Why is the IRS Buying .40-Caliber Submachine Guns?

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The weaponization and militarization of the federal government continues unabated as Congress and the states sit back and do nothing

When the corporate media asked the IRS why it needed automatic weapons, millions of rounds of ammunition and heavily armed staffers trained in the “use of force,” they said it was for “administrative reasons.”

But we now know that the globalists are not just arming the IRS, along with just about every other federal agency. They are militarizing these agencies to the hilt with military-grade weapons not available to American citizens.

Why, for instance, would the IRS need armored vehicles, flash-bang grenades loaded with tear gas, and .40-caliber submachine guns?

The IRS has been arming up for at least ten years. At the end of 2017, the IRS had 4,487 firearms and 5,062,006 rounds of ammunition in its weapons cache, according to an August 8, 2022, Forbes article, “Inflation Reduction Act Unleashes A Tougher IRS.” You can bet they’ve got a lot more than that stored up six years later in 2023.

Here’s an excerpt from the Forbes article:

“The Schumer-Manchin tax bill known as the Inflation Reduction Act, which passed the Senate on Sunday, raises taxes and will give the IRS billions to go into what the Wall Street Journal called ‘beast mode.’”

The video below by Mark Gifford, a pastor from Lee’s Summit, Missouri, who runs the God Family and Guns YouTube channel, explains why this militarization is taking place.

The IRS has been steppng up its purchases of guns and ammunition even more over the last two years, gobbling up nearly $700,000 in ammo in early 2022. That bulk purchase prompted Representatives Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Jeff Duncan (R-SC) to introduce the “Disarm the IRS Act,” to prohibit the IRS from buying ammunition. Of course, this bill was dead on arrival because the Uniparty in Washington, which includes all Democrats and a solid majority of Republicans, are all for a militarized federal government. They hate Americans and do not represent Americans. They are globalists whose allegiance is to the military-industrial-biosecurity complex.

The IRS is not alone in this militarization.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has also purchased of hundreds of .40-caliber submachine guns, presumably for making raids on independent food producers. They have a special hatred for the Amish (See Food Supply Attack: U.S. Government Raided and Shut Down Golden Valley Farms, an Independent Meat Producer)

The USDA raided the Fisher family’s farm in Farmville, Virginia, and seized their livestock and meat-processing facility as the state condemned and seized his property. They are Amish.

The Small Business Administration has also made bulk purchases of guns and ammo. Health and Human Services has done the same.

Is the federal government preparing for all-out war against Americans who push back against the government-media-approved messaging on pandemics, our involvement in perpetual foreign wars and other globalist adventurism?

You get the sense that maybe, just maybe, enough of us are waking up that the globalists are preparing to silence us once and for all, and the only way to complete that task is by force? All it would take is to make an example out of a few dozen, maybe a few hundred outspoken conservatives. The goal going forward would be to criminalize all speech that contradicts the messaging coming out of the government and its corporate partners. The globalists’ hope would be for conservatives to start turning on each other out of fear that they could be next. Cut a deal to turn in a fellow conservative, thereby saving your own skin from the reign of terror. This is how life goes down under fascist regimes like the one now in power, so don’t be surprised if they move in this direction. It would probably happen after they steal yet another election in November 2024. They monitor everyone’s online speech so it would be easy to pull off. They make some high-profile arrests and incentivize people to turn on each other. This would be especially effective in a time of economic hardship when people have hungry family members. Turn in a neighbor on false charges and get a month’s worth of food delivered to your door.

The indictments of Trump supporters in Georgia and Michigan have already sent a chilling message. But the deep state is moving on more than that one front. They’ve also been arresting pro-life protesters and throwing the book at them, prosecuting them under the corrupt FACE Act. Protesting abortion has been a mainstay of American life since the early 1970s. Now the government is cracking down and sending messages that things are different. Such protests will no longer be tolerated.

From LifeSite News in an article posted Tuesday, August 29:

A jury on Tuesday found five pro-life activists guilty of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act and conspiracy against rights. They were immediately incarcerated following the verdict and could face more than a decade in prison for their efforts to prevent women from killing their preborn babies.

Did you catch that? You can now get 10 years or more for peacefully praying with and counseling women outside of an abortion clinic. The article goes on to explain that these pro-life Americans were considered by the judge to have committed a “crime of violence” simply for holding pro-life views and being willing to share them publicly in proximity to a baby-butchering clinic. The irony is hard to miss.

