G20 leaders agree to work toward mandatory digital health passports for all human beings: This will kickstart one-world beast system experimented with during Covid

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We reported earlier this week on the Indonesian health minister’s call for all nations to adopt a globally recognized digital health passport in order to track, monitor and restrict people’s freedom of movement during the “next pandemic” and now we have official confirmation that this was not just a single health minister’s opinion — it’s part of official G20 policy.

The G20 represents leaders from the world’s 20 largest economies, minus Russia which has been isolated and demonized even though its partner, China, is still hailed as a wonderful model of success in the way it so efficiently keeps its people in check.

I am sure some readers heard this Indonesian health minister and thought, no big deal, he is after all just the Indonesian health minister, right? He could have been speaking out of school, a wild shoot among otherwise reasonable “leaders” meeting in Bali.

I hate to break it to those readers, but they were wrong to assume any such thing.
When the G20 Summit ended, its formal communique included a strongly worded declaration on digital health passports. The Indonesian official was not speaking out of school or in any way going against what the most power nations of the world want to see take place in 2023.

The official G20 leaders’ declaration calls for digital COVID-19 certificates.
The section of the final communique, which is republished and available on the White House website, which deals with vaccines and the Covid-19 pandemic states, “We recognize that the extensive COVID-19 immunization is a global public good and we will advance our effort to ensure timely, equitable and universal access to safe, affordable, quality and effective vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics (VTDs).”

The communique goes on to describe the need for greater multilateral collaboration among nations, stating, “We remain committed to embedding a multisectoral One Health approach and enhancing global surveillance, including genomic surveillance, in order to detect pathogens and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) that may threaten human health.”

This is global governance in action and they’re no longer hiding it. National sovereignty is treated like an after thought, a small encumbrance that is easily sidestepped in the midst of a “crisis” or emergency type situation. And we all know how easy it is to create a crisis when you own the entire global corporate media.

They are coming right out and telling us now what the goal is — a one-world system that will surveil every human being, including their genomic makeup, for compliance with their “response” to whatever the scary crisis of the moment might be — a pandemic, climate change, war, famine, whatever they decide to use as fear porn. We already know what their “response” consists of — mRNA vaccines for all, whether you want them or not. 

Even if these vaccines were entirely safe and effective, which we know they’re not, I still would never submit to a single poke.

Why? Because the virus was the tool to get folks to take the vaccines and the vaccines are the tool to get them to take the digital health passport, a form of global ID that will be used to restrict basic human rights, the freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. There is no one tool ever to appear on the earth that has the potential to be used in such a sweeping way to eradicate freedom on not just a national or regional basis but a global basis.

They want you outfitted with their tool of control, the digital health passport or SMART Health Card, on your phone, so they can track you and restrict your movement whenever they feel the need for another lockdown or partial lockdown. 

Global central bankers are just as eager to get their new digital currencies in place as health officials are eager for everyone to get a digital health passport on their phone.

This is no coincidence. These two components, the global digital money and the global digital ID, will work technologically hand in glove to enslave the human population.

Your health and your money are the two avenues through which the beast system is being advanced.
Any Christian who can’t see that this is indeed the beast system taking over is spiritually blind. And once this system evolves to a certain point it could quickly be converted to the actual mark of the beast, where no one will be allowed to buy or sell without having received the world’s tag of acceptance.
Yuval Hariri has already told us where this is going. He said the next step is to place the tool of surveillance “under the skin.” Covid was key in getting us to accept this invasive technology, he said. Watch and listen below.

Bill Gates told us early on in the pandemic that creating a digital certificate of vaccination was the end game, the “final solution,” as he put it.

Klaus Schwab, the son of a German Nazi, said “Nobody will be safe if not everybody is vaccinated,” which made no sense if you took him at face value. If you got the vaccine and it worked, why wouldn’t you be safe?

But anyone who knows Schwab’s mindset knows that Covid vaccines were never about protecting anyone’s health. They were about enslaving us. Covid represented a “rare window of opportunity,” Schwab said, to restructure the entire world under a “Great Reset.” 

So what Schwab was really saying was that no one will be allowed to opt out of what’s coming if the globalists have their way. It will be all-inclusive with, as U.N. Agenda 2030 states, “no person left behind.”

I don’t know how else to say it. They aren’t making this optional folks. That’s how you know it is indeed the biblical beast system, because it is global and it is mandatory, just like the Bible said it would be.

So no true Christian can go along with this. Your very soul is at stake.

This is why we must resist with every fiber of our being any Fed or central bank-issued digital currency and every attempt to track us using the above described digital health apps.

