3 thoughts on “Wars and Rumors of Wars: Prophecy Playing Out: MASS DECEPTION in End Times

  1. RobinL

    We are suffering from information fatigue. God didn’t design us to absorb the high level of information and disinformation we are saturated with in modern times daily.

    Viewing what we are shown and told through the eyes and ears of the Holy Spirit is essential…and as Christians we are the only people on earth who have that level of discernment; some more than others.

    What I am discerning is that very little of what we are fed by the world is truth. The agenda behind it is satanically controlled and motivated; therefore it can not be trusted. The first question I ask myself when I am told anything, is who is saying this?! If they aren’t true, born-in-the-blood-of-Jesus, Believers, then I don’t give their words any weight. A Biblical filter applied to born again Christians, and everything else is suspect.

    We are living in days of massive, bald faced, unapologetic and continual lies: almost no one can be relied upon. Jesus warned us this would happen, as did Peter, Timothy, Paul and the OT prophets.

    It creates tremendous anger, a thirst for vengeance, cynicism, hardness of heart, hopelessness and depression in most people. I can not fathom what it will be like when “the Restrainer” is taken out of the way. God please help everyone left behind 😫.

    These are all strong signs that Jesus will take us home to Him soon.

    BTW, no one who loves our Lord should have anything to do with GAB; their owner and founder, Andrew Torbas, is a raging anti-Semite who is a Kingdom Now type of ‘Christian.’ He is hateful and dangerous.

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