The Real Heroes Of Hollywood of Yesteryear

I received this in an email from a very special reader of my articles. It’s just too good to not pass on…….

These faces ARE familiar. These men were heroes. 
The heroes of my childhood. Obviously this is not the America of today that it was seventy years ago when “movie stars” just naturally put love of country above their own personal interests. Young folk today? They’re renting puppies on campus to relieve the stress they feel. I thank You for the inspiring generation I grew up admiring.
Sterling Hayden, US Marines and OSS.  Smuggled guns into Yugoslavia and parachuted into Croatia.
James Stewart, US Army Air Corps.  Bomber pilot who rose to the rank of General.
Ernest Borgnine, US Navy.  Gunners Mate 1c, destroyer USS Lamberton.
Ed McMahon, US Marines.  Fighter Pilot.  (Flew OE-1 Bird Dogs over Korea as well.)
Telly Savalas, US Army.
Walter Matthau, US Army Air Corps., B-24 Radioman/Gunner and cryptographer.
Steve Forrest, US Army.  Wounded, Battle of the Bulge.
Jonathan Winters, USMC.  Battleship USS Wisconsin and Carrier USS Bon Homme Richard. 
Anti-aircraft gunner, Battle of Okinawa.
Paul Newman, US Navy Rear seat gunner/radioman, torpedo bombers of USS Bunker Hill.
Kirk Douglas, US Navy.  Sub-chaser in the Pacific.  Wounded in action and medically discharged.
Robert Mitchum, US Army.
Dale Robertson, US Army.  Tank Commander in North Africa under Patton.  Wounded twice.  Battlefield Commission.
Henry Fonda, US Navy.  Destroyer USS Satterlee.
John Carroll, US Army Air Corps.  Pilot in North Africa.  Broke his back in a crash.
Lee Marvin US Marines.  Sniper.  Wounded in action on Saipan.  Buried in Arlington National Cemetery,
Sec. 7A next to Greg Boyington and Joe Louis.
Art Carney, US Army.  Wounded on Normandy beach, D-Day.  Limped for the rest of his life.
Wayne Morris, US Navy fighter pilot, USS Essex.  Downed seven Japanese fighters.
Rod Steiger, US Navy.  Was aboard one of the ships that launched the Doolittle Raid.
Tony Curtis, US Navy. Sub tender USS Proteus. In Tokyo Bay for the surrender of Japan.
Larry Storch.  US Navy.  Sub tender USS Proteus with Tony Curtis.
Forrest Tucker, US Army.  Enlisted as a private, rose to Lieutenant.
Robert Montgomery, US Navy.
George Kennedy, US Army.  Enlisted after Pearl Harbor, stayed in sixteen years.
Mickey Rooney, US Army under Patton.  Bronze Star.
Denver Pyle, US Navy.  Wounded in the Battle of Guadalcanal.  Medically discharged.
Burgess Meredith, US Army Air Corps.
DeForest Kelley, US Army Air Corps.
Robert Stack, US Navy.  Gunnery Officer.
Neville Brand, US Army, Europe.  Was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart.
Tyrone Power, US Marines.  Transport pilot in the Pacific Theater.
Charlton Heston, US Army Air Corps.  Radio operator and aerial gunner on a B-25, Aleutians.
Danny Aiello, US Army.  Lied about his age to enlist at 16.  Served three years.
James Arness, US Army.  As an infantryman, he was severely wounded at Anzio, Italy.
Efram Zimbalist, Jr., US Army.  Purple Heart for a severe wound received at Huertgen Forest.
Mickey Spillane, US Army Air Corps, Fighter Pilot and later Instructor Pilot.
Rod Serling.  US Army.  11th Airborne Division in the Pacific. 
He jumped at Tagaytay in the Philippines and was later wounded in Manila.
Gene Autry, US Army Air Corps.  Crewman on transports that ferried supplies over “The Hump” in the China-Burma-India Theater.
William Holden, US Army Air Corps.
Alan Hale Jr, US Coast Guard.
Russell Johnson, US Army Air Corps.  B-24 crewman who was awarded Purple Heart when his aircraft was shot down by the Japanese in the Philippines.
William Conrad, US Army Air Corps. Fighter Pilot.
Jack Klugman, US Army.
Frank Sutton, US Army.  Took part in 14 assault landings, including Leyte, Luzon, Bataan and Corregidor.
Jackie Coogan, US Army Air Corps.  Volunteered for gliders and flew troops and materials into Burma behind enemy lines.
Tom Bosley, US Navy.
Claude Akins, US Army.  Signal Corps., Burma and the Philippines.
Chuck Connors, US Army.  Tank-warfare instructor.
Harry Carey Jr., US Navy.
Mel Brooks, US Army.  Combat Engineer.  Saw action in the Battle of the Bulge.
Robert Altman, US Army Air Corps.  B-24 Co-Pilot.
Pat Hingle, US Navy.  Destroyer USS Marshall
Fred Gwynne, US Navy.  Radioman.
Karl Malden, US Army Air Corps.  8th Air Force, NCO.
Earl Holliman.  US Navy.  Lied about his age to enlist.  Discharged after a year when they Navy found out.
Rock Hudson, US Navy.  Aircraft mechanic, the Philippines.
