What God Did In South Africa: American Christians Missed His Voice

On the 22nd of April, almost 1.4 million South African Christians gathered on a farm in Bloemfontein. Their purpose was to pray about the white genocide taking place in their country. All races were represented.  But our Lord had different plans for them.

The brother in Christ who has been keeping me apprised of the planning of this event, has now written to me about the gathering – and what God did there.

Here is his email to me:

Hi Geri,
Happy belated birthday for the 22nd.
God bless you for all the trouble you went to, to spread the word to stand with the church in South Africa on April 22.
The meeting was AWESOME, AWESOME, and once again AWESOME. One could tangibly  feel the presence of the Holy Spirit (and not in the prosperity gospel way).
The number of people was staggering to say the least. The estimation is in the region of 1.2 to 1.4 million South Africans of all races, praise God. The weather was a blessed 26 degrees celcius with a cool wind blowing (remember we were on a farm)
 I think (myself included) that most people went to the meeting with the expectation of hearing Angus preach out against the corrupt government and ask God to bring down fire on them ( or something of that sort). He did pray for the government asking God to replace it with a God fearing Government amongst other things, BUT, the main theme was personal sins in the lives of christians.
He used the part in the old testament “If My people who are called by My name, humble themselves and part from their wicked ways, then I will heal…
This was such a surprise, and such a humbling moment, but such a blessing from God. Over 1 million christians went down on their knees to repent and confess their sins before a holy God. Many people were in tears during this time. Many people made a confession for Jesus too.
I think most of us went with the idea of telling God what we expected from Him, never expecting to hear what He expects from us first.
One of the most awesome things that I will never forget in my life, is when, each time,  everyone shouted “Amen” in agreement with the things Angus preached about, or the sins that were rebuked in peoples lives, it literally sounded like thunder and lightning. the ground shook beneath our feet from that sound. (1.2 to 1.4 million people shouting at the same time)
I came away from the meeting with the realization that, yes, God is going to change our country, but the church (us christians) have to get our act together because change starts with us first. We serve a holy and awesome God Who demands holiness from us as well. We cannot call on God to help us while we carry on with our hidden sinfull lives but still expect God to act on our behalf.
To our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ all the glory. This event was put together in just 6 weeks, only God can do that.
I included some photos of the event. The one with the family, is my family, except for the lady on the far right, who is a friend. I’m the dad with the moustache. I’m sure you will get better photos on social media. The event was called “Its Time”
Geri, I’m very exited about what God is going to do.
God bless,
I freely admit to the readers that I was filled with a sense of profound sadness – not for South Africa – but for Christians in America.  Brethren, we missed it – Big time.
I love Franklin Graham. I respect and love him in the Lord. Along with speaking out against the corruption and sin in our government,  Franklin Graham also spoke of the need for American Christians to repent of their sins in order for God to hear us from heaven and forgive our sins – and heal our land. The American church as a whole did not heed the encouragement to repent.
God kept Hillary out of the White House and gave us Donald Trump. This is not the point of this article. I believe that the church – because there was little or no repentance, has gone back to sleep.
I believe that America is under severe judgment by our Holy God. Are babies still being slaughtered in the killing mills? Yes, they are.  Is gay marriage and transgenderism still be accepted as normal and taught to our children in schools? Sadly, yes it is.
Are Christians biting and devouring one another?  Constantly.
Have the mainline church denominations continued to hate Israel and ordain gay clergy?  YES.
God is Not Mocked
Brethren, God knows our hearts. Some may think that they are hiding from Him. but they are deluded. He is omniscient God. No one can hide from Him.
Judgment Coming?
Some will say that I am writing doom and gloom.  I don’t think so.  I feel in my heart that evil is more rampant now, that when the Democrats were in office. People – this is not about political parties!  This is about the body of Christ in America.  This is about repentance and revival – turning from wicked ways and from  apathy.  Trusting in God – NOT in man.
“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wick ways then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (2nd Chronicles 7:14).
Repent and turn to God with your whole heart.  It may be too late for America, but we don’t know that.
Wouldn’t you love to be part of a great awakening of the church in America?  Wouldn’t you love to see happen here – what happened on that farm in South Africa?
I would.  And I pray that it’s not too late.
***Side Note:  I have never had problems with formatting as I have whenever I write on South Africa.  I cannot think anything other than the devil himself is trying his best to hinder my writing.  So, please forgive the formatting – I worked on correcting it for over two hours to no avail.

