If You Think That Police Follow Up on Threats on Social Media – Think Again

Since the emergence of social media a decade ago,  every so often we see a person spewing threats of violence and harm directed at a group of people.  One would hope that the police or the FBI would be following up on these threats to make sure  they are not credible.

Last year while looking at my son’s FB page, I noticed that there was a man with the same name.  Out of curiosity, I went to this man’s page. To say I was shocked would be a gross understatement.

The man listed himself as a rapist.  He described the joy he felt from raping many women.  The picture which was presented on FB for this man certainly looked the part.  He had wild eyes, messy hair and wore an undershirt.  Let’s just say that if I had seen him on a deserted street, I would have quickly gotten into my car and driven off.

Called the Police

The self proclaimed rapist posted that he lived in a city in North Carolina.  I called the non emergency number for that police department.  What I heard next was truly unreal.

The dispatcher with whom I spoke initially told me “People say this kind of thing all the time on FB.”   I responded “Give me you supervisor.”   When I was finally connected with the supervisor, I was absolutely floored at what he said to me.

“We can’t check every person who makes crazy threats on Facebook” he said to me. I responded with “So, if this man turns out to be a serial rapist, that is when you will get involved, right?”  He said “That’s right, ma’am.”

I sat in my chair and was fuming.  Then I had another idea. I called the main TV station in that NC city.  The operator sent me straight to the news room.

A lady answered and I told her about the man on FB who was boasting about being a rapist.   She said to me “Oh, we checked that out last year and found it to be a hoax.”   I asked her if the police had been involved and she told me that they had not because of………..are you ready for this?  FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

So, A TV station checks out a potential serial rapist because that’s the kind of stuff that makes a great story on the news; but the police department wouldn’t touch this because of the man’s freedom of speech.   REALLY?

And why did Facebook leave this despicable page up a year after the reporters from the TV station had checked it out. I’m sure that they contacted Facebook.

The Nazi Synagogue Mass Shooter

Take a look at what this nazi openly posted on social media:

From nymag.com

Robert Bowers chose a social media which is tolerant of ALL forms of  “hate” speech called “GAB” which is on this website

View the despicable Nazi Anti Semitic HATE which Bowers proudly posted:

See Bowers Posts here

We are living in the most EVIL times I can remember.  These bigoted rants by dangerous individuals would not have been tolerated twenty years ago.  The FBI would have been all over this man’s home to avoid the horrific scenario we saw happen yesterday.

Being a Jewish believer in Christ, the slaughter of my people in Pittsburgh hit me hard.  Any mass shooting upsets me terribly, but please understand that with the Holocaust having taken place in the last century, the mass killing of my people has a surreal feel to it.

But I guess that is the problem; maybe the reality of Jews being gunned down in the West will not be considered “surreal” in the near future.  Maybe this is a trend which we will see happening more and more.

After all, the police/FBI don’t seem to care enough to investigate Nazis spewing anti Semitism all over the internet; not until there is carnage.

And that makes me sick.