The NEA Resources For Teachers “Islam: Empire of Faith” Taught In Grades 7- 12

I keep reading articles about irate parents of secondary school age children across the U.S.  Why are they so upset?  It is because their children are coming home with papers and homework all about Islam and Muhammad. Yes, you read that right. Islam is being taught in public schools across America.

I thought that I might take a look at the NEA (National Education Association) website to investigate this further. I didn’t even have to dig to find the curriculum.  They must be very proud of themselves for teaching our children about Islam.

There is a strong bond between the Liberal Left and Islam. I can’t say that I fully understand it, but it’s clear that they have a common agenda. Both liberals and Muslims hate Christianity and would love to see us gone.

First I want the reader to see an excerpt from the NEA website in which an educator speaks about Christianity in a very bad light. Now, of course this should not surprise us, but it clearly shows the hatred and intolerance which comes out of the Left wing educators toward Christian students. Just as I have always thought, the Left cannot tolerate the concept that all people are “sinners.”

From   (an excerpt – but I encourage the reader to read the entire article)

The 4th R: Encountering Conservative Christianity in the Classroom

“The problem is not that politically left-leaning, less-religious-than-average professors do not share the same concerns as politically and theologically conservative Christian students. The problem, when that professor triggers the landmine of conservative Christianity in their classroom, is that they see the source of the problems as fundamentally different. For example, sociologists are, by definition, interested in the social roots of social problems. In adopting a sociological perspective, they seek the source of inequality (and its solution) in structures. By contrast, religiously conservative students may find the source of social problems in supernatural sources or in individual bad choices. Both of these Christian explanations, though, are rooted in sin. As one student explained to me in an anonymous reflection at the end of a sociology course:

From the Christian perspective of Genesis 3 (The Fall), everything talked about in this class makes sense. Sociology knows that there is something incredibly wrong with the world and tries to explain it through all of these theories and generalizations but theres only one truth that makes it all come together and that is we are living in a fallen world that needs [to be] redeemed.

From this perspective, sociology helps us see the evidence of the problem of poverty, racism, sexism, economic exploitation but the source is human sin. And the only real answer is Jesus. Because of humankind’s sin nature original sin all people are prone to make choices that result in harm to themselves and others.

Exploitation, in other words, is in our nature, and our social arrangements simply reflect that rather than create it. Ellen Messer-Davidow, University of Minnesota English professor, sees the desire to blame the individual as inherent in a politically conservative position: The negativity … in attributing the problems of individuals to their sex or race, rather than to their social circumstances is, of course, symptomatic of … sexism and racism but even more fundamentally of … profound pessimism about human nature.

Indeed, while Christian students may reject Nietzsches assertion that God is dead, the conservative Christian belief that the very nature of humanity is to exploit others is perhaps more nihilistic than anything that purportedly atheist professor ever wrote.

Rebecca Barrett-Fox is an assistant professor of sociology at Arkansas State University, where she directs Women and Gender Studies. She is the author of God Hates: Westboro Baptist Church, American Nationalism, and the Religious Right (University Press of Kansas, 2016) as well as numerous articles and chapters focusing on religion, hate and extremism, and sexuality and gender. – source

See what the NEA thinks about Christian After School Clubs:


Religious Right Using After-School Clubs to Undermine Public Education, Says Author

For many anti-public education activists, maybe, as the saying goes, “nothing succeeds like failure.” Extremist agendas are usually more about undermining, or even dismantling, the institution they want to “reform.” Journalist Katherine Stewart sees such a dynamic at work with the Religious Right and its aggressive and increasingly successful campaign to install so-called “Good News Clubs” in schools across America. In a nation as diverse as ours, a plan to transform public schools into fundamentalist boot camps is bound to ultimately fail. But, says Stewart, much can be accomplished along the way to chip away at the institution and exhaust and frustrate its supporters.

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Islam Taught in our schools

The Islam Curriculum 

The curriculum has five lesson plans. I am supplying a link for each lesson plan.  They also have enhanced this course by showing the children a PBS documentary called “Islam: Empire of Faith.”  The lesson plans are offered to teachers by PBS as well.


Educational Resources
Dear Educator:

The resources offered here are designed to help you use the PBS Islam: Empire of Faith video series and companion Web site in secondary social studies, civics, religion, and language arts classes. Islam: Empire of Faith may be taped off-air and used for up to a year following broadcast, or you may choose to purchase it through Shop PBS for Teachers. The lesson plans may also be adapted for use as stand-alone resources.

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Lesson One: An Introduction to Islam and Muhammad    Lesson 1
Lesson Two: The Fascinating World of Islam    Lesson 2
Lesson Three: Creating a Textile Museum Piece from the Islamic Empire  Lesson 3
Lesson Four: Great Thinkers and Accomplishments of Islam Fact Cubes   Lesson 4
Lesson Five: Renaissance Man Comparison Poster   Lesson 5

Brethren, the Left have been screaming about “Separation of Church and State” for decades. Did you know that this phrase is not found in our Constitution?  It was penned by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to a group of pastors from Danbury, CT, who were fearful that the State would establish a religion.  Jefferson was attempting to calm their fears and let them know that the U.S. guaranteed freedom of religion.

Prayer was taken out of public schools in 1963.  Madalyn Murray O’Hair was responsible for this; or I should say that the devil used this woman to do his bidding.  O’Hair and one of her sons were found murdered. Her other son became a Baptist pastor who travels the world and gives his testimony.

I wonder what O’Hair would think about Islam being taught in the schools. She probably would have approved since Muslims are taught to kill the people of the Book – Christians and Jews.

I wrote an article on Islam a couple of years ago. In the piece I site specific passages from the Qur’an about jihad:

The Truth About Islam

Parents – Home School if possible!

If it is possible, every Christian family should home school their children, or send them to a Christian school. I know that many of us cannot afford Christian schools.  I hear the argument that the children need socialization.  There are home schooling moms and dads who meet with others in their area, and have field trips and other get togethers.

This is so important. Satan knows that his time is short, and he is corrupting the minds of our children in public schools.  We must keep our children safe, and we must pray for the other children that the Lord will send His people into their lives to lead them to Jesus.

God help us all!