3 thoughts on “Police Deploy Sonic Weapons Against Women and Children at Parliament House! (VIDEO)

  1. Crystal

    IT IS SHAMEFUL!!! But the Bible says they have no shame. If they don’t stop harming innocent people, they will have shame forever in the lake of fire and they will not escape it. Imagine what THEY will hear FOREVER. If you’re working for corrupt government, participating in crimes against humanity, you’d better stop, and get out of it, and seek the Lord of all creation, before it’s too late. The suffering you’re inflicting on others, will be visited upon your own heads, and it will never stop. Ours will–those who love the Lord. Seek Him today while you still can.

    1. Yes, I believe that God has taken so long to put a STOP to this Evil because he wants as many of his Children to turn to Him … the Evil doers of the World are witnessing Good People in the World stand up without protest and disruption; they can see and hear Our message, yet choose to ignore it. What is the Root to All Evil? This has been a Real Awakening on so many levels, and I believe what you say … may we Good People of God, keep focussed on the Bigger Picture, and focus on being worthy of His Kingdom. There is little to want for here, and EVERYTHING to look FORWARD to in His Kingdom : ) See U There Sis!

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