7 thoughts on “CIVIL WAR 2022 – Europe Descends Into Madness: EU Admits Mistake – Germans go Berserk – Panic Hits Europe

  1. robinlinaz

    The real intent of the Ukraine war was to launder money-US and other nations-to collapse the global economy, cause widespread famine and damage Russia. They have mostly succeeded, but hurting Russia is a big fail. I doubt that any of the globalists are going to suffer for what they have cooked up.

    God is Sovereign

    1. Tracey

      I’m sorry but India has a vested interest in talking itself up and putting Europe down. Whilst much of what is said is fair comment, some things in this report are incorrect or exaggerated, and the language is inflammatory. It reminds me (a little bit) of a German propaganda video. I know you probably won’t publish this comment, but I think you should hear an insider’s view. Perhaps India wants to foment unrest in Europe too?

  2. saintsnotaints

    An opionion on europe; the scriptures say that one that does evil (a person or by extension a nation of persons , the majority), leaves the next generations up to 3 or 4 generations cursed by God. Before one might say that is not fair ( did you eat the apple like adam & eve), God also gives how to end the curse. Love God and the curse ends ! Were talking about the majority not all in nations. East europe did heinous ww ii crimes but today they love God so not cursed. They have bad eggs still but only a minority.
    Germany westward in europe does not love God. Uk is as guilty as germany for the holocaust. Majority of germany westward do hate God. They thus are cursed. The curse will mess them up so bad that they will yet do great evil in their pain. Were not yet done with germany doing great evil with friends including rebooted usa.
    As always pray for the Godly minority stuck in those lands.

  3. I can almost hear the Lord’s trumpet sounding! Let it rip! We almost outa here! Come & get me Lord Jesus! How’s that for a theologically sound & deep response?

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