Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr. Robert Malone: Now I’m Even More Confused!

How Effective COVID Treatments Were Suppressed

While the vaccines were proven to do little to nothing to stop infection and transmission, practicing physicians and scientists have found highly effective and widely available repurposed drugs that could cure COVID when taken early. That knowledge was available early on, at the very onset of the pandemic, Dr. Malone said.

But the very existence of those treatments, Malone explained, was a threat to the vaccine manufacturers. According to the statutes of the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the vaccines, “If there is an available agent which can provide protection against the threat … and mitigate it,” then the vaccines could not be granted the EUA.

“The government is lawless, they have gone off the reservation, they went off the rails, they don’t care, they are not accountable,” lamented Dr. Malone.   

Such repurposed drugs with outstanding safety profiles as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and fluvoxamine have all been rejected for use in COVID patients.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) official to whom Dr. Malone spoke in regard to the motive behind the suppression of early treatments claimed that the agency “did not interpret the EUA that way.” The FDA official said that the rejection of the aforementioned drugs had nothing to do with the vaccines, and pointed to the officially approved COVID early treatment called remdesivir (see here and here).

COVID Vaccine Dangers

Dr. Malone described how shocked he was to learn about the data on significantly increased illness and disease in American soldiers that was likely associated with the COVID vaccines. That information became known thanks to brave Department of Defense whistleblowers Doctors Samuel Sigoloff, Peter Chambers, and Theresa Long, represented by attorney Thomas Renz. Renz presented this bombshell information during a panel discussion titled “Covid-19: A Second Opinion” in Washington, D.C., on January 24, 2022, that was hosted by Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.)

When asked if there is a scientific possibility of the vaccines increasing the risks of developing cancers, Dr. Malone unequivocally replied, “Yes.”

Referring to the study posted in the prestigious peer-reviewed medical journal Cell, the doctor explained in somewhat technical language that synthetic RNAs don’t have the normal chemical composition of a natural RNA. Those engineered RNAs, however, were tested in humans for only 60 days, the doctor said. They were expected to “integrate” with human RNA in cells, yet they did not. They stick around, Malone said, for at least 60 days. They remained in the lymph nodes, for example. At the same time, those RNAs produce a much higher level of a cytotoxic spike protein than the natural infection with COVID would.
“In natural infection, it is hitting your mucosal surface, and the viruses grow slowly,” Malone said, “With the vaccine, you’re getting a surge of this [spike] protein. It is hitting your body, and it’s coming into your whole circulation.” That fact explains the high number of adverse reactions to the shots. And that number is expected to grow in the vaccinated population, the doctor implied.

As it became clear from the Pfizer documents that became available from the Japanese government and then obtained by Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher Byram Bridle, Ph.D, associate professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph, “Pfizer and the U.S. regulatory agencies have not done their job” and neglected to test the vaccines by the regular methods.

Censorship and Joe Rogan: Don’t Bend the Knee

Dr. Malone commented on podcast host Joe Rogan’s recent interactions with the media and apologies he has made in regard to “spreading medical misinformation” by hosting Malone. Rogan has faced additional criticism over a video compilation of the podcaster saying the “N-word” over the course of 12 years, posted by Mistouch, a left-wing super PAC.

Rogan, Manole said, represented a real threat to the establishment media and the forces behind it. “I think he [Rogan] genuinely represents a center-left blue-collar frame of reference. And they have just really damaged that cohort, those that are on the left. They basically just alienated a whole faction. Just having already pissed off the moms and the African Americans with all of these [COVID] policies. And a lot of the youth that have been subjected to mandated vaccines. Now they’ve alienated blue-collar-centered people and unaligned people, which is really what Rogan represents, particularly younger ones.”
“I think as I look back at what has happened, I think he’s been a little naive,” Malone added. “Joe bent the knee. He thought that he could concede and they would leave him alone if he basically apologized. And that is not how this game is played. This is full-on media war. You do not — you don’t get a break by saying, ‘I am sorry.’”

