If You Think That Police Follow Up on Threats on Social Media – Think Again

Since the emergence of social media a decade ago,  every so often we see a person spewing threats of violence and harm directed at a group of people.  One would hope that the police or the FBI would be following up on these threats to make sure  they are not credible.

Last year while looking at my son’s FB page, I noticed that there was a man with the same name.  Out of curiosity, I went to this man’s page. To say I was shocked would be a gross understatement.

The man listed himself as a rapist.  He described the joy he felt from raping many women.  The picture which was presented on FB for this man certainly looked the part.  He had wild eyes, messy hair and wore an undershirt.  Let’s just say that if I had seen him on a deserted street, I would have quickly gotten into my car and driven off.

Called the Police

The self proclaimed rapist posted that he lived in a city in North Carolina.  I called the non emergency number for that police department.  What I heard next was truly unreal.

The dispatcher with whom I spoke initially told me “People say this kind of thing all the time on FB.”   I responded “Give me you supervisor.”   When I was finally connected with the supervisor, I was absolutely floored at what he said to me.

“We can’t check every person who makes crazy threats on Facebook” he said to me. I responded with “So, if this man turns out to be a serial rapist, that is when you will get involved, right?”  He said “That’s right, ma’am.”

I sat in my chair and was fuming.  Then I had another idea. I called the main TV station in that NC city.  The operator sent me straight to the news room.

A lady answered and I told her about the man on FB who was boasting about being a rapist.   She said to me “Oh, we checked that out last year and found it to be a hoax.”   I asked her if the police had been involved and she told me that they had not because of………..are you ready for this?  FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

So, A TV station checks out a potential serial rapist because that’s the kind of stuff that makes a great story on the news; but the police department wouldn’t touch this because of the man’s freedom of speech.   REALLY?

And why did Facebook leave this despicable page up a year after the reporters from the TV station had checked it out. I’m sure that they contacted Facebook.

The Nazi Synagogue Mass Shooter

Take a look at what this nazi openly posted on social media:

From nymag.com

Robert Bowers chose a social media which is tolerant of ALL forms of  “hate” speech called “GAB” which is on this website

View the despicable Nazi Anti Semitic HATE which Bowers proudly posted:

See Bowers Posts here

We are living in the most EVIL times I can remember.  These bigoted rants by dangerous individuals would not have been tolerated twenty years ago.  The FBI would have been all over this man’s home to avoid the horrific scenario we saw happen yesterday.

Being a Jewish believer in Christ, the slaughter of my people in Pittsburgh hit me hard.  Any mass shooting upsets me terribly, but please understand that with the Holocaust having taken place in the last century, the mass killing of my people has a surreal feel to it.

But I guess that is the problem; maybe the reality of Jews being gunned down in the West will not be considered “surreal” in the near future.  Maybe this is a trend which we will see happening more and more.

After all, the police/FBI don’t seem to care enough to investigate Nazis spewing anti Semitism all over the internet; not until there is carnage.

And that makes me sick.






7 thoughts on “If You Think That Police Follow Up on Threats on Social Media – Think Again

  1. Margaret Kiemele

    Honestly Geri, what is happening every single day, boggles the mind. However, we have been chosen to live in this period before the antichrist sets up his reign. That means we must have something that God wants to use, for His glory. Writing, calling, exposing, praying is the best we can do. Speaking up and speaking against, writing emails, making calls, we cannot stop! Time is short. Those of us on the same page just see and know the increase of deception and evil , while those without eyes to see and ears to hear mock and ridicule , which is all prophetically described in the Bible. So very sorry for these people, and as it is with Israel, first the Jews, then the Christians! Your last sentence is spot on! Thank you for sharing! May God give comfort to those suffering shock and loss, and may we all keep our eyes on Jesus. We dare not leave home without a prayer for protection and guidance.

  2. Mamma said there would be days like this….no…actually it was God Himself that said that and we better get our boots on …so to speak. Come Lord Jesus.

  3. Brian

    One week ago we had dinner at my house with our good friends, both Jewish believers. We brought up the topic of Anti Antisemitism in America. We were in agreement that a time will come when Jews will be killed in this country and chased out of here.

