Biden to Restore Taxpayer Funding to Wuhan Lab, WHO: So When You Read About “Mutations” That is Their Code-Word for More ‘Gain of Function’ Experimentation in Wuhan Lab

The times in which we live are more Satanic than any other time in history. And the EVIL will continue to escalate until our Lord comes to gather us away from this place to be with Him forever.


“A rising China is a positive, positive development, not only for China but for America and the world writ large,” then-Vice President Joe Biden said in 2011.

Spring forward to 2021, after China unleashed the coronavirus pandemic on the world, lied about its transmission and worked to cover up its origin, it seems President Biden feels the same way about China as he did a decade ago. 

The U.S. is set to reinstate taxpayer funding to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the lab that may have been the source of the coronavirus outbreak. The National Institutes of Health told the Daily Caller the Chinese virology lab has an active Foreign Assurance file that authorizes it for U.S. funding until 2024.

Last year, the NIH terminated U.S. funding to the lab until it was cleared of its involvement in the coronavirus outbreak. Earlier this month, the World Health Organization issued a report saying the virus more likely jumped to humans from animals than from being leaked by the lab. Voila — U.S. taxpayer money was returned to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

There are a few huge problems with this.

First is the WHO’s investigation into the lab. The Wall Street Journal reported Chinese authorities refused to provide the WHO team with raw, personalized data or early cases that could help them determine how and when the coronavirus began spreading in China. Instead, it gave WHO investigators their analysis on the cases — so, basically, CCP propaganda, which the WHO happily repeated. 

The second issue is the group of WHO investigators who examined the Wuhan lab was filled with CCP cronies. The only American in the delegation was Peter Daszak, the president of EcoHealth Alliance, the nonprofit that the U.S. federal government uses to route its funding to the Wuhan virology lab. Yes, that’s right — the only American was the one whose nonprofit was funded by the U.S. federal government to allocate taxpayer money to the Chinese lab.

Matt Pottinger, former Trump deputy national security adviser, highlighted the issue Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

The panel of investigators sent to China by the WHO was “deeply conflicted” and composed of people who were hand-picked by the Chinese government, Mr. Pottinger said.

“You have a situation where it’s like you’re turning to the rabbits to investigate what happened to the lettuce that they were guarding,” Mr. Pottinger said. “And so, it’s not a credible exercise that we’ve seen undertaken to get to the roots of where this thing originated.”

Mr. Pottinger concluded: “If you weigh the circumstantial evidence, the ledger on the side of an explanation that says that this resulted from some kind of human error, it far outweighs the side of the scale that says this was some natural outbreak.”

Yet, the Biden administration has not only resumed U.S. taxpayer funding to the Wuhan lab, but they have also committed to refunding the WHO — without any commitments from the organization on better transparency. This is after the WHO ran cover for China last year, saying the virus didn’t spread human to human or asymptomatically. The WHO that praised the Chinese government for shutting down domestic travel but criticized the U.S. for shutting down international travel. The WHO whose coronavirus investigative team was thoroughly corrupt. 

So, if you’re keeping track of the Biden administration, that’s two wins for China, zero for America. Farewell, America First. Welcome, a rising China.


Brethren, do not believe anything that comes from the LEFT. They are liars because their father is a LIAR and has no truth in him.

Lord, help us to stand firm in Truth. YOU are TRUTH.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


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