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  2. Nick

    We are supposed to pray for our enemies. Maxine Waters is making this very difficult for me. Stay out of my state Maxine. Please pray for all of the communities that will be affected in the coming days. God bless us all.

  3. Jim V.

    Maxine Waters is a sick evil woman. She needs to step down. She is a very bad example for the young children today. Oh wait, the mainstream media love her. SICK!!!!!!!

  4. Mark V

    For rebellion is as the sin of divination and presumption is as iniquity and idolatry.This woman is evil. Fentanyl killed George Floyd. Trust the science? In San Francisco more people died of drug overdose than covid-19. She exalts herself as judge and jury. She had no regard for God or for the laws of the land. Truly, she exemplifies a Jezebel. A wicked idolatrous leader calling for mayhem.

  5. Dingo

    Confrontation does not equal violence. Beating and poking people with flag poles, clubs and hokey sticks is violent. Squishing someone in a doorway is violent. Punching and kicking is violent. Spraying someone with bear spray and mace is violent. Shooting someone is violent. I think Ms. Waters is often way overboard and I would be embarrassed to be a supporter. But, inciting violence by suggesting they be more confrontational? No, that is not violent. Telling someone they need to “fight like hell”, that might be inciting violence. Chanting for the lynching of someone might be inciting violence. Telling someone to “knock the hell out of him”. That is definitely inciting violence.

    1. I disagree with you about Maxine Waters’ words. She is speaking to people who have harmed others, looted and burned, thrown bricks and iced soda cans at Police. For a person to tell such people to GET MORE CONFRONTATIONAL – well, we understand exactly what she was saying.

  6. Brian Lazewski

    It’s not Violence… SHE is inciting “Mostly peaceful protest” which is protected by our constitution. Maxie is such a champion to democracy and should get a Presidential Medal of Freedom for her patriotic statements!!!!

    ~THEN AGAIN were she a Republican~

    Then she would be inciting ARMED INSURRECTION a clear and present danger to democracy. She should be imprisoned on an undisclosed island in the Arctic ocean for a period of new fewer than 78 trillion years.

    I smell a double standard. Those are an abomination to LORD… Diverse weights are an abomination to the LORD, And dishonest scales are not good. (Proverbs 20:23)

    Wherever there is a double standard there is ALWAYS a hidden agenda.

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