If that doesn’t convince you to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior who took all mankind’s sins with Him to the cross, then YOU will face eternal judgement for your sins all alone face to face with the Savior you rejected and be condemned to the Lake of Fire because ONLY Jesus’ personal sacrifice on the cross is ACCEPTED by the Father as PAID IN FULL for your sins.

Time is super short, don’t put off any longer the most important eternal decision of your life. Until then the wrath of God resides on YOU.

Jesus gladly wants to transfer the wrath of God you deserve for your sins from you to Himself as He already did that work on the cross, “It is finished” (John 19:30) but you must ask Him.

Do it and live!


Google Installed COVID-19 ‘Spyware’ on 1 Million Android Devices

From theepochtimes.com

The Google Pixel 7 Pro phone is displayed at its launch in New York on Oct. 6, 2022. (Thomas Urbain/AFP via Getty Images)

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) is facing a class action lawsuit for allegedly working with Google to install “spyware” onto the Android devices of a million state residents without their knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plaintiffs Robert Wright and Johnny Kula were among 1 million Massachusetts residents who had the state’s “COVID Exposure Settings: US-MA” app auto-installed without their consent, according to the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), the nonpartisan civil rights group that filed the lawsuit (pdf) on Tuesday.

The app, once automatically installed, didn’t appear on the device’s home screen as newly-installed apps typically do. Instead, it was invisible and could only be found by opening “settings” and using the “view all apps” feature, according to NCLA.

This meant that many device users were unaware of its presence. Many have decried this as an invasion of privacy.

The NCLA declared the action a “brazen disregard” of civil liberties, saying in a statement the app was installed “without obtaining any search warrants, in violation of the device owners’ constitutional and common-law rights to privacy and property.”

“This ‘android attack,’ deliberately designed to override the constitutional and legal rights of citizens to be free from government intrusions upon their privacy without their consent, reads like dystopian science fiction—and must be swiftly invalidated by the court,” said NCLA Senior Litigation Counsel Peggy Little in a statement.

Screenshot of the COVID Exposure Settings: US-MA app on the Google Play Store, on Nov. 18, 2022. (Screenshot via The Epoch Times)

‘Government May Not Secretly Install Surveillance’ on Devices

Other states and foreign countries mostly tried to persuade their citizens to voluntarily install contact tracing apps, even if it meant fewer people took it up, according to Sheng Li, litigation counsel for NCLA.

“The government may not secretly install surveillance devices on your personal property without a warrant—even for a laudable purpose,” Li said. “For the same reason, it may not install surveillance software on your smartphone without your awareness and permission.”

The NCLA has asked the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts to block the continued installation of the app on private devices “without the knowledge or permission of device owners.”

The lawsuit also asks the judge to make Massachusetts DPH work with Google to uninstall the app from “private Android mobile devices where the device owner did not give permission for such installation.”

The plaintiffs also want the state to declare that its actions violated Fourth Amendment rights and Article 14 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights.

‘Invasion of Privacy’

The NCLA’s lawsuit includes an appendix with screenshots from user reviews for the app on the Google Play Store, where users go to download apps to their devices.

Karla Murray left a review on June 21, 2021, saying she “caught” the app installing covertly and decried it as an “invasion of privacy.”

“I never installed this and never saw it until I went in to update apps. It definitely installed on its own and I believe I caught the tail end of it installing one day when I saw something saying finish installing and I could never find out what that was. Complete invasion of privacy!” she wrote.

Android user Doreen Gamache wrote a review on Feb. 8, 2022, saying she “did not install” the app, which “[a]ppeared on my phone without my consent.”

On June 23, 2021, Dawn Driscoll left a review on the Google Play Store, saying that her device plan has “very limited data” so she keeps certain features like location and Bluetooth turned off. But she noticed those settings kept “getting turn on.”

“[S]o I went into ‘my apps’ to check why and TADAAA!! Whaddayaknow, this app is the culprit! And it installed SILENTLY? This could have cost me a LOT of $$ had I not figured it out, like most people probably won’t!? Seriously!? Shady,” she wrote.

The app was first released on April 22, 2021, and was last updated on Sept. 7.

The Epoch Times contacted Google and Massachusetts DPH for comment. Source

Just business as usual, right?