Hebrew Roots Teachers Continue To Deceive Christians – This Is Truly A Different Gospel

Have you been deceived by the “Hebrew Roots” movement?  Don’t feel alone.  Many  Christians have been fooled by this apostasy.  Many believers who truly love Yeshua (Jesus) and the Jewish people, are prime targets to be drawn into the Hebrew Roots movement.

I’m an ethnic Jew who came to Christ in 1983.  I did not give up being a Jew when I repented and trusted Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins.  I wrote my testimony years ago.  You can read it here:

From Jew To Completed Jew

I’ve never felt the Lord urging me to join a Messianic Congregation.  I felt that it was “clannish” and not in the right spirit of a Christian church. Although I knew that I was different, I felt that the Lord just wanted me to be among His children. I have been berated by Jewish believers for not worshiping in a Messianic congregation.

Many Christians Are Fooled by Some Messianic Teachers

I have found that many Christians believe that if a congregation calls itself “Messianic” that the pastor, or in this case they call themselves “rabbis” are ethnic Jews.  This is just not true. Of course there are some of these rabbis who are truly ethnic Jews, but that is not the norm.  Many congregations just assume that the rabbi is a Jew.  This is deceptive.

But also there is no reason for a Gentile believer to elevate an ethnic Jewish believer above any other Christian.  We are all part of the body of Christ!

Many people assume that Mark Biltz is an ethnic Jew.  Here is what I have read and vetted about the life of this man:

From whynotbelieve.blogspot.com

“Raised in Wichita, Kansas as a Roman Catholic, he had a change in his spiritual pursuits when attending Kansas Newman College in Wichita in 1975 at the age of 19. A childhood friend gave him a better understanding of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that changed his life. He left the Roman Catholic Church at that time and joined a youth organization called the Agape Force. Attending the discipleship-training institute he was able to focus full time for a couple of years strictly on the Bible and full time street evangelism.

His teachers were Leonard Ravenhill, David Wilkerson, Winkie Pratney, amongst others. Returning to Kansas, Mark went to a local bible college at the congregation he was attending. Here he met his wife Vicki, who also attended the Bible College. They have been married since 1977 and have 2 sons. It was at that time Mark taught several courses in the Bible College. One of the focuses was on Hebrew Roots and the Feast Days of Israel.” – source

From elshaddaiministries.us       (The Website of Mark Biltz)

“Mark was born in 1956 in Wichita, Kansas and raised as a Roman Catholic. In 1975 at 19 years of age he was attending Kansas Newman College in Wichita when a childhood friend gave me a better understanding of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He left the Roman Catholic Church and joined a youth organization called the Agape Force. His teachers included Leonard Ravenhill, David Wilkerson, and Winkie Pratney. He then went back to Kansas where he went to a local bible college.” –source

Although I do feel that it is a noble thing that Mark states the truth about him not being an ethnic Jew right on his website; I believe that most people who follow Mark do believe that he is a ethnic Jew.  It is important for people to know the truth!  I think that Mark Biltz should be upfront with his followers from the very beginning. Most of them are certainly not going to search out his website to see if he is indeed a Jew.  The name of his site and his appearance (beard and the garb of a true rabbi) make Mark’s followers assume that he is Jewish.

Why Hebrew Roots is a different Gospel

We are under the new Covenant of Grace.  When Jesus said the He had come to fulfill the law, He meant that all the law and the prophets were fulfilled in Him, and that the Covenant of Grace was “Life giving” to all those who would repent and believe in Him. We were not able to keep the whole law and the Lord knew this from the beginning.

“Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life” (2 Corinthians 3:6).

Hebrew Roots and what it teaches

From gotquestions.org 

Question: “What is the Hebrew Roots movement?”

Answer: The premise of the Hebrew Roots movement is the belief that the Church has veered far from the true teachings and Hebrew concepts of the Bible. The movement maintains that Christianity has been indoctrinated with the culture and beliefs of Greek and Roman philosophy and that ultimately biblical Christianity, taught in churches today, has been corrupted with a pagan imitation of the New Testament gospels.

Those of the Hebrew Roots belief hold to the teaching that Christ’s death on the cross did not end the Mosaic Covenant, but instead renewed it, expanded its message, and wrote it on the hearts of His true followers. They teach that the understanding of the New Testament can only come from a Hebrew perspective and that the teachings of the Apostle Paul are not understood clearly or taught correctly by Christian pastors today. Many affirm the existence of an original Hebrew-language New Testament and, in some cases, denigrate the existing New Testament text written in Greek. This becomes a subtle attack on the reliability of the text of our Bible. If the Greek text is unreliable and has been corrupted, as is charged by some, the Church no longer has a standard of truth.

Although there are many different and diverse Hebrew Roots assemblies with variations in their teachings, they all adhere to a common emphasis on recovering the “original” Jewishness of Christianity. Their assumption is that the Church has lost its Jewish roots and is unaware that Jesus and His disciples were Jews living in obedience to the Torah. For the most part, those involved advocate the need for every believer to walk a Torah-observant life. This means that the ordinances of the Mosaic Covenant must be a central focus in the lifestyle of believers today as it was with the Old Testament Jews of Israel. Keeping the Torah includes keeping the Sabbath on the seventh day of the week (Saturday), celebrating the Jewish feasts and festivals, keeping the dietary laws, avoiding the “paganism” of Christianity (Christmas, Easter, etc.), and learning to understand the Scriptures from a Hebrew mindset. They teach that Gentile Christians have been grafted into Israel, and this is one reason every born-again believer in Jesus the Messiah is to participate in these observances. It is expressed that doing this is not required out of legalistic bondage, but out of a heart of love and obedience. However, they teach that to live a life that pleases God, this Torah-observant walk must be part of that life.