The Global Agenda of the WEF

Dr. Malone said that to try and comprehend the course of the pandemic response, one should look into the global agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF) headed by Klaus Schwab. Through its “The Forum of Young Global Leaders,” that organization has infiltrated practically all Western governments.

From Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to California Governor Gavin Newsom, to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, “All of these folks have been trained to regurgitate all of these policy positions [of the WEF], regardless of the context in which they operate,” Malone said. The uncritical implementation of the WEF agenda such as uniform COVID or “global warning” approaches makes those policies extremely ineffective. In times of crisis such as a pandemic, all of the WEF-nurtured “leaders” turn to authoritarian methods, just as they have been trained to do.

At the same time, the official COVID narrative is crumbling, and the people are waking up and starting to realize that they have been fooled. As a result, they start pushing back against those wannabe dictators. Here in America, Malone said, he anticipated pro-freedom forces winning in the midterm elections and “getting to the bottom of this [pandemic].” Source

Brethren, I pray that as months go by, that the TRUTH of this so-called pandemic is finally understood. I pray that we will know the number of maimed and killed. So many things do not add up, and I’m very sorry to have to tell the readers that I truly do NOT know who to trust anymore. I trust JESUS and my husband and others, BUT there is something about Malone that gives me a check in my spirit.

I want to believe Malone – I really do. But this Plandemic turned the whole world on its head; and now we’re left with more questions than answers. We may never know the whole truth, but I think that Klaus Schwab is a key player in this whole debacle.

I would like to know how the readership feels……..


18 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr. Robert Malone: Now I’m Even More Confused!

      1. If you have never had an uneasy feeling in your spirit, then of course you would not know what I mean. Jesus said that even the elect (if it were possible) would be deceived. Deception abounds and the author of confusion continues to roam about the earth seeking someone to devour.

    1. Holy Spirit leads us into all truth. Jesus told us to not be deceived, yet we live in a world of deception. Good grief TV ads, all media. I think by hearing both sides and seeking out truth, we have to sometimes hear what other opinions are. It is that still small voice that gives us the warning! I regularly ask Father God to remove anything that is not of Him or from Him. It sure works!! I appreciate Geri seeking out the truth!

    2. Ms Wills, I beg to differ, wait, why? Should we not know what the major players are saying whether right or wrong? Let the individual be the one who decides? You probably know where I’m going with this, 1st Amendment. No hard feelings, but that’s not the way to handle an uneasy feeling, by ignoring it. It just gets worse and worse!

  1. Paul Drexel

    Dr. Malone can be trusted as can others you’ve written about. This whole Covid thing is about fear and control by most governments.
    As the midterm election nears, look for restrictions to vanish and credit for the end of the pandemic will be claimed by the Democrats and get ready for another stolen election.
    Soon and very soon, God will lose His patience and all Hell will break loose!

  2. John Kerber

    Not sure what your greater confusion might entail. The only confusion that I see is for the folks who believed the government lie about shots and the whole plandemic which is refuted by Dr. Malone, Dr. Kory, and many others who explain the truth

  3. saintsnotaints

    Appreciate the work of malone, mccoloch and others but there seems still something amiss. Perhaps they go only so far to stay alive? My problem is while bio labs sure do horrid research i have yet to see proof covid even exists.people dying isnt proof its a covid. The virus has not been isolated and the few souls that dare say how it has been, dont be intimidated by the technical words as substance is not isolated. I call it the tooth fairy virus. People get flu, even a new strain etc but covid is unproven. One famous antisemite lawyer who did nuclear treatys is origin of bio lab release on alex jones story that grew fast on alt media before msm. If one noticed the WEF gathering just prior to covid appearing, the chinese delegation was unusually huge. That for their play acting in the big show. Attention to detail rather than bits really aids understanding. Yes people got sick and believe they had a covid, falsely. Since people say omicron is a cold, maybe ill say i had covid rather than say im unjabbed and have had extremely healthy last 2 years. Get more mileage this way without being a liar? From ventolators, flu shots, remdesivir, reduced breathing, less sunshine and activity, food quality decline, 5g, smog, chentrails, decline in med treatments during lockdowns, depression and more spiked illness and death all over fear the toothfairy cometh. This is my opinion. Anyone in disagreement, just keep your opinion and go on.