Let’s stick together on this. A clump of grapes attached to a vine is difficult to crush no matter how hard you squeeze them. But pick a single grape off the vine and separate it from the clump and it can easily be smashed and bled dry.

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11 thoughts on “G20 leaders agree to work toward mandatory digital health passports for all human beings: This will kickstart one-world beast system experimented with during Covid

  1. robinlinaz

    I am grateful we believe in Jesus’s promise to take us out of here before the Tribulation starts.

    Mr. Hohmann says “Any Christian who can’t see that this is indeed the beast system taking over is spiritually blind. And once this system evolves to a certain point it could quickly be converted to the actual mark of the beast, where no one will be allowed to buy or sell without having received the world’s tag of acceptance.”

    That’s the truth, right there. Lots of spiritually blind people, the unsaved of course, but even Christians. They don’t want to hear it…fingers in their ears singing la la la when Tribulation subjects are spoken.

    I disagree with Mr. Hohmann about fighting against their currency system, tooth and nail. There is zero chance that you can resist the CBDC system once it goes into full effect, for any meaningful length of time. Fiat currency (paper dollars and coins) will quickly become worthless (I mean, that IS the whole point of the CBDC system) and eventually gold, and silver too. That leaves bartering with guns, food, alcohol and medical supplies. However, people who use those will have to be almost entirely self-sufficient and off-grid; there just aren’t masses of those folks. And they will be preyed upon by millions of desperate and lawless residents who will search out and terrorize every holdout. We can fight, and those who are compelled to should. But what is coming has been foretold. We ain’t gonna stop it.

    Our affluence has made us weak in so many ways; as a nation, despite all the brave talk, the USA is NOT geared for a survivalist environment.

    As a Pre-Trib Christian, I am confident Believers will be out of here before the start of the Tribulation. But that doesn’t mean things won’t get ugly BEFORE the mark is mandated. Indeed, we may die from pestilence, war or famine before the covenant with AC is signed. Millions of people around the world are already dying because of these things. However, we have been commanded by Jesus to let go of the love for our lives, this world, and all it entails…family, friends, money, comfort…everything. John 12:25 “Whoever loves his life will lose it, but whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.”

    We have hope, not in being snatched away, although the Church does have that hope. Our TRUE hope is in Jesus Christ alone. We are a vapor in this world, a blade of grass that withers and disappears. Once we are saved by grace, the Greatest Lie is that there is anything here worth clinging to or fighting for. God says He has determined each of our days, and it is by His holy decree that we stay here or go to Heaven. But for the unsaved, yes, they should fight to the bitter end because this world is the best it will ever be for them, no matter how bad it gets here. I pray they hold on until they are awakened by the Holy Spirit and accept that the only way out of what’s coming is vertical, through Jesus Christ.

    I’ve said it before, the Saints in the Tribulation will be glad for martyrdom. They will leave an earthly Hellscape and be delivered into the arms of The One Who Loves Them Most.


  2. julieg777

    I knew early on exactly what this vaccine was! The Holy Spirit warned me! I will not ever take it. They will have to kill me first. People are being deceived worldwide! Great article and spot on!

  3. Janet Balding

    God had given me the vision before Covid hit, it was written in August of 2019. I had written a play called “Are you ready” this was given to me from the Lord. I was to warn people of what was going to happen. It truly sent chills up my spine when it came to me.

  4. DBM

    Hey Geri, first time commenting. Been reading your site for about 2 years now.

    When they first introduced the jab, I was wary too. I didn’t know to much about it but something seemed off, so I told those around me to exercise caution and not just trust the “experts.”

  5. I just listened to Yuval or 8 ball or son of hell (whatever u call him) & was impressed on how stupid this supposed genius really is. For instance at about 1:25 he’s telling us this new wonderful globalist plan will be “upgrading humans into gods” but then at 1:32 he says “humans are now hackable ANIMALS”.
    That’s a real contradiction from Mr. Know it all. Humans are NOW animals? The Bible says God created man separate from animals (Gen 1:24-25) & the critters were created & propagate after THEIR kind not some crazy man/critter combo kind.

    ONLY man is created (not evolved) in the image & likeness of God & man was delegated “to rule over every living thing that moves on the earth” Gen 1:28. BTW has anyone (raise your hand) presently seen a real human/animal (yes, I know some men seem to act like one) but 8 ball says we ARE animals. I assume he means by that we will be “tagged” like herds of cattle readied for tracking & culling as “useless eaters” or refuseniks to be “upgraded” to human beefless stews, chops & roasts.

