Perhaps One of the MOST Important Articles You Will Read About Your Health: There is a Medicine MANY of You Are Taking and it May be the Cause of Intense Pain

Many of my friends on Facebook know that my oldest sister died almost a month ago. About 3 years ago, my sister was sick and I went to her home to care for her. She had pneumonia.

She was complaining that she also had intense pain in her shoulders, hips and thighs. I took her to her doctor and he diagnosed her with PMR (Poly Myalgia Rheumatica).

Sandy was a very stoic woman – rarely complained about pain; so I knew that she was hurting badly.

Her son is a Chiropractor and was trying also to figure out why so much pain. An orthopedic surgeon almost did a shoulder replacement surgery on her, but then she got a second opinion and there were NO tears in her rotator cuff.


Sandy suffered for such a long time with the pain, which also crippled her fingers when she would wake up in the mornings.

So, the diagnosis was PMR. But what caused the PMR was always my question.

Today I was researching some health matters and was shocked when I came across many articles saying the same thing:


My sister’s cholesterol was only slightly elevated. Her GP put her on Avorastatin about a month before her intense pain came.

The reason I researched this was because I had just seen my Endocrinologist for Autoimmune Hashimotos Thyroiditis. My doctor went through my blood work and mentioned that my cholesterol was only slight elevated, but that he did not recommend that I go on a statin because of “pain in the shoulders, hips and thighs”

WOW! I thought back to Sandy’s unbearable pain and that she was on a statin drug that led up to the pain. The doctor kept my sister on prednisone EVERY DAY for 3 years and I believe that this contributed to her death.

I’m writing this because I know that a good portion of my readership are elderly. I wondered how many were on a statin drug for cholesterol.

If you have been experiencing pain in shoulders, hips and thighs or stiffness in fingers in the morning, and you take a statin (this is only a recommendation for people with mild elevation of cholesterol) try staying off the statin for a couple of weeks and see if the pain is less.

Here is one of many articles about statins being the cause for PMR.

Statin-Associated Polymyalgia Rheumatica. An Analysis Using WHO Global Individual Case Safety Database: A Case/Non-Case Approach <click to read

Brethren, there are many other websites which expand on this topic.

Please remember – I am not a doctor but I do research non-stop. And if this can help anyone who is on a statin – has severe pain – and is able to come off the statin without harm (people who only have slightly elevated cholesterol numbers and are on a low to medium dosage of statin; and the pain subsides when the statin is stopped – then I will be rejoicing with you!!


16 thoughts on “Perhaps One of the MOST Important Articles You Will Read About Your Health: There is a Medicine MANY of You Are Taking and it May be the Cause of Intense Pain

      1. Suzy

        They fail to t lol you that it is sugar and refined carbs that raise cholesterol and triglycerides. Follow a keto or low carb diet and they will all come down to normal. Get some regular exercise and you will be amazed. Pain in joints almost disappears also.

  1. My doctor has tried many times to get me to take the statins because of high cholesterol. I refuse to take it. I inherited high cholesterol from my mother. She never took any meds. She lived to be almost 92. Not suggesting that anyone refuse medication for cholesterol, certainly, but that was MY choice. I’ve read several articles saying they are not good for you.

  2. Diana Lesperance

    My husband went on statins and he had horrible back pain. I went on statins and not only did I have back pain, my A1C (for diabetes) went from a manageable 5.9/6 up to 7.5. My husband said he read that statins can contribute to diabetes too.

  3. Hi I am so sorry for your loss! I know Statins are risky , so many side effects.
    I too have Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune disorders, I have just researched and stated taking 6mg of Boron for severe knee pain and wow what a difference, it was 9 on the richter scale of 10 and now is down to 5 and I only have taken a few times. Best do plenty of research though as not everything is right for everyone, It does help me to sleep too and that is amazing because I have had insomnia too. God is good He has given us all the herbs and seeds and minerals and plants we need for good health. Can’t wait for my glorified body and be free of pain and suffering but I know nothing is wasted .

    God bless

    1. carlasteenhard

      I took Simvastatin and ended up not being able to walk at all. The pain leading up to this was intense. I could not walk for about 3 weeks and then I slowly improved to where I was walking again. The pain is far less intense, although still there. My doctor told me it can cause permanent damage. There is a blood test to determine this. I tested negative for permanent damage but sometimes I have to wonder. I did not resume taking any medication for cholesterol. It is not worth it.

      1. Andie

        I second Suzy on the low carb diet. Cut out sugar and starches as much as you can and you will feel the difference. I suggest checking out Dr. Ken Berry on YouTube. His wife is diagnosed with Hashimotos and she has alleviated her symptoms with the diet. I believe Dr. Berry also counsels against statins. I still cheat here and there, but the pain in my feet goes away when I eat less than 20 carbs a day. My mom has bad arthritis that is helped by the same diet. Try it and see if this natural remedy works for you too!

  4. My cholesterol was only a little over the correct range and my Dr. suggested low dose of atorvastatin. Because my Dad had 9 heart stints and my brother one heart stint and they were on statins I thought I was being proactive by using the drug. I had severe leg muscle pain that kept increasing in intensity and has completely gone away after I quit statins over a year ago. I am on vitamins which is way more expensive then the copay med but worth not ruining my muscles. Thanks Geri for warning others to look at the side effects. I am sorry to hear about your sister passing…I mourn everyday for my beloved brother. I truly believe he is watching over me like an angel.

  5. Fred

    If folks have high cholesterol a much better thing to use is plain niacin (that flushes). Dr Abram Hoffer wrote about it in his book “Niacin the Real Story.” Made a huge difference for me!

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