BREAKING: Ukraine and Russia to Meet on Belarusian Border for Talks


Ukrainian and Russian officials will meet for talks at the Belarusian border. 

The talks, which are the first scheduled since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, will be held without preconditions. 

“We agreed that the Ukrainian delegation would meet with the Russian delegation without preconditions on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, near the Pripyat River,” the office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a statement on Sunday. 

No dates or times have been established for the meeting amidst the ongoing conflicts across Ukraine.

Putin indicated that he was ready for “talks” as early as Friday, according to the Kremlin. Zelensky had initially resisted meeting in Belarus due to the country’s pro-Moscow relationship, and had stated in an address that he would prefer to meet at other locations, such as Warsaw, Bratislava, Istanbul, Budapest or Baku. 

“Any other city in a country from whose territory missiles do not fly would suit us,” Zelensky emphasized. 

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett proposed in a phone call with Putin to act as a mediator between the two nations, according to a readout released by the Kremlin. Zelensky had proposed the idea to Bennett on Friday, reported The Times of Israel, due to Israel’s relationship with both nations. It is unclear if the assistance will be approved. 

US officials are skeptical of Russia’s intentions. “Now we see Moscow suggesting that diplomacy take place at the barrel of a gun, or as Moscow’s rockets, mortars, artillery target the Ukrainian people,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price said at a Friday briefing. “This is not real diplomacy. Those are not the conditions for real diplomacy.” Price was responding to statements from the Kremlin claiming that Putin was “ready” for talks with Zelensky. 

The confirmed offer of meeting to discuss peace arises shortly after Putin ordered his nuclear troops to begin preparing in a video address, implying the increased risk of nuclear weapon use. SOURCE



7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Ukraine and Russia to Meet on Belarusian Border for Talks

  1. Dale Vernon

    No mention of a truce or ceasefire as these “talks” go on? Is Putin merely genuflecting to the WEF behind the scenes? If so what are the motives of the WEF? Putin kidnap Zelensky in Belarus? One thing for sure, dont ask OBiden or our “govt” for real answers, they know nada. EXCEPT for one thing, take the jab, take the jab, take the jab.

    1. Dale…..I am at a loss of what to believe or not believe. In a very important way, this is good for us. With each lie or exaggeration from the media, we are pushed closer to the Lord Jesus and His Word! We don’t have to wonder when we read the Bible – GOD CANNOT LIE!

    2. Jim V.

      Reply to Dale V. You are right, take the jab!! I’m so sick of it. Last night I was watching VICE network channel and it talked about Billionaires made huge profits from COVID pandemic. Million of Americans lost their jobs and etc. Heartbreaking. I knew some people died from V. It was scary and pretty sad.

      You asked good question I quote you, Is Putin merely genuflecting to the WEF behind the scenes? I’ve wonder too as well.

      I read an article this morning that US government admitted it that they were concerned with Russia and China because both countries wanted New World Order and US government and WEST don’t wanted Dragon and Bear to control NWO. US government rather having Globalist to run the world, not China (Dragon) and Russia (Bear).

      I’m thinking, which sides Putin wanted? WEF and Russia? Is Putin helping WEF? I don’t know. I am confused myself. In real life Bill Gates is very friendly with Chinese government. This tells me that Globalists are controlled the world leaders. If I remember correctly that in the past Henry Kissinger have met several time with Putin. Hmmm??? What was going on? And Putin met with Pope Francis.

      But I tell you this, I personally believe very soon Russia will invade the Israel. I pray this year, why? because this tells me the rapture is very close. My opinion, when Damascus will be destroyed, this will trigger Ezekiel 38/39 WAR.

      This Tuesday will be first day of the March. We are getting closer to Spring season. I pray we will be out of here before Summer. I have a bad feeling, something is going to be bad which I can’t put my finger on it.

      God bless.

  2. Dale Vernon

    Amen, Geri
    Thank you Lord Jesus, You are God & God You change not! He is the same today, yesterday & tomorrow, for eternity & He is perfect in character & therefore NEVER lies, shades the truth or allows us into believing a lie if we truly seek Him for the truth in our daily struggles. Can we be deceived? Yes but His hand is on His own which are those truly born again & receive the Holy Spirit which is given to us as God’s permanent assurance of eternal life. The Holy Spirit IS God Almighty living IN us. However we DO NOT become some kind of god as in New Age blarney. We become God’s Holy Temple on earth & His servant.
    God is a holy eternal Being, the Holy Spirit is God with exactly the same attributes as the Father & the Lord Jesus Christ. Christians call this the Godhead. The truly born again receive the Godhead in their spiritual being & He takes up permanent residence in you to help you become a truly consecrated, devoted vessel, part of a priesthood holy unto the Lord Jesus.
    Jesus will be the author & finisher of your faith in Him. Faith is essential, without it there is no pleasing God. Without it you will make bad decisions & choices which will not glorify the One who bought you with His own blood.
    So among other lies the devil spreads don’t be deceived by the fake mantra “you have God in you” or “We are all God’s children”. That god is a phony sent by Satan to destroy your unsaved soul or if born again, dilute your loyalty, service & testimony to the real Jesus. You become a joke to the truly saved & unsaved seekers of truth. You MUST be born again & only Jesus can do that for you IF you seek Him with all your heart. If you are born again but playing footsie with the devil you are grieving the Holy Spirit Who is telling you now in your spirit to examine yourself to see if you are in the faith. You also need to get to the altar of repentance & get right again with your Savior.
    Time is very short, you must GET WITH IT to escape Hell or if you are saved keep you reward.

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