Family Members and Friends: You DON’T know Better Than My Doctor From Johns Hopkins Who Told Me NOT to Get the Injection

I’m sorry if this article comes off as too harsh, but I’ve HAD IT! And I have a strong feeling that others are going through the Bullying and Intimidation over this.

I am a person who has severe allergic reactions. I have Epipens prescribed by my doctor for anaphylactic events which cause me to not be able to breathe.

I also have Asthma for which I have a nebulizer machine in my home to use when my oxygenation goes below 91. For acute asthma attacks I have rescue inhalers.

Discussion with my doctor

Earlier this year, I had a video appointment with my doctor. I have seen this doctor for about 10 years. He is the best doctor I have ever had in my life and I trust him implicitly.

He knows that I have turned down the flu shot every year, as well as other vaccines recommended for older adults. He also knows about my severe allergies. Before he prescribed the Epipens, my throat had closed up after eating a piece of banana nut bread. I seriously thought that I was going to die.

My doctor told me that people with bad allergies can become allergic to something they have eaten for years. He then prescribed the pens. I feel so much safer having the epipens available.

Treated like a pariah in my own family

Not everyone in my family have shunned me, but the ones who do it act like I am selfish and do not care about others. Being scolded by these people, even after I tell them that my doctor told me not to get the shot, does anger me. As a Christian woman, I try to hide the anger. I change the subject and steer clear of conversations about the jab.

My Decision

Even if my doctor had recommended that I get the jab, it is MY DECISION to get it or not. If you are reading this article and you have gotten the jabs – THAT was your decision and I respect it.

I will, however, continue to publish vetted information about the Covid 19 jab, as well as videos of well respected physicians and scientists who do not trust this fast-tracked injection. I reported in the last few days that young women are having terrible problems with their menstrual cycles – not only ones who have gotten the jab, but women who had Covid 19 and recovered from it are also have incredibly heavy periods with clots. This brings to mind the GOFR (gain of function research) which was done on the virus in the U.S. and then in Wuhan China.

Here is an recent article I wrote about GOFR:

LETHAL INJECTION -Wuhan Connection: Washington Post Columnist Describes Dr. Fauci as “Godfather of ‘Gain of Function Research’

Also, I feel that it is important to say something else about the jab. Unfortunately, those who rely exclusively on CNN for their news are not being told the WHOLE truth about the jab. The truth is this: Getting the jab does NOT prevent a person from being infected with the virus and spreading it! This is vital information for people to know BEFORE they get the experimental jab.

As a matter of fact, many people test positive for Covid 19 AFTER they get the shot. GOOGLE IT!

And just for the record – THIS is what medical experts in the UK advised people with severe allergies as far as the vaccines go:

These Are the Only People Who Shouldn’t Get the COVID Vaccine

So that coincided with the advice from my GP.

Before you pass judgment on or condemn those of us who choose not to get the jab – remember that this is not mandatory in the U.S.


How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


13 thoughts on “Family Members and Friends: You DON’T know Better Than My Doctor From Johns Hopkins Who Told Me NOT to Get the Injection

  1. Amen!! I had someone try to bully me about it. I simply said it was too experimental for us at this time and kept my other opinions to myself. But they came back with that their Doctor said it’s safe…sad thing is, so many people have had the same Dr for many years that they trust their every move in the name of, “my doctor said so” But they forget drs are human beings who can be swayed within their communication between other drs. I stand with you Sis! And I appreciate all the posts you out out to keep us informed

    1. God bless you Amy. Also, we as Christians should not judge other Christians who choose to get the jab. I’m digging in my heels as far as what I think about the experimental jabs, but I do not wish to distress the brethren over their choices.

  2. Since I don’t see that many people on a daily basis, I haven’t been bullied about getting the jabs like you have. However, I have encountered a couple of people whose attitudes seemed self-righteous with a side of judgment, which was annoying enough! I too respect the rights of others to make their own decisions on this vital issue. I can’t help wondering, though, how many of them will end up suffering severe adverse reactions or, sadly, dying a lot sooner than they would have had they not gotten vaxxed. Along with that, I’ve read that unvaxxed people (especially women) who’ve spent a lot of time with vaxxed people have been experiencing severe health problems including severe and abnormal menstruation cycles, bruising, headaches, stomach issues, and more. There’s a growing suspicion that vaxxed people are now shedding toxins in a situation reminiscent of secondhand smoke.

