ALEX NEWMAN: “Merging Nations into Regions” KEY PART OF “GREAT RESET” (VIDEO)



The 10 Regions of the New World Order

The Bible Predicts that in the last days, the world would be divided into 10 regions headed up by the Antichrist.  The Club of Rome in 1973 proposed that the new global order include dividing the world into 10 economic trading blocks.  Today, the European Commission includes a world map on their web site that shows 10 groups of nations, which would be designed to consolidate regional control.  The first map of a 10-region division was done by the Club of Rome in their 1973 report “Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System, and the EC map alters these divisions only slightly based upon changes over several decades of economic growth.  Today we are moving towards a new world order that will consist of 10 regions making up all the countries of the world.  It appears that the prophecies of the books of Daniel and Revelation are coming true in our time.  The revealing of the Antichrist as the world leader cannot be far off!  Image: European Commission
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Brothers and sisters in Christ, I believe that Alex Newman truly has his finger on the pulse of the coming One World Government.

Alex speaks of the history of the Globalists i.e. Henry Kissinger and his cohorts. This has been planned for many decades.

He explains in the video that the Globalists are planning regional governments to govern within the One World Government.

I love when he calls the U.N. the United AbomiNations!


Never forget that God is in Control!! Stand up for righteousness but understand that everything that is happening, God has allowed to happen, to further fulfill Bible Prophecy!



12 thoughts on “ALEX NEWMAN: “Merging Nations into Regions” KEY PART OF “GREAT RESET” (VIDEO)

  1. Jim V.

    10 regional nations are coming. I truly believe in my heart the rapture is not far away.

    Daniel and Revelation mentioned 10 KINGS or 10 leaders, that’s it, 10 regional nations.

    Keep looking up.
    God bless.

    1. Lindsay

      I just saw an article on Epoch Times that the president of Mexico and Antony Blinken are holding meetings to consolidate North America (Canada, us, and mexico) into one region like the EU.

  2. Deborah Eid

    Very grateful for Alex Newman – faithful watchman on the wall, spot-on again!
    Thanks Geri for posting this.

    1. Carol

      I really enjoy listening to Alex Newman, he knows his stuff! I liked the way he called the UN the United Abominations to, very fitting…..different subject but just wondering if you know anything about the gospel coalition?

  3. Carol

    Thanks Geri I thought I had read a while back that they had gone off the rails. I really appreciate you and Tim’s ministry to the body of Christ.

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