Brave pastor to global predators and their minions: ‘Resign now, while you still can’

Brave pastor to global predators and their minions: ‘Resign now, while you still can’

By Leo Hohmann

There’s a brilliant column posted over at by J.D. Rucker.

Rucker writes about a man who lived under a communist dictatorship in the 1980s and watched the regime collapse under the pressure of raw people power. That man is Pastor Artur Pawlowski and the country was Poland.

The pastor has since emigrated to Canada where he is again confronted by a burgeoning totalitarian system, one that asks to see your papers before you enter a restaurant, sporting arena or pub, one that tracks your spending and your movements about the country and attempts to limit that movement based on its arbitrary determination as to whether such travel is “safe.” It decides what is in the best interests of the “greater good” and anyone who disagrees is treated like a social outcast, a pariah who must be separated from the obedient herd.

The only difference is that this time it’s a system that is being forced upon the entire world, not just one country or one region. So if we don’t defeat this beast system there will be nowhere to flee, no beacon of freedom, no shining city on a hill to welcome us into its waiting, merciful arms.

Rucker astutely observes that there is a “protective bubble” around the vast majority of politicians throughout the world today. As long as they’re echoing the sentiments of The Great Reset by pushing vaccine mandates and engaging in medical tyranny, they are guarded by big corporate media, Big Tech, academia, most doctors and most judges.

But the people are waking up.

While politicians, both Republican and Democrat, have done absolutely nothing to halt the slide into tyranny over the last two years, there have been courageous citizen leaders who have been stepping up around the world to organize protests, speak to independent news outlets like this one, and engage in righteous civil disobedience. 

Rucker reminds us that these brave citizens have served to alert the sane majority of the world that we are not aloneWe are not crazy

We are stronger than the politicians and the lying bureaucrats like Tony Fauci who operate under authority granted to them by we the people, authority that we can and will take away if they continue down the current path toward tyranny and the Great Reset.

One such leader, Rucker writes, is the Polish pastor, Artur Pawlowski.

During a recent protest march, Pawlowski recalled his experiences growing up in Poland as an example of what can happen when politicians engage in power-grabbing oppression against a people who have had enough.

What the pastor says in this video is remarkably similar to what I said last week in an article: Message to Ruling Elites: Your time is up, you no longer have the consent of the governed, you must resign from all positions of authority, now.

Take a look at the pastor’s stinging comments, given in the first 2 minutes of the video below.

“I have been telling you I grew up in Poland, and in 1980 Polish people got angry,” Pawlowski says. “And I saw the police officers running for their lives. The very people that were enslaving the population, the very people that were doing this great evil to Poles were on the run.

“They were so terrified I will never forget that,” Pawlowski continued. “Because there is more of us than of them, and they crossed the line. If I was a politician I would resign, while you still can, because we’re coming after you. And I’m not talking about with guns and the swords. I’m talking about justice. Real judges. Real courts. The court of the people. Just like it was done under the Solidarity movement in Poland.” is 100 percent reader supported. We are not beholden to any corporate interests or advertisers. You may support us we donation c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.

4 thoughts on “Brave pastor to global predators and their minions: ‘Resign now, while you still can’

  1. Dale Vernon

    My history on this is from memory. Bear with me. The Poles had more guns (not real but motivations) to come against the Communists that we seem to lack. The RCC had better intelligence than our CIA & the RCC wanted the Commies OUT. Most Poles are RCC & took their church biz seriously. The Polish people had lived under Stalin’s oppression & experienced the Nazis style of same as well. All the Poles worked well together in this common uniting worthwhile goal. L Walensa used his union shipyard worker leadership role against the commies. The 3 together made a difference in world opinion & support against the commies. Presidnt Reagan was very supportive as well. Once the revolution ball got rolling there was no stopping it. Quite different than our present situation in the USA. Seems our country is either apathetic or ignorant of what is really happening. Our churches are largely silent perhaps guarding zealously their 503c’s & bottom lines. The pulpits are full of jokesters, feel good ear tickling story telling, ungodly entertainment. Christians as a group dont seem outraged just inconvenienced. We have never been under tyranny so we cant seem to recognize it when we see it. Our schools have failed educating our young ones & all are being shaped for accepting hell on earth as paradise. Law & order has failed us because bought & paid for globalist mayors turn our cities into garbage dumps & shooting galleries. We have criminal prosecuting attorneys who dont prosecute crime. Our news casts are all scripted & parroted almost word for word no matter what channel. Our own President acts deranged. Who else mandates death jabs for little kids or encourages the sexual “education” perversions for a captive audience of pliable, trusting children. What has happened to hundreds of thousands of “missing” children since about the mid – 80’s? Are our “leaders” & the rich, powerful ones sacrificing them to Satan & drinking their blood? I dont think its rumor any longer. When ur rich & powerful u can pay the price required for secrecy. That’s beyond sick, its the worst kind of evil. Any doubt on this see Jesus & tying the millstone around the neck of these God hating perverts.The Poles had leaders with real stoutness. Where are our American leaders? America is suffering from leaness of soul & the church is experiencing a famine of the Word in our land. Those who ignore history & we are, in fact we’re rewriting it for our kids as we give them free death jabs, will be doomed to repeat it. Although most in America have decent incomes & eat well, have a nice roof over their head..this country is in its death throes. God has abandoned us to our preferred sinful, rotten ways. As with Noah, God is the One who shut the door. He’s doing it to us..Judgement has started. Repent American & turn from ur Godless ways & pray for His bountiful mercy. It’s too late to save America but not too late for people to seek God while He may still be found. Only Jesus can save you from the coming wrath. Grace alone, thru faith alone in Christ alone. John 3:16 Look it up.

    1. Any country which allows over 63 million unborn babies to be slaughtered and sold for their parts DESERVES JUDGMENT from God. Should we be shocked at all about the toxic jabs??? (rhetorical question) If He didn’t judge us, He would have to apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah!

  2. Dale Vernon

    I forgot to mention the ongoing abortion holocaust! This country’s sin list is so long I cant remember them all at once. The list seems endless. My apologies on its omission. Not intentional just failed to mention it. Maybe I didn’t want to remember it. I do hate thinking about it & how it’s federally protected murder of our most innocent citizens. We’re probably next. Gives me the creeps thinking about God’s inevitable “J” coming on America as He pours out His wrath including my own blissfully ignorant, arrogant, worldly brother. He just “doesn’t get it”. Can’t be much longer. BTW I quit my Simvastatin 40mg/day only a couple days ago & I can already feel the difference in more freedom of movement w/o pain. Thanks for the info. We’ll see how it goes but I’m optimistic.

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