  3. Mary

    When I am asked about when or if I have received the vaccine I kindly tell the person that I do not discuss my personal medical issues with anyone other than my doctor. No one has persisted but if they would ever do so I would tell them my health care is not open to discussion. It helps to draw very strong boundary lines. I’m sorry that your decision is not being disrespected. No one has a right to determine for you what is best for you medically except you and your doctor. Not everyone can or should take the vaccine.

  4. Sigh …… My body, my choice ! I am tired of being asked by every health professional I am recently in contact with. Yesterday, The first question my urologist asked me was if I had taken the vaccine, I replied no. 2nd question, Are you going to take it?, I replied no, which I diplomatically added, not at this time. He then asked if I was a Republican or a Democrat ! Now that one took me by surprise. I asked, does that really make a difference? He then said he read that more republicans than democrats were refusing the Vax. He then changed the subject and started discussing the actual reason I was there to see him. I am guessing he was conducting his own personal poll. Either way, it made me uncomfortable that I am being scrutinized in this way. Why is EVERYTHING about coronavirus ??? I am so glad to know that there are a few doctors willing to tell their patients the truth rather that go along with the agenda. The truth is, the jab is not safe for everyone and I am not convinced it is safe for anyone. Come Soon King Jesus !

  5. Jim V.

    Hi Geri. I have asthma. I hate wearing a mask. Last year I went to my family doctor and he asked me if I want a flu shot and I refused and he looked at me and smile. Sadly he was no longer working there, he works another doctor office and I learned that they laid him off. I was disappointed.

    Geri, it is your decision. I am still REFUSED vaccine. My personal opinion, I think those people received the jabs, I think theirs health will be weaken and more health problem in the long run.

    By the way Geri, did you hear about Amazon planning swipe palm payment? It came out yesterday. They didn’t say when will this happen, but soon.

    God bless.

  6. North America

    Dear Sister In Christ :

    Thanks for sharing such good news.

    This invention of vaccines is only to make people sicker and pharmaceutical companies get richer.

    The intention of all this is to destroy this precious nation which was founded by Jewish Christian principles.

    We see how the Biblical signs are fulfilled under the order of God and the comfort and joy that God gives us is that Jesus Christ is coming soon for the bride.

    Let us continue to bring this glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ to the aimless souls.

    May God continue to bless her in a special way as well as her family members and this precious ministry that God allows her to be able to exercise for the glory of God, Jesus Christ is our everything and not the politicians.

    Sincerely and with much appreciation from your brother in Christ,

    North America.

    Psalm 139

  7. Mark V

    they are trying to be gods. they think they can build better humans. Truth is censored, their dark deeds hidden. years ago my chiropractic told me about the damage of over the counter pain relievers. now i find out that even those have been tested with cell lines. as if cell lines are more ethical than live tissue. another practice by moderna is to fertilize eggs and after five days take those cells for testing. Have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them! never have i heard a sermon about King Asa dying because he trusted in his doctors instead of relying on God. We are not children of darkness that this day should overtake us. Praise to our King of kings, Lord Jesus our Redeemer.

  8. Tracey

    In the UK it doesn’t cause any problem at all. All the vaccines say clearly that you shouldn’t have them if you have severe allergies. And they ask you at the vaccination centres just to double check. Move over here – the world and his wife know that you are “exempt”. Sorry you have the pressure from your family. It sounds like a matter of education, and the BBC indoctrinates us well. 😁

  9. albert richards

    NO MEANS NO.Very simple and straight ANSWER.LISTEN OUR LORD picks our fellowship with others and He will Direct our PATHS.For myself I will not take the vaccine and if people want to be around me fine and if not fine also.When I PRAY and ask His will to be done for me that means if things go well and also if they do not.I do not care about what THEY think I should DO.I care about pleasing my Heavenly Father,So as with my Prayers I feei secure in my Heart GOD DOES NOT WANT ME TO TAKE THESE unproven tainted vaccines.I do not debate with others as their choice to do as they please.They learn real quick that Im unmoveable with my stance on this ISSUE.{NO MEANS NO.] End of discussion.PERIOD.May GOD BLESS ALL and those that Seek HIM will get the RIGHT CHOICE.NO DOUBT.AMEN

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