    Never in a million years would I think it would begin in our own neighborhood one week later. Our Messianic Congregation is the Chosen People Ministries presence in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

    Saturday Morning began as any normal mundane Shabbat for me. I leave early (7:30ish) to pick up the worship leader and open the building with a few others. We get in and set up our banners and musical gear. About 8:30 we begin practicing music for the service. My wife comes later as she picks up one of our elderly members and she sets up the dance ministry. I almost always leave my sidearm with her. You see when I’m up front playing guitar I don’t like to wear a gun as it imprints because of my guitar strap. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable or be a distraction top the worship. Oddly I had a thought. I would secure my sidearm in my laptop case and lay the case on the stage monitor at my feet. Not Ideal but better than with my wife who is in the back of the hall.

    That Shabbat was to be a special day. We had a quest speaker from Israel who served on Netanyahu’s diplomacy cabinet. 10 am we began the music worship portion of our service. We opened with A few songs in, oddly “He is My Defense” Marty Geotz, I notice my cell phone blowing up. It’s on vibrate and at my feet on the monitor. I was like “why is EVERYONE and their mother calling me right now. About that time I notice police and EMS lights through the stained glass windows. I thought, this is odd. No sirens. Is it a motorcade or something?

    About that time I see my Pastor wandering about with a concerned look on his face, When he walked up my retired Pittsburgh cop friend and her husband, I just knew something was going down. They scattered to the entrance doors and locked them. As soon as we completed the song our pastor came up and informed the congregation of an active shooter that shot up a synagogue a few blocks away. He was very calm and said there is no safer place than in the presence of the LORD. His leadership was exemplary. He said we will continue on in worship and not be deterred.

    We’re not a large congregation maybe 50 in attendance. However our Jewish members are nearly 1/3 of us. Many from Squirrel Hill. Some had to leave as they feared for family members that attend various synagogues in the area.

    At that point on I was TORN. I’m a sheep dog by nature and wanted to help in securing our building down. But I also had to continue playing and singing. I was Very distracted and angry. So angry I had tears in my eyes. I’m in front looking at the congregation.. Gentile believers hugging Jewish believers as they cried and visa versa.

    Once we got word the Shooter was in custody we still were uneasy. Could it be a coordinated attack? Could we be next? Is this an assassination attempt on the Israeli man we have today?
    The mind can entertain quite a few imaginations in a crisis.

    I have lived 50 years and seen some of the worst violence man can perpetrate on another. I have seen evil but mostly from afar. It’s one thing to watch events unfold in a distant city. But ,when it happens in your back yard a several thousand feet away. It’s quite a wake up call.

    An attack on Jews is an attack on Almighty God. They are the apple of His eye. As true believing Christians we own our love and respect to the Jewish people. The thousands of years they suffered for bringing the Word of God and the Messiah. We are grafted in. Do not be arrogant. Yet have the spirit of Ruth.. You People are MY people. Your God is MY God. As long as my lungs draw breath,I will support and defend these people even unto death.

    Our Messianic Jewish community is shaken. Yet firm in faith and solidly in Christ.


  4. tonytarr11

    evil truly is becoming ripe for the harvest, soon He will throw in the sickle. if you care to Geri, Lyn Melvin has posted an awesome post on the Jubilee etc on her easy to find blog, its rather UPlifting \o/,…Shalom through n through Geri to you n yours sister*

  5. I attend a Chosen People assembly of both natural and grafted branches here in Hamilton ON CA and it shook me up. At any rate, yes things are going to get worse, BUT we were told in Ephesians 6 who the real enemy is, and that we have the weapons to conquer. The problem I see today, is that many people have no knowledge of, have never been trained in spiritual warfare. I’ve listened to warriors like Angela Greenig, Dr. Clarice Fluitt, and others who wage war successfully – and you can believe that the enemy knows who they are and trembles when they come to battle against his strongholds. others like Jennifer LeClaire, and Kathy DeGraw also share their stories of how Jesus taught them to war His way.
    At the same time, the signs are getting more frequent, I read an article today (2 actually ) which I commented on at my blog, which included news that both Russia and China have announced they’re readying for war. A side note:: why is it that the Russian govt announced a ban on Halloween saying “it’s a tool of Satan to ensnare the children”? Maybe all “Christian” nations should follow suit.

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