Time For French Jews To Make Aliyah NOW

Antisemitism is out of control in France.

The elections being held right now in France is a lose lose for all French Jews. Both Le Pen and Macron are anti Semites, and my people who reside in France are placing themselves in harms way if they do not leave this country and make Aliyah.

Le Pen, who is a the daughter of a Holocaust Denier, insists that the Jewish people of France should not be able to have an Israeli passport. She also has vowed to ban kippahs being worn by French Jews.

Macron, another Jew hater, is a globalist who is insisting that Jewish schools cease training Jewish children in the Torah!

From jewishjournal.com

French Jewish leader: Our country’s democracy is in ‘real danger’

There is a “real danger” that France’s democracy will be destroyed by its next president, the leader of the country’s federation of Jewish communities warned ahead of the elections.

Francis Kalifat, the president of the CRIF Jewish umbrella group, sounded the alarm during an interview Friday with the RJC Jewish radio station ahead of the first round of the presidential elections on Sunday.

Polls show Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front party, in a tight race for the top with the centrist independent candidate, Emmanuel Macron. Each candidate had 23.5 percent of the vote in an Ifop poll released Wednesday. The same poll had Francois Fillon, who heads The Republicans party, with 19.5 percent followed by the communist candidate, Jean-Luc Melenchon. CRIF has flagged both Melenchon and Le Pen as “candidates of hatred.”

“We are in a real danger of seeing the arrival to power of someone who will only use democracy to destroy it,” Kalifat said. “We are in a state of total chaos. There is a real sense of urgency that all should be aware of, and we should all assume our responsibility to go and vote to exclude these candidates, these parties of hate from reaching power.”

Le Pen recently said France “was not responsible” for the murder of Jews whom French police helped round up for the Nazis. She has also vowed to ban kippahs and the right of French citizens to have an Israeli passport – prohibitions she said were necessary to enforce similar limitations on Muslims.

She has, however, softened the National Front’s image since taking over its leadership in 2011 from her father, party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, who is a Holocaust denier and inciter of racial hate against Jews.

Jewish support for National Front rose from negligible levels under Jean Marie Le Pen to 13.5 percent in 2012, according to a poll.

Kalifat in the interview flagged the rise in support for National Front by Jews who fear Islamists as particularly worrisome.

“I am deeply concerned. I see the polls, but I also hear the discussions of people around me who say, ‘why not give him – or her – a chance, perhaps she has the solution,” Kalifat said. “But the enemies of our enemies are not our friends, not this time.”

But Kalifat did not single out Le Pen outright, referring to “dangerous candidates” in a reference to Melenchon.

During a speech about Israel and French Jews in 2014, Melenchon said: “We do not believe that any people is superior to another,” adding that “France is the opposite of aggressive communities that lecture to the rest of country.”

A supporter of a blanket boycott of the Jewish state, in 2014 he praised participants of violent protests against Israel, calling their behavior exemplary even though some of them tried to burn down several synagogues. Melenchon condemned French Jews who demonstrated peacefully in support of Israel, suggesting their actions were tantamount to taking up arms “for a foreign country.” – source

From israelinationalnews.com

French presidential candidate blasts Torah study

French Jews incensed by centrist candidate’s claim Jewish schools must de-emphasize Torah studies.

French presidential hopeful and former Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron sparked an uproar in the French Jewish community, following the publication of an interview earlier this month of an interview touching upon religious schools in France.

A former member of the Socialist Party now running as an independent, centrist candidate, Macron served in the French cabinet under incumbent Francois Hollande from 2014 until the end of August of this year.

Speaking with Marianne earlier this month, Macron warned of the influence of religion in French schools generally and decrying Jewish schools for emphasizing the Torah.

“It is very important to maintain neutrality in the public sector,” Macron said. “Religion cannot be present in school. But I hear few people becoming concerned by the consequences of this phenomenon, [with] more and more children being sent to religious schools which teach them to hate the Republic and teach mainly in Arabic, or,” Macron added, “in other places [Jewish schools] teach the Torah more than general studies.”

Members of the French Jewish community pushed back against Macron’s comments.

“The Torah is the basis of Judaism,” one representative of the French Jewish community told Israeli haredi news site Kikar HaShabbat, “and to ban its instruction would mean the annihilation of the Jews.”

“Jews, a small community in France, again find themselves targeted for no good reason….the ex-minister’s anti-Semitism has come out on behalf of his [political] aspirations, at the expense of national unity.”

Surveys show Macron could be a viable candidate, with middling poll numbers for the 1st round of the election, and likely defeating two of the three most highest polling competitors in the 2nd round. – source

Brethren, you can see clearly that the Jewish people are in danger in France if either of these frontrunners win this election.

I pray that the Lord will show the Jews of France that it is indeed time to make Aliyah!

Please pray for them!

Shalom b’Yeshua






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  1. Yes, News in France are in Real Danger! I don’t know how long it takes to acquire visas in France, but I believe we should pray for their safety, resolve, and finances,…to get Out of France. Unfortunately, this is happening every where. I know it is a shakening of nations and Jews…to gather them out of all nations…but, the hate is really hard to deal with!!
    And, I wonder how soon this hate will be so terrible in the USA, that our Jews have to leave?? For the hatred here is growing against Jews and Christians. Our new Pres. has done nothing to protect Christians and Jews. He has not kept those promises and he added fuel to the LGTBQ…fodder, when he Re-signed o’s EO for their rights. He has given them carte’ blanche to further harm true Believers in Christ, and he has Not curbed violence by spoiled children in adult bodies against Jews/Christians on college propaganda campuses.
    God said HE Would Bring back His Chosen people from all corners/directions, of the world, to Israel/Jerusalem. HE IS!!!!!

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