George Soros, A College Student, A College Professor, and Political Correctness Gone Wild

A reader of my articles wrote to me recently about her frustration with a liberal college professor (is there another kind?)  As I read her words of exasperation, I felt that it was an opportunity to expose the unjust political correctness which is imposed on our children in secular colleges.

I can attest to this first hand. Both of my sons had been walking with the Lord; sharing the Gospel, and studying their Bibles daily before they entered a secular college.  They both fell away from the faith. This breaks my heart – I can’t express to you the pain.  I know that there are Christian young people who can stand up to this oppression and hold fast to their convictions about Jesus and Christianity. But in our case that did not happen.

I will begin with the first email received from my friend, Patrice:

“Dear Mrs. Ungurean,

I am in a Political Science on line class, getting my BSN in nursing. I have been a registered nurse for 35 years and am a full time bible prophecy student. We are asked questions weekly and have to respond to them. What you see below is a discussion my Professor started asking the five types of violence and my response below, was Issues and I gave for example George Soros regarding his globalist agenda. As you can see my Professor did not agree and came back with his purely liberal answer as to how he feels his is a success. I wanted to email you to let you know I got this wealth of information from your article on him and wanted to thank you and share this with you. Any thoughts?”

Although I have written many pieces on George Soros, the article referenced in the paragraph above is this one:

The People Of Europe Rise Up Against George Soros

From the Professor named “Sam”


Which of Fred R. von der Mehden’s five types of violence is hardest to prevent?  Which is hardest to deal with once it is going on?

From Patrice to the Professor:

“I think the most dangerous one is completely contradictory to what our book says and that is Issues. Our demonstrations is this country which are brought about by certain groups and a man named George Soros are what is making our country divided and will eventually try to overthrow our democracy. They are well thought out and people are paid a large sum of money to protest against certain ethnicity’s (blacks) being shot by police or Trump protestors. This is methodically planned and staged to bring down our country, as we know it. They are trying to establish the globalist agenda and will stop nothing short of it till it is achieved.”

From the Professor to Patrice:

“Who is George Soros and is he trying to overthrow democracy?  Are protests against Trump and Republicans in Congress false and bankrolled by liberals, or are they genuine protests?  Is it problematic to label Soros, or other folks who disagree with you, a threat to democracy?  Is it problematic to dismiss protests you disagree with as contrived?  When does someone go from being a supporter of causes you oppose to a threat to democracy?”

From Patrice to the Professor:

“Yes, Professor, George Soros, is a threat when he is opposing and fighting what our country stands for. The people of Europe who have had enough have at last ousted this demonically inspired world agitator, who has manipulated the most vulnerable people in each free nation across the globe. They are not fond of George Soros and his globalist agenda. I believe the Internet has much to do with bringing George Soros out of the shadows and into the light. George Soros is the sugar daddy of the left wing liberals who are licking their wounds after Clinton’s defeat in November. George Soros evil knows no boundaries.  His manipulation of world politics and economies has been his passion for decades. He has been manipulating economic markets, funding revolutions and promoting multicultural societies for many years. Last year Vladimir Putin banned him from Russia, stating he was a threat to Russian national security.”

References:  Retrieved from Millions of Europeans rise up against George Soros

From the Professor:

” Patrice, and Class,

George Soros is a very rich and successful investor who has spent a lot of money on a variety of causes, ranging from death with dignity to democratic change in Africa and Europe.  He has also supported Democratic candidates for office.

Why is he not simply a rich man who is spending his money to support positions on issues which he favors (these include democratization in Eastern Europe, the legalization of marijuana, and a right to die)?  What makes him a threat to democracy, evil, etc.? Isn’t Russian opposition to him based on the fact that the spread of democracy in Eastern Europe is a threat to Russian influence and Russia’s autocratic government?  Is it problematic to call people who disagree with us evil, un-American, radical, or even left wing?

Make sure your answers are based in facts and well supported.  Also, be careful what sources you use.  Mirror Spectrum, for example, is not a reputable news source.”

Now I must interject something here:  First of all, if this professor did his homework on George Soros, he would find that this man is a proponent of Socialism (not Democracy) and is vehemently against any form of Nationalism.  When he says Soros is for democracy – that is laughable. When he condemns the source used by Patrice “Mirrorspectrum” and declares that it is not a reputable news source- where is his proof? How does he back this up? He doesn’t. He merely throws out his liberal attack against a Conservative news site, and that is that.

From the professor:
Patrice and Class,

Is this a reliable source for information?  Why or why not?  

When we want to investigate something, like who George Soros is and what he does, how should we go about doing it?  Where should we look for information?  How should we go about drawing conclusions?

From Patrice to me:
“Just when I thought this battle was over, he attacked again today , which is very unusual to put this the week after, but I obviously hit a nerve.”

From professor to Patrice and class:

“There is no real support for the argument that Soros is trying to destroy democracy or that he is evil.  He has supported democratization in Eastern Europe and Africa, which is why autocratic governments like Russia’s are threatened by him.  You may disagree with him on how democracy should be encouraged or on whether marijuana should be legalized or folks should have the right to die, but that does not mean Soros is evil, un-American, etc..  It just means you and he disagree as to what is best for America.  When we can accept this, we will be able to more effectively solve the problems facing our country.”

From me to Patrice:

Would you please do me a favor and send a video to your professor. I want to see his reaction to this, okay?

This was the Professor’s response to this outrageous video:

“This might provide support for the argument that financial speculators like Soros are bad for the global economy.  It also provides support for the claim that he is a complex character.  It does not support the claim that he is evil or trying to destroy democracy.  It also does not refute his positions on a whole range of issues.  Nor does it address the obvious reasons people try to vilify him (they oppose the spread of democracy in Eastern Europe, they don’t want marijuana legalized, etc., etc.).  George Soros is a liberal.  He may well be wrong on a number of issues.  He, like the rest of us, needs to provide support for his contentions.  He is not un-American or evil for voicing his opinions.”

As you can see, this left wing, liberal professor completely skirts the issue of “evil” and ignores Soros’s collaboration with the Nazis against his own people! This is because the Left do not believe in absolute right or wrong. They do not believe in absolute Truth.  Everything is relative.  This is absolutely devilish.

So here you have an example of what our children and grandchildren face on the secular college campuses.  Can this be any clearer?  We are the enemy and the educators will go to great lengths to attempt to destroy a Conservative Christians’ convictions and ultimately their faith in Christ.

And that includes making the Christian look like a fool in the classroom.

But who are the fools?

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”  (Proverbs 1:7).