Harvey Korman, US Navy.
Aldo Ray.  US Navy.  UDT frogman, Okinawa.
Don Knotts, US Army, Pacific Theater.
Don Rickles, US Navy aboard USS Cyrene.
Harry Dean Stanton, US Navy.  Served aboard an LST in the Battle of Okinawa.
Soupy Sales, US Navy.  Served on USS Randall in the South Pacific.
Lee Van Cleef, US Navy.  Served aboard a sub chaser then a mine sweeper.
Clifton James, US Army, South Pacific.  Was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart.
Ted Knight, US Army, Combat Engineers.
Jack Warden, US Navy, 1938-1942, then US Army, 1942-1945.  101st Airborne Division.
Don Adams.  US Marines.  Wounded on Guadalcanal, then served as a Drill Instructor.
James Gregory, US Navy and US Marines.
Brian Keith, US Marines.  Radioman/Gunner in Dauntless dive-bombers.
Fess Parker, US Navy and US Marines.  Booted from pilot training for being too tall, joined Marines as a radio operator.
Charles Durning.  US Army.  Landed at Normandy on D-Day  Shot multiple times.  Awarded the Silver Star and Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts.  Survived Malmedy Massacre.
Raymond Burr, US Navy.  Shot in the stomach on Okinawa and medically discharged.
Hugh O’Brian, US Marines.
Robert Ryan, US Marines.
Eddie Albert, US Coast Guard.  Bronze Star with Combat V for saving several Marines under heavy fire as pilot of a landing craft during the invasion of Tarawa.
Cark Gable, US Army Air Corps.  B-17 gunner over Europe.
Charles Bronson, US Army Air Corps.  B-29 gunner, wounded in action.
Peter Graves, US Army Air Corps.
Buddy Hackett, US Army anti-aircraft gunner.
Victor Mature, US Coast Guard.
Jack Palance, US Army Air Corps.  Severely injured bailing out of a burning B-24 bomber.
Robert Preston, US Army Air Corps.  Intelligence Officer
Cesar Romero, US Coast Guard.  Coast Guard.  Participated in the invasions of Tinian and Saipan on the assault transport USS Cavalier.
Norman Fell, US Army Air Corps., Tail Gunner, Pacific Theater.
Jason Robards, US Navy.  was aboard heavy cruiser USS Northampton when it was sunk off Guadalcanal.  Also served on the USS Nashville during the invasio
n of the Philippines, surviving a kamikaze hit that caused 223 casualties.
Steve Reeves, US Army, Philippines.
Dennis Weaver, US Navy.  Pilot.
Robert Taylor, US Navy.  Instructor Pilot.
Randolph Scott.  Tried to enlist in the Marines but was rejected due to injuries sustained in US Army, World War 1.
Ronald Reagan.  US Army.  Was a 2nd Lt. in the Cavalry Reserves before the war.  His poor eyesight kept him from being sent overseas with his unit  when war came so he transferred to the Army Air Corps Public Relations Unit where he served for the duration.
John Wayne.  Declared “4F medically unfit” due to pre-existing injuries, he nonetheless attempted to volunteer three times (Army, Navy and Film Corps.
so he gets honorable mention.
And of course we have Audie Murphy, America’s most-decorated soldier, who became a Hollywood star as a result of his US Army service that included his being awarded the Medal of Honor.
Would someone please remind me again how many of today’s Hollywood elite put their careers on hold to enlist in Iraq or Afghanistan?  The only one who even comes close was Pat Tillman, who turned down a contract offer of $3.6 million over three years from the Arizona Cardinals to enlist in the US Army after September 11, 2001, and serve as a Ranger in Afghanistan, where he died in 2004.  But rather than being lauded for his choice and his decision to put his country before his career, he was mocked and derided by many of his peers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I submit to you that this is not the America today that it was seventy years ago.  And I, for one, am saddened.  
My generation grew up watching, being entertained by and laughing with so many of these fine people, never really knowing what they contributed to the war effort. 
Like millions of Americans during the WWII, there was a job that needed doing they didn’t question, they went and did it, those that came home returned to their now new normal life and carried on, very few ever saying what they did or saw.
They took it as their “responsibility”, their “duty” to Country, to protect and preserve our freedoms and way of life, not just for themselves but for all future generations to come.  As a member of a later generation, I’m forever humbl
y in their debt!
   Please pass this on to remind people of what real men were like, not the show dogs of today’s screen.