In the month of August alone, four Americans had their homes broken into and invaded in pre-dawn raids by the FBI, which in each case executed the suspect in cold blood. One case involved a 100 percent disabled U.S. military veteran in Henderson, Tennessee, who was unarmed at the time he was shot on August 16. Another case involved a 74-year-old man in Provo, Utah, who was obese and unable to walk without a cane but he was shot dead by the FBI on August 9.

From what I can tell, none of these poor souls posed any sort of imminent threat to their families or communities. The Utah man posted threats against Biden on his Facebook page, but clearly lacked the ability to carry them out. The feds could have arrested the guy peacefully while he was pulling out of his driveway. But no, they needed to make a statement.

After enough Americans are executed in this fashion, and fear of speaking out becomes ingrained in society, I can see a day, perhaps sooner than we think, when political dissidents will simply disappear. No one will know what happened to them as they vanish into the gulag.

The situation is growing more serious with each new episode. The best way to stop this troubling trend from expanding is for more people to speak out even more boldly than ever. Stay peaceful but do not hold back your verbal opinions. They cannot kill or arrest us all. There is strength in numbers. Pray for peace and for more time before the inevitable societal collapse goes down. I sense that people aren’t ready for what’s coming. Even if they are waking up, they aren’t ready for a reality in which they are declared criminals simply for something they said or wrote.

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Why was book on Maui published 2 DAYS after ‘wild fires’ started? Why did police block streets? Why did state stall release of critical water supplies? If you question any of this, media says you’re a believer in ‘outlandish conspiracy theories’

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Do not question anything: Just sit down, accept what we tell you, and shut up, plebes!

MSN, a corporate news outlet operated by Microsoft, believes it’s an “outlandish conspiracy theory” to question how a 44-page book about the Maui “wildfire” managed to get written, edited, printed and published two days after the fires started.


If you think that’s just a little bit too speedy for a book on a tragedy to be exploited and blamed on “climate change,” then you are a conspiracy theorist, according to MSN.

Here’s what the news outlet says about the book:

Since the onset of wildfires in Hawaii earlier this month, outlandish conspiracy theories involving ‘space lasers’ have proliferated across social media platforms. Now, the internet is questioning the veracity of a book published soon after the fires began. 

‘Fire and Fury: The Story of the 2023 Maui Fire and its Implications for Climate Change’, authored by Dr Miles Stones, has recently garnered significant attention. The curiosity is largely attributed to the fact that the book was published a mere two days after the fires started on August 8.

MSN apparently also doesn’t think it strange that nobody knows anything about the author of the book, Fire and Fury.

This reminds me of how the Georgia Guidestones appeared out of nowhere in a cow pasture in rural north Georgia in 1979 and nobody knew how it got there. One day it was a vacant field, the next day there was a giant granite monument testifying to the goals of the climate freaks, including their desire to dispense with 90 percent of the people living on planet earth.

Then one day, on July 6, 2022, the Guidestones disappeared as fast as they appeared and neither the local cops nor the Georgia Bureau of Investigation seemed the least bit interested in finding out who destroyed the monument or why. Case closed. Nothing to see here. Don’t ask any questions.

We are also not supposed to be curious about why the Deagel Corporation, whose founder Dr. Edwin A. Deagle Jr., had ties to the Rockefeller Foundation, the military-industrial complex and the CIA, issued a population forecast in 2014 showing that 68.5 percent of the U.S. population would be wiped out by the end of 2025. Deagel forecasted that the UK would lose 77 percent of its population, Germany 65 percent, France and Spain over 40 percent, and most of the rest of the NATO countries losing 30 to 50 percent of their populations by 2025.

Now we are supposed to accept the fact that a mystery author wrote and published a book about the Maui fires that have killed more than 100 people, the most deadly U.S. fire in a century, just two days after the fires started.

I suppose it’s also a conspiracy theory to question why this fire destroyed buildings but left many of the trees, or why police formed a blockade of trucks to trap victims in the flames, or why the emergency sirens didn’t work, or why the fires happened to break out on land that was already in dispute, or why the governor of Hawaii has been in discussions about remaking Maui into a “smart Island” in accordance with surveillance-state technology advocated by the World Economic Forum.

