BIDEN: “Imagine What Could Happen to Ukraine if Trump Wins Re-election”


While he has received much criticism around the world for the United States’ lukewarm response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it turns out that the one who warned of a weak US response to such a war was actually US President Joe Biden himself.

A video that has recently gone viral shows Biden speaking at the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum conference, just months before the presidential election, and warns of grim scenarios that could happen if former US President Donald Trump were re-elected.

One of the scenarios he mentions concerns “what could happen in Ukraine” if Trump is elected to another term. “It will take a lot of work to make up for all the damage he has done at the international and national level. His network of thugs and conspirators will meanwhile continue to try to undermine our democracy. Imagine what he can do in a year of tenure. Imagine what could happen in Ukraine,” Biden said in his speech.

The clip soon garnered hundreds of thousands of views and comments of ridicule from many users, who argued that Trump’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine certainly could not have been weaker than Biden’s own response.

Some also wrote that in light of the US response to events in Ukraine, they “miss Trump, even though they did not agree with his way.” Source

No matter how you feel about Donald Trump, there is one thing I do know: Vlad Putin would NOT have attacked Ukraine if Trump was in the White House.


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