‘Question All Of It’ – The Current Western Propaganda For Ukraine Is Epic In Scale: The Battle for our Minds

Brethren, this is the deception of which I have been speaking in my latest posts. It’s virtually impossible to know who to believe. The media is fed propaganda and they regurgitate it to gullible viewers and readers.

We are blessed who are born again believers in Christ. I thank Him every day for His love and His protection. He gives us understanding. His Word says:

“Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.” 

(Daniel 12:10)

From zerohedge.com

When we shared yesterday that all interested observers should be very wary of the information from media sources around Ukraine, there was a reason for that.  Question everything. Take nothing at face value.

If you have never experienced the propaganda push surrounding war, the totality of the inbound bullsh*t can be destabilizing, overwhelming and unnerving.  It’s one of the reasons why CTH doesn’t share immediate information.  Everyone has an agenda.

Everything we are seeing in U.S. media surrounding U.S. interests in Ukraine is a massive propaganda operation with the headquarters in the U.S. State Department and U.S. intelligence community.  The sense of sympathy you are feeling is part of an intentionally manipulative operation from within this DC matrix.

The images, pictures, videos, speeches, soundbites and the cinematography broadcast by U.S. corporate media are all purposefully intended to create a very specific outlook within the American people toward the issues in Ukraine.  The leftist United Nations, and the leftist U.S State Dept, will work together on this just like they have done in the prior examples (Ukraine 1.0, Libya, Egypt, etc.).

It is very easy to become a victim of psychological warfare intended to manipulate our opinions.


The White House, which means the total globalist effort, tipped their hand earlier last week when they defined “strategic power” and their outlook toward winning the battle for the mind.  Everything is about writing a script, creating a narrative, building a “better story,” where the globalists are the heroes.   In essence, the “strategic power” battle is for your mind…

…”Ultimately, the goal of our sanctions is to make this a strategic failure for Russia; and let’s define a little bit of what that means. Strategic success in the 21st century is not about a physical land grab of territory; that’s what Putin has done. 

In this century, strategic power is increasingly measured and exercised by economic strength, by technological sophistication and your story – who you are, what your values are; can you attract ideas and talent and goodwill? And on each of those measures, this will be a failure for Russia.”

Everything in modern warfare is storytelling.

Question all of it.

The stories of the 13 guards on an island telling the Russian naval ship to <f> off… yeah, it was a lie (turns out they surrendered). The “Ghost of Kyiv” pilot, the lady with the sunflower seeds etc., now all recognized as lies and propaganda.  And do not expect it to stop, because it won’t. Thus, the nature of warfare for your mind.

How Can I be Saved?


7 thoughts on “‘Question All Of It’ – The Current Western Propaganda For Ukraine Is Epic In Scale: The Battle for our Minds

  1. Peggy

    I appreciate your articles immensely and agree mostly but the foul language is inconsistent with the message of Christ. I hope you edit them out in the future.

  2. Dale Vernon

    I think I would go bonkers if I had to sort thru all the media baloney being presented as “truth”. Glad u are casting a capable critical eye on separating out the various narratives from actual fact. U seem to have a keen sense of what is junk “truth”+ give a reasonable analysis on ur conclusions. I for one really appreciate ur efforts because its alot of work & most of us dont have the time or inclination to mess with the sneaky Satanic stuff propagated daily as truth. Ur site does help our discernment in this rapidly changing crazy, godless world. Ur site also stimulates our mental motors for comments which also share valuable insights. I think I can speak for many of us regular readers, thanks again & keep it up. Many of us are praying for u & Tim so God’s hedge stays up around you & your work. Praise Jesus we don’t need to check our Lord’s veracity.

    1. God bless you brother. Your comment made me reflect on this ministry which God has entrusted to me. I often wonder not just why He gave this to me but “How” I am doing it at all! With my brain having been injured pretty severely so many years ago, it is difficult for me to have long conversations with others without forgetting that which we are discussing! But the writing for the last 7 years and the choosing of articles to post seems to come to me straight from our Father. I always ask Him to show me what is most important for the brethren to know. It’s definitely a GOD Thing!

  3. uftonwood

    The tragedy is that so many people believe these lies and are unknowingly being controlled by the propaganda. In England we no longer have to wear face masks, but still in shops etc., about 50% are masked: propaganda works.

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