Devilish and Depraved: There is a Special Place in Hell for Many Democrats

God, are these the people You told us in Your Word were given over to their depraved minds?   If there is no hope for them, then we will cease praying for them.

But God, if any of them are still able to be reached, I pray that You will open their eyes to the BLATANT EVIL which comes out of their black hearts. I pray that they might be SUPERNATURALLY Saved.

I ask this in the precious Name above ALL Names – Jesus Christ. Amen.

Some would say that this is IMPOSSIBLE. But that which is impossible for man IS possible for God.

Shalom b’Yeshua


13 thoughts on “Devilish and Depraved: There is a Special Place in Hell for Many Democrats

      1. Hi Geri if the Democrats win in November and that’s a big if and Only God knows the outcome but what would happen to us who are Born Again Christians I hope it’s not a stupid question to ask.

      2. It’s not a stupid question at all. I don’t know the answer – only God knows. But in light of the behavior of the Left since Trump was elected; I have a feeling that if the Left are back in control, it will not bode well for Conservative Christians. But always remember that God is in control.

      3. Ok I agree God in control and He knows. It will be interesting if and or when severe persecution comes what the reaction of fake Christians will be or those who don’t really follow Him like we do.

  1. A person like that political “cartoon” writer replaces God’s objective truth (as revealed in the Bible) and replaces it with a combination of his own arrogant perspective through the use of modern relativism; plus an extra despicable dose of his own “created” idea of “truth” where his depravaty is on full display.

    Mocking a little girl’s heartfelt prayer, re-doing that prayer and using it as a means to hurt her and her family is unconscionable! There is a satanic stronghold over that cartoon writer’s mind, whether he knows it or not.

    People like that don’t care whether or not their comments inflict pain upon other people. Those types want to devise their own kind of perspective or interpretation, regardless of whether or not it’s true.

    That’s when the enemy of our souls can take one’s mind over.

    God does “give them over to a debased mind.” See Roman’s 1:28-32.

  2. Brian

    Indeed! Matthew 19:26b “With God all things are possible.

    Only God knows who He has given over to a depraved mind. There are despicable men who were agents of evil that have become born again believers. Such as:

    Tass Saada. Terrorist and driver for Yasser Arafat.

    Johannes Kneifel. Neo-Nazi who was convicted of assault and battery resulting in death.

    Jacob McKelvy. Founder of the “Church of Lucifer” in Texas

    Bashir Mohammad. Jihadi who turned to Jesus.

    Of course Me..

    And the chief among all sinners Paul.
    “It is a trustworthy statement, deserving full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am foremost of all.”

    What I have seen on display from the democrats last week is definitely demonic. They have resorted to malicious gossip, and treachery… Sound familiar? I read those traits in a letter to a man named Timothy…..

    Perilous times shall come.

    1. Indeed, perilous time shall come. I think that my ire at this whole thing is that at the heart of it is the innocent babies in the wombs of their mothers. They are considered trash to many of these democrats – life is not sacred and it makes me weep for these little ones.

      1. Brian

        Even democrats can repent too.. This one did!

        Sam Donaldson: “Mr. President, in talking about the continuing recession tonight, you have blamed mistakes in the past. You have blamed the Congress. Does any of the blame belong to you?”

        Reagan: “Yes, because for many years I was a Democrat!

  3. Mason Farmer

    I have heard that the replica of the Arch of Baal was put in place in Washington DC during the week of the Kavanaugh confirmations. Is it a coincidence that the devil is active in DC? I think not….

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