More Doctrines of Devils: The SDA IS a CULT

Brethren, the Word of God tells us that demons have their own doctrines. It also says that in the latter times, many will embrace these “doctrines of demons” as truth.

Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons” (1 Timothy 4:1).

Throughout my years of walking with Jesus, the question of whether the Seventh Day Adventists were truly part of the church or a cult has puzzled and troubled me.  I just could not find solid evidence either way.

Yesterday, a reader of my articles sent me an email. She asked if I would consider researching the SDA and exposing them as a cult.  She sent me information about them which peaked my interest. I began my research.


As I began my research, I was overcome by intense confusion.  I realized that this confusion came from the evil one himself.  I asked the Lord to please give me one credible source which would give Scriptural truth about the Seventh Day Adventist church, and whether this was a cult or a denomination of Christianity.


Billy Crone, a solid and grounded teacher/preacher of God’s Word has a section on his getalifemedia website which shows from the Word of God that the SDA is truly a Cult. Pastor Crone has a four part series on SDA in which he exposes this much esteemed “denomination” as a CULT!


Then I landed on Dave Hunt’s website.


I am going to publish the entire article of an interview which is quite long. If the reader would rather hear the radio show, I have embedded it here:
Please note that at the 12:00 minute mark, the person being interviewed really gets into why SDA is indeed a cult. But I encourage you to listen to the interview in its entirety.

ARE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS CHRISTIANS? WITH DALE RATZLAFF       <click here to listen to the radio broadcast

Text of the interview from

Gary: Welcome to Search the Scriptures 24/7, a radio ministry of The Berean Call featuring T.A. McMahon. I’m Gary Carmichael; we’re glad you could tune in. In today’s program, Tom begins a two-part series with guest Dale Ratzlaff as they address the question: Are Seventh-day Adventists Christians? And now, here’s Tom.


Brethren, if you are part of the SDA cult – come out from them!  Look for a church which is grounded in the Word of God and does not add or take away from Scripture!

I pray that many have learned much about the Seventh Day Adventist (cult) from this article.  Pray for those who are part of this – send them this article!

Shalom b’Yeshua










9 thoughts on “More Doctrines of Devils: The SDA IS a CULT

  1. The 7th Day Adventist believe that the Garden of Paradise is located in Independence Mo. This should be enough to raise flags. I will always state it is up to the individual to read the Word and let the Holy Spirit apply it to your life. If you do not then you become like the people of ancient Mesopotamia, who believed in Yahweh when things were going good and then when things were going bad they believe in other gods and goddesses to rectify the situation. No different than the Pharisees that Christ was talking to in Matthew.

    1. But it is also up to watchmen on the wall to warn people. It is true what you said about the responsibility of the believer to read the Word and glean truth from it. But there are many baby Christians or just plain immature Christians. If I know truth that will help others to avoid cults, and do not tell the people, the Bible says that their blood will be on my hands.

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  3. I found this out a dozen or more years ago thru a sister in UK’s blog in which cults were exposed. She shared how Ellen G White was well known deep trance medium and even her husband was afraid of her especially when she was in trance

  4. another observation: while Sunday worship may not be the mark of the beast it violates the 4th commandment. Not only that but it was instituted by Constantine when he amalgamated the pagan Roman religion with a “Christian veneer”. Thus while I don’t condemn those who worship Sunday, I also don’t delude myself as to its origin. Constantine did this to divorce the people from the “faith once delivered by the apostles to the saints” with all it’s underpinnings in a Hebrew /Aramaic people /culture/ Abrahamic covenant. He appointed these set feast times to alert us to upcoming events He plans to orchestrate. Hence the attention paid the last few years to blood moons, at Biblical feast times, same for eclipses etc. I was raised in a number of evangelical / Pentecostal / Salvation Army among other denominations thus on Sunday observance. I resisted the idea of sabbath (shabbat) for many years. Let’s recall that Yeshua ben El Elyon (ben YHVH), set the record straight saying He didn’t come to abolish or destroy the commandments – meaning the 10 commandments – and seeing as the 4th established the shabbat / sabbath I’m quite sure He didn’t abolish it or change it. My mom passed away in 2012, being a Sunday worshipper all her life. Did she get sent to hell or condemned? No. It’s something that as Paul wrote in Colossians 2 that every believer in conjunction with the direction of the Holy Ghost has to decide for themselves; of course being thoroughly informed via much study of scripture under the HG tutelage. The point I’m making is that we should understand the origin of doctrine. I mentioned the feasts of YHVH (thus not the feasts solely of the Jews but of all believers), and those 7 appointed feasts not one of them is Easter or Christmas, but I won’t get into those in this comment.

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  6. Gary Ritter

    If you haven’t found Pastor Billy Crone as a source of information, you’ll want to check him out. He’s known as a Bible prophecy teacher and one who strictly adheres to the Word of God. He is continuing a long-running series of Wednesday night teachings on World Religions, Cults, & the Occult. You can see the extent of this series here, along with numerous other teaching series he’s done: Specifically to your post on SDA, Pastor Billy has addressed their cult status. You can watch online at one of the links from the above page, or here is a package of this teaching:–Seventh-Day-Adventists_p_186.html. I happened to watch one evening of this SDA teaching and learned much that I didn’t know.

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