Thank you, brother James Dominguez.  Can’t wait to meet you in heaven!


A Canadian Muslim Gets It – JD Farag Gets It: But Most Are Missing It

In the past few days I have written two articles on President Trump’s visit and speech in Saudi Arabia.  There is now a firestorm of opposing views among Christians on how this president handled the subject of terrorism.

This morning a brother in Christ led me to an article from Canada.

From    BY ,

Trump’s Riyadh farce exposed in Manchester

U.S. President Donald Trump has accomplished the impossible.

After correctly diagnosing the ailment that afflicts the Muslim world, he has prescribed the wrong medicine as the cure, thus ensuring the epidemic will thrive.

Speaking Sunday at a summit of over 50 Sunni Muslim-majority countries in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, Trump correctly called for “confronting the crisis of Islamic extremism and the Islamists and Islamic terror of all kinds.”

So far so good.

But then he laid the blame at the feet of Shia-Muslim Iran.

It didn’t take long for Trump’s prescription to be blown to smithereens.

Barely 24 hours after his speech, a 22-year-old Briton, whose family immigrated from Sunni-dominated Libya, not Shia-dominated Iran, blew himself up in Manchester, England, outside an Ariana Grande concert, killing 22 people, including children, and injuring dozens more.

Among those cheering the loudest were supporters of ISIS, the Sunni terrorist group.

Prior to the tragedy, addressing the dictators and monarchs who rule the Sunni Islamic world, Trump said, “no discussion of stamping out this threat (Islamic terror) would be complete without mentioning the government that gives terrorists … safe harbor, financial backing, and the social standing needed for recruitment. … I am speaking of course of Iran.”

I shook my head in disbelief. I could not imagine any Muslim who would not roll their eyes and scoff at Trump’s prepared remarks.

As Muslims, we may be grabbing at each other’s throats, but we can smell cow dung.

Few Muslims, Shia or Sunni, Iranian or Saudi, Baloch or Kurd, Afghan or Somali, would swallow the absurdity of linking Shia Iran with Islamic terrorism, when the far greater culprit is Saudi Arabia’s Sunni-controlled government.  (emphasis added)

Even one of the most prominent Muslim Republicans in America, retired U.S. Navy Lt.-Cmdr. Zuhdi Jasser, referred to the leaders of the Sunni-dominated Muslim-majority countries present in Riyadh as, “THE Islamist Mafia.”

Quoting from Trump’s speech, he rebuked the U.S. president in a tweet: “Trump: ‘Terrorists do not worship God they worship death’ — No they are invoking interpretations of THE Islamist mafia you are addressing.”  (emphasis added)

The Manchester slaughter took place on the fourth anniversary of the public execution of British Army soldier, Fusilier Lee Rigby, by adherents of the Islamism that has spread across the Sunni Islamic world, Europe and North America.

The Riyadh conference was a farce.

The leader of one of the few democracies in the Muslim world, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh, a woman who has actively fought Islamic terrorism, was shut out from the front row of the group photographs.

She heads a nation of 150 million Muslims, but she’s not Arab and doesn’t buy billions of dollars in armaments to fight wars.

Half of the world’s Muslims live in the Indian sub-continent, a quarter live further east in Indonesia, yet India was not invited.

Nothing was said about the fact Saudi Arabia’s client state, Pakistan, is home to al-Qaida, Taliban, ISIS and scores of Islamic terrorists who raise and launder millions of dollars to fund international jihad.

The only winner at the Riyadh circus was America’s military-industrial complex, which can sell weapons of war to dictatorships who will not be able to stop another Manchester bombing, no matter how many billions worth of tanks and fighter jets they buy. – source

Now the question is this:  Is Trump praising Saudi Arabia out of ignorance, or is this part of an agenda?   I cannot answer that – but this I know:  In the end, everything in this world comes down to money.

Brethren, I know there are those who are upset with me for writing about President Trump.  I voted for him!  I rejoiced with the rest of Christians that Hillary Clinton did not prevail in that election.  But I did not delude myself into thinking that Trump would be infallible.  He is a man, and I believe that he is an unsaved man. You may disagree with that, but it’s what I believe.

President Trump needs people around him who know history – who know the atrocities committed by Saudi Arabia against innocents.  They need to know the barbaric punishments imposed by the government of Saudi Arabia. But mostly, they should understand that Saudi Arabia quietly funds horrific terrorist acts all over this planet.

If you missed my article on Saudi Arabia yesterday, here is an excerpt:

“Saudi Arabia is the largest funder of Islamist Terrorism on the planet. Did you know that most people (including President Trump) believe that the Saudis were behind 9/11?

With all of their riches and uninhabited property – including tents which have electricity and running water (they house up to 1 million people) which are only used during the yearly Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca; do you think that Saudi Arabia offered to take any Muslim refugees?  Nary a one.  And their excuse?  The government claims that their contribution to the migrant crisis is to build mosques in all of the “host” countries. I gather that they pay the salaries of imams in these mosques to insure radicalization of the migrants.

Very well thought out, don’t you think?”  –source

Pastor JD Farag 

This godly man has been condemned and abandoned by people who have watched his Prophecy Update every Sunday night for years.  Why?  Because he called a spade a spade.  He was not condemning President Trump – he was drawing attention to our president’s lack of discernment and lack of the knowledge of history.  I believe that many owe Pastor JD an apology.

Don’t trust in any man, no matter how important he may be on the world stage.  There is One in whom we trust, and His name is Jesus Christ. His Word is the Bible and the Words of Life are contained within it.

As Christians we know that globalism will eventually prevail. But does that mean that we turn a blind eye to it?  I refuse to do that.  It is EVIL, and I will die saying so.

Does it mean that we cheer on Donald Trump when he is blatantly wrong?

I refuse to do that.