  4. Dale Vernon

    Thank u for posting ur doubts & possible misgivings. At least u are upfront. I am convinced that the jabs are not beneficial & in fact cause much harm & thanks to the info u have posted me & the wife have not got them. We dont regret it. U cant possibly know for sure the motives people have for doing what they do. I think u interpret the facts & come to honest conclusions based on the knowledge u have at the time. Our govt constantly lies the media & Hollyweird carries their water. It’s a constant barrage of lies. There would be mass murders if they ever told the truth. It’s been that way for decades as in “Arkansides”. I think you are doing the best u can by relying on God to reveal the truth behind the smoke & mirrors. Hangest thou in there.

  5. Yvonne Knickerbocker

    I listened very carefully and couldn’t understand what you were confused about. I have questioned Dr. Malone’s sincerity in prior interviews, but he seemed to me to now be ready to call this what it really is, which is difficult when one does not have the clarity The BIBLE gives us about the background behind all this. We should ALWAYS be wary about what anyone says who isn’t speaking from a Biblical viewpoint, but he seemed to really get it–finally. I pray for him and all of those who are trying to expose this, even without understanding the spiritual warfare going on behind the scenes. Prayers also for all my brothers & sisters who are trying to get through this. This truly is more confusing & difficult that I ever thought it would so suddenly become. FATHER, be with all of us in JESUS’ Precious Name. MARANATHA!

  6. Carol

    Trust Holy Spirit Geri. Very few experts I listen to, Dr Peter McCullough is one Dr Piere Cory would be another but I’ve never got on board with Dr Malone. I’m going to email you a website I’ve just learned about because I don’t trust trolls here and wouldn’t want them compromising the site

  7. Carol

    I just sent the email with today’s date February 13 as the subject in hopes you could readily find it

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  9. Hi Geri, I enjoy your writing and topics everyday, thank you for all you do to spread the knowledge and love of our Lord and Saviour.
    Bottom line, (I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY) the ELITE (what they call themselves) and their Minions have one agenda, inoculate us ALL with the EUA serum. The inoculated people lose years off their lifetimes or die right away. Those so called Powers at be want to reduce the worlds population. The only way to do this is to inoculate us. I would recommend that everyone reading this should also read, The Great Reset, and Agenda 2030. It will help everyone understand their real intent, and that is, they want, as many people dead as possible.
    The EUA Serum is a BIOweapon and the serum contains graphene oxide which acts on the body exactly as the flu. In this serum are sensors that have communication capability and allow the Elite to track the individuals temp, heart rate, BP, etc. 5G will activate these factors.
    World Governments and world hospitals, including the USA are now the Elite’s Minions and they all are paid grandly to promote the shot and keep killing more people.
    I feel as though I am on the outside looking at this mess we’re in, praying all the while for our Creator, our Father God to come again and those that are still lost by some miracle find our Lord Jesus Christ.
    What I know the Lord blessed me and taught me, and that’s I’m just visiting this earth. But while I’m visiting one thing I know for sure, I WILL NOT COMPLY. As Jesus said, It won’t be easy, but, I’m prepared for that and I’m not afraid of them!

  10. Beverly Kruger

    It’s a lot to take in. Cognitive dissonance. Dr. Malone’s appearance isn’t particularly honest looking gentleman and he is bringing bad news. He doesn’t have a beaming smile. He doesn’t speak in a comforting way. If you repeat anything he says about 70 percent of people will think you are nuts. Maybe more.

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