So-Called Ohio Nursing Home Where Shootings Took Place: Nearly Half Of Residents Were Child Sex Offenders

The story of this shooting, which took the life of the Chief of Police in Ohio is getting more and more mysterious.  What you will read here will make you wonder if this facility should have been called a Halfway House instead of a Nursing home.


Police chief killed, another three dead in shooting at Ohio nursing home

An Ohio police chief was killed while responding to a shooting at a nursing home that left three others dead, according to police.

Kirkersville Police Chief Steven Eric Disario, 36, was identified as the officer ambushed while responding to reports of a gunman at the nursing home, located about 25 miles east of Columbus. When deputies arrived they discovered the father of six wounded, in the street, Licking County Sheriff Randy Thorp said during a press conference.

Thorp said investigators believed the gunman was among the dead discovered inside Pine Kirk Care Center in Kirkersville. Two staff members of the facility were also killed in the shooting, but no residents were injured, he said.

Disario was expecting his seventh child with his wife and had only been chief about three weeks when the deadly shooting occurred.

Thorp added that they have not yet identified the suspect nor his motive in the shooting.

Officers arrived at the Kirkersville nursing home just before 8 a.m. Friday to investigate calls about an active shooter at the facility in the 200 block of E Main Street.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich tweeted out condolences for the small Ohio village that’s home to just over 500 residents Friday morning and followed it up with an official statement several hours later.

“Ohio mourns the loss of Kirkersville Chief Eric Disario, who died in the line of duty,” he said. “Join me in praying for his family, friends and colleagues, and for the others injured in this tragedy. Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.”

Officials said Kirkersville Elementary was on lockdown after reports of the shooting and will remain closed. Students already inside were moved to a nearby middle school where they could be picked up by their parents.

Senior citizens inside the Pine Kirk Care center sheltered in place for about an hour but were eventually relocated to hospitals nearby, WHIO reported. Officers intend to interview witnesses who were inside the facility when the shooting occurred.

Thorp said there were 23 residents inside when the shooting occurred. According to a search performed by the Dayton Daily News, nine residents in the facility were registered sex offenders. During a previous investigation the news station discovered nearly half of the residents living in the facility in 2016 were sex offenders. Their crimes range from “gross sexual imposition to rape of children.” Some were charged decades ago while others committed crimes within the last 10 years. (emphasis mine)

Thorp indicated the area would be closed off while authorities continued to investigate. – source

Brethren, this story has just begun to unfold. I cannot even imagine what authorities will discover.  A nursing home where nearly half of the residents were sex offenders and their crimes included the rape of children?  Some of these crimes had been committed within the last 10 years.

Shouldn’t a place housing criminals be called a halfway house instead of a nursing home?  Am I missing something here?  WHY are these raptist pedophiles out of prison?  Wouldn’t it be interesting if this story comes back to bite the BHO regime? He let countless numbers of criminals go free before the end of his despicable last term.


Where are Ohio sex offenders living in nursing homes?

I’m sure that the details of this horrific story will begin to unfold.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Police – a father of 6 children and one on the way, is now dead.

God help us all.


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