Before Trump Fights ISIS He Needs To Rid Our Country Of Muslim Brotherhood

So President Trump wants to fight radical Islam (ISIS) alongside President el-Sisi of Egypt.  Sounds like a great plan, right?  But I think he is missing something much more dangerous to the U.S. than ISIS.

One of his promises during the campaign was to declare the Muslim Brotherhood and all affiliates as “terrorist” groups. He spoke of making it illegal to be part of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.

During the reign of Obama, he placed members of the MB in key positions in DHS and the State department.  Valerie Jarrett, who was Obama’s top advisor had ties to the MB. How many of these people are still in their positions in our government? And what happened to the promise that Trump made?

I wrote an article last year about the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans to have their own political party.  This is outrageous and something MUST be done!

Star Spangled Sharia: Muslim Brotherhood Plans To Launch Own Political Party

President Trump MUST get his priorities in order

Leaving members of the MB in our government and even in our country is a huge mistake!  How can our president not understand that fighting ISIS while the MB flourishes and grows in the U.S. is insane?!  The Muslim Brotherhood is the Granddaddy of all terrorist groups – Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda  – all of them are supported by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Here is the article which has me a bit upset:


Trump tells Sisi U.S., Egypt will fight Islamic militants together

U.S. President Donald Trump moved to reset U.S. relations with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Monday after the prior Obama administration’s strained ties, giving him firm backing and vowing to work together to fight Islamic militants.

“I just want to let everybody know in case there was any doubt that we are very much behind President Sisi. He’s done a fantastic job in a very difficult situation. We are very much behind Egypt and the people of Egypt,” Trump said in an Oval Office meeting with the Egyptian leader.

The trip was Sisi’s first official U.S. visit since being elected president in 2014. Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, never extended an invitation.

Obama froze aid to Egypt for two years after Sisi, then a general, overthrew President Mohamed Mursi in mid-2013 after mass protests against Mursi’s rule. Mursi, a Muslim Brotherhood member, had been elected the previous year.

The one-on-one meeting between Trump and Sisi, followed by a separate gathering with top aides, showed how intent the new U.S. president is on rebooting the bilateral relationship and building on the strong connection the two presidents established when they first met in New York last September.

“I just want to say to you, Mr President, that you have a great friend and ally in the United States, and in me,” Trump said.

Sisi said he appreciated that Trump has been “standing very strong … to counter this evil ideology.”

While Trump noted the United States and Egypt “have a few things” they do not agree on, he made no public airing of U.S. concerns about human rights in Egypt.

Rights groups have called for the release of Aya Hijazi, an Egyptian-American who works with street children and was arrested in May 2014 on human trafficking charges.

Hijazi has been held in custody for 33 months in violation of Egyptian law, which states that the maximum period for pretrial detention is 24 months.

U.S. “very much behind” Egyptian president: Trump

A senior administration official said the subject of Hijazi did not come up in the meeting with Trump, Sisi and their advisers but said the detention is an issue of concern and a case that is being watched closely by the Trump administration.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said the two presidents had an “honest discussion focused on areas of cooperation” and that they discussed “both areas of cooperation and of concern.”

At the United Nations in New York, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said the Trump administration is not backing away from human rights “because they fully support me speaking about human rights in the Security Council.”

Human rights groups have estimated that Sisi’s government has detained at least 40,000 political prisoners.

Egypt has long been one of Washington’s closest allies in the Middle East, receiving $1.3 billion in U.S. military aid annually. It is fighting an Islamist insurgency in Sinai in which hundreds of Egyptian soldiers and police have been killed.

A U.S. official said Sisi would find a White House ready to soften U.S. criticism of Egypt on human rights and to work on counter-terrorism but unwilling to provide additional aid to the most populous Arab nation.

“He’s going to get an end to finger-wagging. We’re not giving him any more money,” said the U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity before Sisi’s meetings with Trump.

“He’s going to be disappointed because he wants more assistance and he’s not going to get it,” the official added, saying it was not yet clear whether Egypt would escape a cut in its foreign aid as part of the Trump administration’s plan to cut the overall State Department budget by 28.7 percent. – source

God is in control

And that is the only thing that keeps me from losing my mind!  I have to remind myself to take a deep breath – read the Word – and pray.  The MOST important thing to our Lord is that the lost might be saved.

Let’s share the Gospel with everyone!  Time is so short!


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  2. I am so thankful that our God Is in control. That things never happen that He does not know. Otherwise, I would remain in worry and fear! There are times when I begin to fear…and He always reminds me that He Knows and Sees and Understands my fears, but I must come to Him…always, continuously, all ways. Praise God…Nothing occurs or does Not occur, that He Does Not Know!! I am thankful He Is In Heaven On the Throne, and man is not on the Throne!!

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