    Next fallacy is being “upgraded into gods”. So somehow nonexistent “human animals” will be “upgraded into gods”. This supposed magnanimous event is curiously not explained by 8 ball in any detail. 8 ball says EVERYONE must be tracked so even those attaining “godhood” get tracked? What kind of goofy godhood is that? Why would gods need tracking?
    On a practical side maybe all those upgraded gods running around loose with their evil unholier than thou attitudes would need tracking & of course there needs to be a head “god” to keep the evil empire from running amuck and preventing those newly upgraded gods from warring against each other.

    Guess who the head god must be? You are a winner if u guessed the greatest evil doer of all time, greatest God & Jesus enemy of all time, greatest hater of mankind, (drum roll + demonic heavy metal music please) is Satan possessing the coming antichrist/man, that’s who. However, before you are left to your wild imaginations of personal nirvanic godhood we need to consult the REAL God’s written holy Word, the Bible about your upgrade to a god.
    Isa 43:10….BEFORE Me there was no God formed, and there will be NONE
    Isa 43:11….and there is no savior besides Me.
    Isa 44:6…I am the first and I am the last, and there is no God BESIDES Me.
    That sews up the “upgrading to godhood” thing, doesn’t it? The God of the Bible says He is IT. There are no questions, suggestions, additions, addendums or exceptions to that command. Period. Case closed.

    I hope God’s Word popped your little potential godhood balloon because God NEVER changes. You’ll NEVER be a god (sad violin music & tears please).
    So who you gonna believe the REAL God of heaven & earth or 8 ball? You gonna trust a sinful God hating man who can’t even explain or make simple sense of his dumb plan for YOUR future? That makes even less sense unless you desire to follow him to hell & be damned forever as an enemy of the loving God who offers the free gift of salvation thru His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, who suffered & died for all your sins, past, present & future on the cross.

    After 3 days in the tomb He rose from the dead to show His power over death is real & spent 50 days on earth to show His disciples He is indeed God in the flesh. Trust Him by believing His death & shed blood will secure your salvation. Here’s what you must do to secure that free wonderful heavenly gift. Accept it. Here’s how, its simple but efficacious for eternity. You must HUMBLY pray to the Heavenly Father of the Bible that YOU are a sinner and deserve eternal punishment for breaking His perfect laws. You repent & turn away from those sins. You ask Him to forgive your sins based on what His risen sinless Son Jesus did on the cross in your behalf by shedding His precious blood for you. You believe Jesus rose from the dead on the 3rd day to show His power over death. You believe His crucifixion was not deserved but an innocent substitutionary sacrifice for the damnation you as a lawbreaker deserve. Our Heavenly Father recognizes ONLY that “there is salvation in no one else, for there is NO other NAME under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 Mankind’s hope lies in Christ ALONE.

    Remember earlier 8 ball said “humans are now hackable animals” which will be upgraded into gods? So I guess they turn us into some kind of Greek mythological critter god? That’s nuts! If you explore that you discover they really had to be demonic in origin.
    Those “gods” never to my knowledge extolled or praised our heavenly Almighty God or the coming Messiah & 8 ball certainly falls into that demonic inspired category.
    At 1:50 he tells us…”your free will is over”. Think about that one! He’s talking about the instant he gets his demonic way & the world’s govts are embracing that in mass. You are a slave branded with the REAL GOD hating 666 mark of the antichrist on “your right hand or your forehead” Rev 13:16 which will be your one-way ticket to the eternal Lake of Fire.
    If I am to be a god as he says, why don’t I have any free will? That’s a really weird “god”. Gods have power & personal sovereignty over their surroundings. Isn’t that the hallmark of a real god?

    At 1:55 he emphatically states “all this about Jesus rising from the dead & being the Son of God is fake news”. Now I may have misquoted the word “news” due to his accent BUT I did not miss the word “fake” & the inference that my Great God & Savior the Lord Jesus Christ is a fake. I take those willful demonic comments as a personal insult from a blind fool for denigrating my Holy God & Savior down below even 8 ball’s level of existence & one who leads people to everlasting damnation & will personally answer to the Lord of Host on Judgement Day.

    KEEP an eye on 8 ball & his cohorts. Do not be led astray by his clever, fleshly appealing but devilish teachings or his influential followers. He is an atheist & a servant of Satan. Keep your distance, stay close to Jesus. Be strong but in Christ as ONLY He can & will deliver us. We as Christians WILL have tribulation but will not suffer God’s wrath coming shortly upon the earth & the rest of mankind. Look for the Blessed Hope for He is VERY near & wants us to come to our real home as much as we desire to be there with Him.

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