The Hebrew Roots assemblies are often made up of a majority of Gentiles, including Gentile rabbis. Usually they prefer to be identified as “Messianic Christians.” Many have come to the conclusion that God has “called” them to be Jewish and have accepted the theological position that the Torah (Old Testament law) is equally binding on Gentiles and Jews alike. They often wear articles of traditional Jewish clothing, practice Davidic dancing, and incorporate Hebrew names and phrases into their writing and conversations. Most reject the use of the name “Jesus” in favor of Yeshua or YHWH, claiming that these are the “true” names that God desires for Himself. In most cases, they elevate the Torah as the foundational teaching for the Church, which brings about the demotion of the New Testament, causing it to become secondary in importance and only to be understood in light of the Old Testament. The idea that the New Testament is faulty and relevant only in light of the Old Testament has also brought the doctrine of the Trinity under attack by many advocates of the Hebrew Roots beliefs.

As opposed to what the Hebrew Roots movement claims, the New Testament teachings of the Apostle Paul are perfectly clear and self-explanatory. Colossians 2:16,17 says, “Therefore no one is to act as your judge in regard to food or drink or in respect to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath day – things which are a shadow of what is to come; but the substance belongs to Christ.” Romans 14:5 states, “One person regards one day above another, another regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind.” Scripture clearly indicates that these issues are a matter of personal choice. These verses and many others give clear evidence that the Mosaic Covenant laws and ordinances have ended. Continuing to teach that the Old Covenant is still in effect in spite of what the New Testament teaches, or twisting the New Testament to agree with the Hebrew Roots beliefs, is false teaching.

There are aspects of the Hebrew Roots teachings that certainly can be beneficial. Seeking to explore the Jewish culture and perspective, within which most of the Bible was written, opens and enriches our understanding of the Scriptures, adding insight and depth to many of the passages, parables and idioms. There is nothing wrong with Gentiles and Jews joining together in celebrating the feasts and enjoying a Messianic style of worship. Taking part in these events and learning the way in which the Jews understood the teachings of our Lord can be a tool, giving us greater effectiveness in reaching the unbelieving Jew with the gospel. It is good for Gentiles, in the body of the Messiah, to identify in our fellowship with Israel. However, to identify with Israel is different from identifying “as” Israel.

Gentile believers are not grafted into the Judaism of the Mosaic Covenant; they are grafted into the seed and faith of Abraham, which preceded the Law and Jewish customs. They are fellow citizens with the saints (Ephesians 2:19), but they are not Jews. Paul explains this clearly when he tells those who were circumcised (the Jews) “not to seek to be uncircumcised” and those who were uncircumcised (the Gentiles) “not to become circumcised” (1 Corinthians 7:18). There is no need for either group to feel they must become what they are not. Instead, God has made Jews and Gentiles into “one new man” in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:15). This “new man” is referring to the Church, the body of Christ, which is made up of neither Jew nor Gentile (Galatians 3:27-29). It’s important for Jews and Gentiles to remain authentic in their own identity. In this way a clear picture of the unity of the body of Christ can be seen as Jews and Gentiles are united by one Lord, one faith, one baptism. If Gentiles are grafted into Israel, becoming Jews, the purpose and picture of both Jew and Gentile, coming together as one new man, is lost. God never intended Gentiles to become one in Israel, but one in Christ.

The influence of this movement is working its way into our churches and seminaries. It’s dangerous in its implication that keeping the Old Covenant law is walking a “higher path” and is the only way to please God and receive His blessings. Nowhere in the Bible do we find Gentile believers being instructed to follow Levitical laws or Jewish customs; in fact, the opposite is taught. Romans 7:6 says, “But now, by dying to what once bound us, we have been released from the law so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit, and not in the old way of the written code.” Christ, in keeping perfectly every ordinance of the Mosaic Law, completely fulfilled it. Just as making the final payment on a home fulfills that contract and ends one’s obligation to it, so also Christ has made the final payment and has fulfilled the law, bringing it to an end for us all.

It is God Himself who has created a world of people with different cultures, languages and traditions. God is glorified when we accept one another in love and come together in unity as “one” in Christ Jesus. It’s important to understand that there is no superiority in being born Jewish or Gentile. We who are followers of Christ, comprised of many different cultures and lifestyles, are all of value and greatly loved because we’ve entered into the family of God. – source

Again, I ask the reader – Have you been lured into this cult of Hebrew Roots?  Please understand that our redemption was made possible by the finished work of Christ on the Cross. He made it possible for us to be reconciled to our Father in heaven because of Jesus alone. We are admonished to never add nor take away words from the Bible.  Is it not clear to you that adding to Salvation by stating that you must adhere to the Jewish ways of Jesus and the early church to really be saved is wrong?

This is in essence stating that Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection from the dead was not enough for us to be saved. HERESY!

If you are curious about the Jewish roots of Jesus Christ, than by all means you should study it – if that is a desire of yours. But do not be deceived into thinking that this is also part of salvation!   If we could keep the entire law, then why would the Father send his only begotten Son to die that horrific death on the Cross?

I hope that this has helped some. Even if there is but one who is freed from this legalistic false teaching – it will be worth the time I took to write this.

Shalom b’Yeshua