“Last Man Standing” Was Truly A Prophetic Name For This Top Rated Show

My husband and I absolute love the show “Last Man Standing” starring Tim Allen. We watch the reruns on Hallmark Channel.  It is a comedy about a Conservative husband with three daughters, one of whom shares her dad’s Conservative politics.  The wife and two other daughters are liberal.

Jesus is mentioned occasionally and the boyfriend of one of the daughters is a Christian, and he makes no apologies for it.

The show originated on ABC.  It is one of their TOP rated shows, and yet they are cancelling it to be “politically correct.”   There is a huge backlash now and talk of a boycott of ABC.

From constitution.com

ABC Facing Growing Backlash, Boycott After Canceling Tim Allen Sitcom

“The liberal mediamoniker has often been solely associated with cable news networks such as CNN, MSNBC, and, more recently, sports station ESPN.  The truth of the leftist takeover, however, is far more complicated.

In times of strong republican leadership in America, the broadcast media often transforms into a weapon of the liberal agenda.  The ebb and flow of public opinion can be manipulated from this video vantage point, and mainstays of network television will become rancid and vitriolic toward the in-command administration.  Variety shows such as Saturday Night Live make an excellent barometer for just how far to the left the overall media landscape will slide.  Based on that metric alone, it is easy to see just how wildly angry the liberal elite have become.

Now, the left has grown even bolder in their media choices, attempting not only to lambast conservative viewpoints, but to erase them altogether.

Tim Allen’s popular and well-rated “Last Man Standing” sitcom is the latest victim of this leftist assault on conservative values.

“After ABC suddenly canceled the hit show Last Man Standing, and John Nolte of The Daily Wire excoriated ABC for their motives in canceling the show, prompting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to cite Nolte’s viral column on Twitter while slamming ABC, a petition to boycott ABC was created on Change.org which collected nearly 10,000 signatures overnight, according to The Washington Examiner.

“Another petition on PetitionCongress.org stated, ‘With a plethora of ultra-liberal shows available on television, this show stood out from the rest and motivated conservatives who voted for President Trump. Please demand that Congress investigate whether LMS was cancelled for political reasons.’”

Tim Allen himself has been a vocal proponent of the Trump administration, recognizing the President’s unrivaled work ethic and common sense approach to governing.

While these petitions will likely do nothing to change the minds of ABC’s upper echelon, they do serve as a notice to other networks who are considering similar censorship of America’s core values:  We The People are not pleased with your slant and bias, and we are certainly taking notice of your attempts to neuter American conservatives.”source

Let’s see what happens.  If ABC does not budge on their “politically correct” decision in the midst of this backlash, then perhaps Hallmark will pick up this brilliant show!

Shalom b’Yeshua