17 thoughts on “What God Did In South Africa: American Christians Missed His Voice

  1. sk8ng4fun2

    I would love to share this post, but the Scripture quoted is not correct. The verse does not say, “… and will give their sin”…  Let’s do better when a post of such a critical nature needs to be heeded and shared. 

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    1. I corrected that Scripture. Although I am grateful that you caught that, I believe that your criticism of me is all too typical of the nastiness and infighting in the body of Christ. Did you ever think to tell me about the mistake, but to go on with what you felt about the events in S. Africa? I am so tired of the biting and devouring of one another in the church.

  2. “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”
    ‭‭II Chronicles‬ ‭7:14‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

    Christians especially Christian pastors, love to quote this scripture on how God is just dying to save this country from its enemies he’s just waiting for us to pray. But that’s not the heart of this this scripture. God wants His people to repent and turn from their wicked ways. Has the US done anything about abortion? NO! Has it stopped homosexual marriage or any other perverted forms of marriage? NO! Have we done anything to stop the flood of porn to the world from this country? NO! Have we even elected politicians that are willing to? NO! NO! and NO Again! We have done nothing that would qualify us to have God to answer our prayers.
    We get a president we think we can live with and the cry’s from the pulpits become silent and the pews are empty of praying people. How soon we forget. One day soon God is going to knock the pews out from under us and He’s going to become silent to all our cry’s for His help.
    I sense a anger coming from heaven directed towards Gods people for using Him like one of the slot machines they use at their favorite casino. Christians should be thankful Gods patience is long but there is an end to it.

    1. Please count me as one pastor who for several years has stated this as the problem in the USA. In my 40 years of ministry I have seen well over one hundred prayer movements to, “bring the nation back to God.” We have prayed but things have only grown worse! Too, many American Christians equate patriotism with Christianity and have made an idol of the nation. That’s a starting place for repentance! We do not need a Christian nation as badly as we need to be a nation of Christians! I grieve that we have crossed the red line/ point of no return/ end of God’s patience! National repentance would have to include overturn of SCOTUS decisions on Prayer & Bible Reading in Schools, Abortion on Demand and Same Sex Marriage. I have no hope that Mr. Trump will push this agenda. It is time for the remnant to circle the wagons and plead for mercy in the midst of judgment!

  3. What Awesome GLORY shown in Africa!! No, we have not had this happen, here, in America. Yet, it Is entirely possible it Could occur! But, there are Requirements: How often do I feel Compelled to Pray to God/Spirit; have I set aside a certain time of the day/night to Be With Him, alone?; Do I pray as Daniel did…repenting of my nation’s sin And my own??; Do I ask the Spirit to reveal my own sin areas, regularly, repent and actively turn from them?; Am I, myself, readying myself for revival??; Do I truly acknowledge WHO GOD IS??; Do I use His Words and pray them back to Him??; etc….
    You see, Revival of the Pentecosts type Is always possible. But, it takes commitment…do American Christians want revival?? Truly?? It will Not come by unbelievers. It comes through Christians praying as Daniel did, as our early American Christians did pray…some for 30/40 yrs. I don’t believe we have that much time! We must either continue to earnestly, fervently, Pray…Now; Or, begin to do so. God is a God of order, principles, and HE told us…”you pray,” “when you fast,” Etc….