Locals are saying this is a “land grab” and NOT a natural disaster.

Here is one man talking about how police blockaded the streets.

I’m sure it’s also a conspiracy theory to question why a woke Hawaiian official stalled the release of “revered water” until it was too late to save Maui.
Here is the lunatic Hawaiian official talking about how water is something to be “revered” not “used.”

It’s also a bit odd that the Maui Police Chief and his second in command both came into their current jobs by way of Las Vegas, with Chief John Pelletier having served as head of the police response to the 2017 Vegas massacre, the largest mass shooting in U.S. history killing 58 people, a shooting which has never been fully explained in terms of the motive. It was just swept under the rug. Should we now expect the same in Maui?

But it’s us who are the crazy ones. We ask too many questions. We think too critically for the globalists’ liking. We question the official story of the 9/11 attacks. We question the toxic mRNA gene-therapy injections fed to us as “vaccines.” We question the efficacy of facemasks to stop a virus, and we questioned the validity of lockdowns for a pathogen that had the same death rate as the common flu. 

They must shut us up. Only crazy people question their overlords.
Just like with Covid plandemic and the obsession with vaccinating everything that moves, there’s a lot more to this story about Maui. But we will never get to the bottom of it if we depend on the corrupt corporate media to connect the dots. 

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MUST WATCH VIDEO: The verdict is in — no one can claim to be ‘pro life’ while continuing to support mRNA injections

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Dr. Naomi Wolf: ‘We’ve brought the receipts …These are absolute criminals’

It really is unbelievable that we still need to have this discussion in August 2023, and yet, so many Christians and even well-known Christian leaders have refused to repent for their support of the deadly genetic vaccines.


And there are some pretty big names out there who need to repent. Franklin Graham. Robert Jeffress. Pope Francis. They and many others have claimed to be “pro life” while pushing the death shots.

And it’s not just the Covid shots. Many other vaccines, including the RSV shot and some of the flu shots, are now being converted over to the synthetic modified mRNA technology that has been killing people of all ages since being introduced to the public in January 2021.

Among the most vulnerable to these shots are babies in the womb.

“And babies are dying as a result,” journalist Dr. Naomi Wolf said in a recent interview with Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast.

She said doctors who told the truth about the vaccines to women who were pregnant or trying to get pregant were “punished financially.”

Those doctors who propagated the lie that the vaccines were “safe and effective” for pregnant women were financially rewarded.

This is truly a must-watch video (and I don’t slap the title “must watch” on every video like some content producers) with Dr. Wolf, who, by the way, is a staunch liberal feminist who did not wish to come to this conclusion. But she followed the money and followed the facts before putting out these warnings. Please watch the below video and send it to your pastors, your Christian family and friends, and anyone who claims to be “pro life” while continuing to support these horrific injections. This is a holocaust in the making.

“Yes, we’ve brought the receipts,” said Wolf, pointing listeners to the Pfizer report analysis she has shared on her website, including Pfizer Report 69, released in April 2023 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under court order.

Amy Kelly, program director of Wolf’s DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project, called the information from this batch of Pfizer clinical documents, which included a “Pregnancy and Lactation Cumulative Review,” “among the most horrifying” to be publicly released.

According to a LifeSite News report, the Pfizer document revealed that in its clinical trials, “adverse events” occurred in over 54 percent of cases of “maternal exposure” to the vaccine (including through intercourse, inhalation, and skin contact); 53 women (21 percent) in its trial suffered spontaneous abortions “following BNT162b2 (Pfizer mRNA) vaccination”; and six premature labor and delivery cases resulted in two newborn deaths.

Wolf assured Bannon that “these are definitely unborn babies” being killed, since they involve the death of second and third trimester children, which even many abortion advocates consider to be “persons.” 

Wolf noted that despite knowledge of these “dire fetal and infant harms, including death,” caused by the mRNA COVID injections, both Pfizer and the FDA “began an aggressive campaign to get women vaccinated anyway.”

She explains in the above video interview that Pfizer sent this report to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on April 10, 2021, meaning the CDC certainly had knowledge that the mRNA jab caused the deaths of unborn babies.

And yet, in what Wolf described as a “shocking” development, three days later then-CDC Director Rochelle Walesnky “gave a press conference from the White House stating that pregnant women should take the mRNA vaccine, that it was safe and effective.”

