NY Students Debate Exterminating Jews: What If Those Students Were Asked If Blacks Should Once Again Be Slaves?

I really do not remember becoming this angry over a story in the news.  This is personal.  This is inappropriate.  This is DEMONIC.

The Holocaust

When I was a young Jewish girl, after learning about 6 million of my people being slaughtered in the death camps of Nazi Germany, I confess to the reader that I was very much afraid of German people.  I would turn this over in my mind many times a day:  How could a people follow orders to murder Jews – men, women, children and infants?  How could this be?

We have read the story of Corrie Ten Boom and the price she paid for aiding my people during this Satanic Holocaust. Corrie was born again. She had the Holy Spirit in her –  guiding her and helping her to see what she must do.

I’m not talking about the Corrie Ten Boom’s now. I’m talking about people in general.  I read once that the people of Germany would boil cabbage soup to mask the smell of the burning flesh of my Jewish people.  THEY KNEW what was happening.  They CARED NOT.

I often wondered if there was something inside of German people – like a flaw in their DNA.  When I became a believer in 1983, I began to wonder if most Germans were demonically  possessed.  I hope that I am not shocking my readers. I am being open and honest with you. This is how I attempted to process the mass slaughter of my people. There had to be something about the German people (in my mind).

From unitewithdwithisrael.org

A New York school administration defends student assignment to argue in favor of exterminating Jews.

A teacher from Oswego County, New York, in February gave an assignment asking students to argue in favor of exterminating Jews, generating uproar.

The teacher, Michael DeNobile, gave the assignment as part of the Oswego County CiTi/BOCES New Vision program, according to a report in the American Thinker.

According to local reporter Julie McMahon, the students were asked to “put themselves in a Nazi leaders’ shoes and argue for or against the ‘Final Solution’ to exterminate Jewish people.”

MaryEllen Elia, the New York education commissioner, defended the teacher’s actions on Thursday.

 It seems that only two students, both non Jewish seniors, were disturbed by the assignment, Jordan April and Archer Shurtlif. April and Shurtliff brought their concerns to DeNobile, higher administrators, and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Their goal was “to make sure no other student would be asked to argue in favor of killing Jews again.”

They also unsuccessfully asked the New Vision program to retract the assignment. Following their complaints the entire class had the opportunity to choose their own project, but only three students took advantage of that, including April and Shurtliff.

Elia defended her support of the assignment, citing critical thinking as the supposed learning tool. “I think it’s certainly a question where you want students to think on both sides and analyze … which position a person is taking,” she stated.

Shurtliff, in a separate interview, stated “it’s settled opinion…You can’t say that Jews deserve to die. It should be a settled thing.”

McMahon reported the assignment notes the point is “not for you to be sympathetic to the Nazi point of view. … Ultimately, this is an exercise on expanding your point of view by going outside your comfort zone and training your brain to logistically [sic] find the evidence necessary to prove a point, even if it is existentially and philosophically against what you believe.”

Teaching Some Seriously Misguided Adults’

ADL education director Beth Martinez said the incident is “deeply troubling,” adding students should never be given an assignment “that even hints at their [sic] being ‘two sides’ to the ‘Final Solution’ / Holocaust.”

Martinez said she was notified by Roseann Bayne, the assistant superintendent for the CiTi program, that the assignment was still offered along with an alternative.

Martinez cited Common Core as a catalyst for pushing students to argue from a perspective from which they disagree. “This sounds benign at first glance – until you see an example like this, where a student is asked to justify mass murder as part of a learning experience. One can only hope such a thing would be outside most people’s “comfort zone” and remain there,” wrote Susan Harris for the AT.

“The fight is definitely not over for two 17-year-old girls who had the guts to take on a monumental task: teaching some seriously misguided adults that critical thinking does not mean abandoning all human decency at the schoolhouse door,” she concluded. – source

The world’s hatred for the Jewish people

I could go on about how much the devil hates my people. I could talk about the fact that the Messiah of the whole world came through the Jews, and so the devil has tried to annihilate Jews for centuries.

But I’m not going to talk about that.  I’m going to ask a question. Has anyone else ever wondered about the German people and why they allowed the Holocaust to take place?  Did you know that last year Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” came out in print for the first time in Germany since the Holocaust?  Can you guess which book went directly to the top of sales in Germany, and has stayed there ever since?

If I was a gentile German, I would be so ashamed of my country. I read that there is a chance that Angela Merkel is the daughter of Adolph Hitler. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

The Double Standard and Blatant Hypocrisy Of the Left

Okay, now I’m going to throw out some ideas that could be used for “critical thinking” in classrooms.   Those who know me understand that I am doing this to drive home a point – not that I would condone or even ask a classroom of kids to consider these questions.

  • Argue in favor of Blacks once again becoming slaves
  • Argue in favor of transgenders and the LGBT being thrown off buildings as is done in the Islamic world
  • Argue in favor of honor killings in Muslim Families
  • Argue in favor of Ethnic cleansing in any country
  • Argue in favor of keeping out fundmentalist Muslims from America

Would the Left stand for this? Would they not be screaming from the hilltops that this is inappropriate?

It will take me a while to get over the story of these NY educators (using the term so loosely).

As Christians, we are told not to hate people.  Let me say this:

I HATE the unregenerate hearts of lost people.

I HATE Satan.

I LOVE my Lord Jesus Christ, and I ache for Him to catch me away from this wicked WICKED place!