  4. When Alan says “I think most of us went with the idea of telling God what we expected from Him, never expecting to hear what He expects from us first” he has hit the nail square on the head. So many of the professing American Christians I know act almost like God is a Pez dispenser or genie in the bottle. I also agree with you, Geri in that I think America is absolutely the wickedest and most sin-saturated nation on Earth at this point. .

    I have often encountered those same formatting problems (the WordPress Gremlins, lol) when trying to post certain articles and topics, and it gets to the point you just say to the Devil, “look, I can do this all day” He gives up before we do. Resist him and he has to flee, right?

    Some day we will get to see what it is like in this world with Jesus reigning and with zero tolerance for opposition. Can’t wait!

    1. Yes, because the Word says He will rule the nations with a rod of iron! There will be peace because HE will enforce it with All Authority!

  5. That was indeed awesome sister, if it is brother, forgive me. The spirit of God has mighty plans for your nation. There may come a time in the not so distant future when a lost and broken people from America and Europe may seek refuge in your land. I pray that my people may find such refuge and fellowship in S. Africa should the need arise. Your brother in Christ.

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  7. I love when Those people who say they LOVE G-d actually make an effort to prove it. If not for Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness and Long Suffering – none of us would make the cut. How -ever, as we move closer and closer to the WIll of G-d that causes G-d to do more and more for us, we need to understand Clearly the Lessons of the Old Testament and how they Play out in the New Testament and then realize that you can not separate the OT from the NT like they do not fit together like a glove.

    For example – people will say that the OT is no longer valid and we do not have to keep the law. Yet they do not realize that they are being Hippocrates because they do keep the law unknowingly. It is that teaching that causes many to stray and that causes people to look at others who believe with crossed eyes.

    The article reveals a start to what G-d is looking for from those who should never be caught up in the great falling away spoken about by Paul.

    We have a long way to go, but we can make it if everyone chooses to really follow G-d to the fullest and not PRETEND to follow G-d.

  8. Jeanette Spink

    I stand in Awe of my God, a Judeo/Christian in Houston Texas, originally from Cape Town, South Africa. When I read this article tears welled up in my eyes, I got down on my knees, and asked the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamachiag to cleanse me from my known sins and my unknown sins and from all unrighteousness. I repented again, for my sins are always before me, you only have I sinned against and done awe full things in your sight, my Lord and my God.

    Yes America is a very sinful nation, but I truly believe that the Lord, can come into our country as He did in Bloemfontein, South Africa, and bring revival again for Christians and bringing non Christians to a saving knowledge of Him.

    We know that Yeshua/Jesus is coming back soon. We need to be reading His Word on a daily basis, to go to this lost and dying world to witness, to every creature, to lay our hands on the sick and see them recover. Are we doing what the word says Saints?……

    Blessings to you for sending me this email again, but forwarding it with the message for American people. I will be forwarding it to many Saints, who in turn will be forwarding to their Saints.

    Love and Blessings to All, Love You All in the Love of the Lord.

    In the Wonderful and Matchless Name of Yeshua/Jesus our Lord and Savior
    2nd Chronicles 7:14

  9. There are groups of intercessors coming together on a regular basis to weep and mourn over the sins of our nation and the sins of the Church. I pray God will raise up more groups for repentance . God wants to see tears flowing for the sins of our nation and the sins of the Church. This is happening but probably on a small scale but God sees and He hears. I believe revival is imminent. God heard our pleas and gave us a president who while not perfect is a baby Christian. We MUST pray for him and continue to weep and mourn over abortion, sex trafficking and the other sins America is involved in. We cannot give up. That verse says He will hear from Heaven and move His mig hand and heal our land. We have to do what the scripture says, repent, turn from our wicked ways, humble ourselves and PRAY! God wants a holy church.

  10. My wife and I join in praise as we hear of how the Holy Spirit is working on hearts in India. Thank you for sharing and allowing the Lord to use you in glorifying His name.
    Del and Bonnie Orser, USA

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