Walensky said at the time, “No safety concerns were observed for people vaccinated in the third trimester or safety concerns for their babies. As such, CDC recommends that pregnant people receive the COVID-19 vaccine.”

In fact, as Wolf noted, Walensky declared that “there was no bad time to take it,” including before, during, and after a pregnancy.


“So these are absolute criminals who have taken over the treatment, the care, of the most vulnerable population, which is pregnant women. And when you’re pregnant, you trust your OB-GYN, you do what they tell you,” Wolf told Bannon.

By the way, the young healthy athletes continue to drop dead. It was reported just in the last couple of days that 23-year-old Houston basketball standout Reggie Chaney, the 2022-23 AAC’s Sixth Man of the Year for a Cougars team that won a program-best 33 games in 2022-23, has died suddenly and unexpectedly, reports CBS Sports. Two more athletes died suddenly on Sunday at a Triathlete competition in Ireland.

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What we learned from the first round of Covid hysteria: Will you be fooled again?

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What we learned from the first round of Covid hysteria: Will you be fooled again?

Globalist predators are banking on us having short memories but knowledge is power and we can shut down Covid hysteria 2.0 if we enact Operation Peaceful Non-Compliance

The brilliant constitutional attorney John Whitehead has argued that the U.S. Constitution has “effectively been terminated.”

Whitehead first made this observation in a column posted at his website on December 6, 2022. He said it again on July 31, 2023, in an interview with CBN News.

The Constitution has been “terminated.” That’s a big statement from a man I trust, and it got me thinking. How did this happen?

What is the Constitution anyway? It’s a legal safeguard, a system of boundaries, meant to protect us against evil doers seeking to take over our society and dominate us. Yes, evil is always present but, at least in America, we had the Constitution and its vaunted Bill of Rights. It was our ultimate firebreak against the tyranny of men.

But after years of infiltration of our major institutions – schools, universities, churches, the media, government – and a couple of major crises in 9/11 and the Covid pandemic — the Constitution was subverted. Where they couldn’t get favorable court rulings, the globalists and their useful idiots (minions) found work-arounds, cleverly claiming they had extra-constitutional “emergency” powers. The legislative branch, Congress, sat back and allowed this evisceration to happen at the executive level.

And once the Constitution had been terminated, all of the other safeguards fell like dominoes.

As the establishment gears up for Covid hysteria 2.0, let’s not forget what we learned by living through the first version of this atrocity.

  • We learned that medical doctors were not the pristine, incorruptible saints up on a societal pedestal where we had placed them. That was a mirage. The medical doctors of today are effectively following orders and working for a paycheck. Their vaunted Hippocratic Oath? Terminated! In fact, of those who refused to violate that sacred oath to “do no harm,” most of them lost their jobs in 2021 when they boldly advised their patients and the world not to take the new generation of genetic vaccines. And the medical establishment is continuing to strip them of their hard-earned medical licenses.

These vaunted “medical professionals” charged with doing no harm denied men, women, and children life-saving organ transplants and other medical procedures if they were unvaccinated. As a result, many died. The Make a Wish Foundation even denied a dying child’s final wish, all because of the family’s unvaccinated status.

