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I was made aware that some people are not getting the article posts in their email anymore. If this the case, you will have to go and “Follow” me again on the front page of the site and put your email address in again.

I am not sure if this was done inadvertently by WordPress or if it was nefarious. I am hoping it is the first.


2 thoughts on “Following Absolute Truth Blog Site

  1. saintsnotaints

    Some comments do not send while others do. I see the word error- when it wont send. Have not concluded if this relates to what said or not but lean that way.
    A different vird fress acct i get freeze ups and games but so far not here yet.

  2. ScottT

    I saw John GuandoIo interviewed by Drew Hernandez about a week ago. When I tried to post a comment to pray for John Guandolo that he doesn’t end up like Philip Haney, that post disappeared when I tried to send it. The sheriff investigating Mr. Haney’s suspicious death, turned over Mr Haney’s laptop to the FBI. Is there a warehouse where laptops are gradually buried in the dust of years? Well I’m going to post comment and see what happens.

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