  • We learned that the Nuremburg Code was terminated. This was the international law that came out of World War II and guaranteed that we had the right to “informed consent” before taking any new or experimental medical treatment. It was established to prevent new Dr. Mengeles from experimenting on humans as if they were little more than lab mice. But again, if doctors and nurses did not agree to violate the Nuremburg Code, they risked losing their jobs.
  • We learned that the spiritual integrity of most of our church leaders was terminated. If we could trust anyone it would be our pastors and religious leaders, right? Wrong again. Folks like Franklin Graham, Pope Francis, Robert Jeffress, the Christian Broadcasting Network, and thousands of nameless faceless pastors all let us down. They closed houses of worship at a time when they were needed more than ever. They not only promoted the death shots, they mercilessly bashed those of us who tried to warn the world that this was all part of a depopulation agenda openly advocated by the same “experts” advocating the shots. To this day, I’m not aware that any of them have repented for their reckless comments and lack of discernment.
  • We thought that if all else failed the U.S. military would save us. The military brass proved itself to be not only corrupt, but the leader of the whole corrupt cabal that is destroying America and the world. They led Operation Warp Speed under Donald Trump and they are leading the permanent Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response created in July by Joe Biden. The research that created the deadly bioweapons masquerading as “vaccines” was largely initiated through DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the secretive research arm of the U.S. military. Sorry to burst your bubble. That’s the truth.
  • We learned the university system is completely corrupt. All universities, including almost all Christian universities, followed the dictates of evil men like Dr. Anthony Fauci in lock step. This should not surprise us. Most of them rely on federal financial aid to keep their enrollment up and pay their professors, so they were not going to buck any of the orders coming down from Washington about mask and shot mandates. (If you still think masks work, readthis.)
  • Corporate America is corrupt and the small business community is largely docile and complicit. The corporate titans who play on Wall Street are pure evil because most are funded by entities like BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street, whose values are ingrained in the Luciferian ESG social-credit scoring system. As employees and customers of these corrupt institutions, we let them mask us, test us repeatedly, take our temperatures, then shoot us up with an unknown chemical substance. But how many independently owned restaurants and shops also played along? How many put those “facemasks required” signs in their doors? How many placed those X’s on their floors to mark where we had to stand, socially distanced from the “other” who was perfectly healthy? How many of us stood on those X’s like school children ordered to stand in the corner? Worst of all, how many businesses shut their doors for weeks or months at a time on the word of a corrupt state or local health director, while Walmart, Target and Costco were allowed to stay open? If these small businesses had thumbed their noses at the criminal cabal trying to illegally order them around, do you really think the state police and sheriffs would have rounded them all up and put them in jail? I doubt it. The small businesses alone had the power to break the lockdowns, but instead of standing up for Americans and their freedom, they capitulated and bowed to the system. In short, they were cowards. That left the handful who did try to make a stand vulnerable and easy to shut down by power-drunk authorities who showed themselves to be illegitimate.
  • The media would uncover corruption and expose it so it doesn’t happen again, right? Wrong again. The Journalistic Code of Ethics (yes, it used to be a thing) was summarily tossed aside decades ago in favor of a leftist/globalist narrative. But the rise of Covid and the money thrown into media organizations by the government, Big Pharma and NGOs like the Gates Foundation, guaranteed that the messaging put the Code of Ethics on a funeral pyre, ensuring it would never again rise from the ashes. Any organization that bucked the trend and decided to independently verify facts in an effort to maintain journalistic integrity was branded by pre-selected “fact-checkers” with the dreaded euphemism for truth that was pre-approved at Event 201 in October 2019. That euphemistic branding was “disinformation.”

The media has been a key player in pushing the lies of all of the above actors from day one starting in February 2020 and really kicking into gear in March 2020 with full-blown Covid hysteria, running story after story meant to create fear and panic among the people. Remember the daily “death monitors” that ran at the top of every screen on CNN and Fox News? And then when there were not enough deaths to tabulate, they started tracking “cases.” They never sought to get to the bottom of exactly how most people were dying, which was due to a lack of early treatment with drugs that were known healers of the virus. Those infected were told to go home until their symptoms were so acute that they couldn’t breathe and then they were placed on ventilators and given the killer drug Remdesivir. Any drug that was effective at proper dosages during the early stages of Covid was totally discredited by the “experts” quoted repeatedly throughout the mockingbird media. The real experts were shunned and ridiculed as purveyors of disinformation.

And real reporters who still remembered what journalism was supposed to be? They were summarily fired, blackballed, censored and silenced, leaving us with nothing but mindless mockingbirds who were willing to sell their souls to the devil to keep their jobs.

So, having lived through Round One and being privy to all of the above information, what will we do with it? The burden lies with us. The ball is in our court. The same cast of characters are eager to throw us all right back into panic mode for another round of mandates, testing protocols, social distancing, lockdowns and devastating shots. If we comply once again, the globalists will finish off the last remnants of free enterprise in our economy and the last vestige of individual freedom in our society. Will we let them do it to us again? Only you can answer that question.

As for me and my house, we are enacting Operation Peaceful Non-Compliance. No masks, no tests, no social distancing from healthy friends and family, and no shots. We say no to all of that. We say yes to a healthy lifestyle and diet, getting rest, fresh air, sunshine, Vitamins D, C and zinc.

Will you join us in support of Free America?

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