What Our Black Pastor Asked Me Almost 8 Years Ago Will Send Chills Down Your Spine


It was a dynamic church. The preaching was sound and so grounded in the Word. The church was large; over 2000 people. It was predominantly black and we loved it there.

Wednesday night (prayer night) was amazing. Well over 100 people showed up each week. We wept and prayed together. We made such close friends there. This was in 2008.

The campaign for the presidency was in full swing.  I admit – I was very naive. In my mind I thought that these Jesus loving – Bible believing Christians would not vote for Barack Obama, even though he would be the first black president of the U.S.  I kept telling myself this.  But something was wrong in my spirit. You know that feeling, I’m sure.

Searching the Internet

One evening I decided to surf the web for anything about our pastor. He was quite well known. He had written many books. One of those books was called “Gracism.” His name is Dr. David Anderson.

I finally found his name on a website. He had been interviewed by a black website about the upcoming elections. This website also brought on another black woman, who was the head of Black Conservatives of America. My heart sank when I saw that Pastor David was promoting Barack Obama and berating John McCain.

Everything changed

I called the church office the next morning and asked to speak with Pastor David. We talked for hours.  I told him what I had found online, and that Tim and I were so concerned.  I asked him if he knew about Obama’s affiliation with Planned Parenthood. I asked if he knew Obama’s voting record, and how he had voted against the “Born Alive” act.  He said he knew it all.

Then I asked the big question: “How can you vote for this man who is against everything in which we believe?”  Then he asked me a question that still haunts me to this day.

He asked if I was one of those white people who believed that Barack Obama was the Antichrist.  I knew that this was his way of belittling me. It was his way of ending this conversation.  He was basically calling me a whacko.

I told him that he was avoiding the very important issues. I also told him that one day he would stand before Jesus and give an account as to why he took this stand. He became enraged with me and instructed his secretary to take no more of my calls.

Could he be?

Back then, I really was not even thinking that this man could be the Antichrist. I just knew that he was someone who was so dangerous for our country. I realized that many blacks would vote for him because of his skin color. The whole thing sickened me.

After the election, I was stunned, as I know so many other Christians were. Just stunned and filled with disbelief. I could hardly talk to anyone. I was numb, sad and grieving for our country.

Needless to say, Tim and I left that church after that first talk with Pastor David. After Obama’s victory, Pastor David wrote a letter to the church on the website. In the second paragraph he spoke about me. He didn’t call me by name, but it was obviously about me.

He told the church that there was a white woman who just could not bring herself to be joyful with the rest of the church over Obama’s election. He said that history had been made. He said that he believed that this women actually believed that Obama was the Antichrist from Scripture. I’m sure that many had a good laugh that day.

But now, almost 8 years later, I am beginning to wonder about that conversation with Pastor David. It seems that Obama has his sites set on the United Nations. In particular, he is eyeing the highest seat in that assembly – the Secretary General of the U.N.

Israel hating from the beginning

I won’t go into all of the things BHO has done against Israel – there are just too many. Let’s say that he has not hidden his disdain for PM Netanyahu and the State of Israel.  His nuclear deal with Iran was a slap in Israel’s face. He knew that this would put the Jewish state in peril like nothing else.

His friendship and ties with the Muslim Brotherhood was another slap in the face of the Jewish people.  It could not be more clear that Barack Obama detested Israel and wanted to see her blown off the face of the earth.

My mind is racing now. Could he be the Antichrist or is he a foreshadow of him?

Netanyahu would never sign that peace treaty

I have said to my husband numerous times that Bibi would not sign a peace agreement with the Antichrist. Today I read that his numbers are falling rapidly in polls, and that it will be a miracle if he can hold onto his position.

It will be a liberal who signs the peace treaty.

This is almost too much to think about. I have to take this to our Lord. He is in control and He knows what will happen. He alone knows if Obama is the “Wicked” spoken of in Scripture.

We are so close

As I’ve heard it said lately – things are not falling apart – they are falling into place. I truly believe this.  All of God’s prophetic Word will be fulfilled.  Is it unnerving at times? Of course! We are in these mortal and frail bodies. But the only way we stay strong is to press in closely to our Father. There is safety in His arms.

Keep looking up, brethren.  His Word is true – He cannot lie. The twinkling of an eye is an amazingly quick event.  We will be here, and then we will be with our Lord in heaven- in the twinkling of an eye!

 “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Wherefore comfort one another with these words” (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18).

Think about that when you are troubled.

Shalom b’Yeshua



15 thoughts on “What Our Black Pastor Asked Me Almost 8 Years Ago Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

  1. We went for years watching everything Obama was doing, thinking the same thing, that kind of died down; but now hearing about the U.N. aspirations, I think it’s a real possibility again. I believe we are at the end of the end. God should have already allowed this country to be destroyed, because of our now great wickedness. But, not willing for any to be lost, and longsuffering, we’re still here. I earnestly PRAY more will believe before our LORD JESUS CHRIST returns for the elect. Also I’m concerned about all the pets that will be left, but all the world is in God’s hands, so somehow I need not worry.

    1. F eel stupid for admitting this. But I pray that God watches over my dog LOL.. God loves and there is nothing wrong in this. Still feel stupid an I also mention that when talking to God

      1. I’m glad to hear you are also concerned about the animals. Where do you think Trump might fit into this picture? I have been praying Ted Cruz would be elected, but it looks like trump has the momentum. I believe God eventually stops blessing every wicked nation, and of course that we’re there. I wonder if Trump or either hillary or bernie would be the leader of the north American 10th part of the world empire? I’ve seen somewhere Canada, USA, and Mexico together as one of the ten.

  2. alicegrisham770

    Thank you for sharing this.  I want to share what happen in a large church in Atlanta  that is attended by one of Martin Luther Kings neices. The pastor there had preached righteousness and to vote righteousness ie againist abortion and homosexual marriage etc.  The first Sunday after the first election of Obama he told his black congregation that those who had voted for Obama that they would be the very ones to take the mark of the beast.  They did not hold up righteousness but fell to the deception of MAN.  There is a remnant out there that holds on to Christ over all others.  May we all be found faithful.

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      1. great article geri. when barry first was ordained emperor there were millions searching the internet to see if he was the anti-Christ. many asked their pastors. one big problem is that few pastors teach prophecy so it kind of became a conspiracy issue. and then of course it all played into the prejudice thing. over the last 7 years , the damage done by barry on all levels is unreal. yet a certain amount of people are mesmerized to facts for some reason. I have noticed though that some prophecy teachers have softened their position on whether he could be the ac. the eastern and western leg theory. I think hal Lindsey said it best ” I don t think Obama is the ant-Christ, but he sure acts like it”

  3. Very well said. Your articles always seems to speak to my spirit. May you continue walk in the calling that God has you in with boldness, peace, love and truth regardless of what those tares in the church say or do to discourage you. The lord indeed has his remnant.

    In Him, Shalom

  4. I TOO was totally shocked that BHO won the White house in 2008, but even MORE shocked he did it again in 2012. It is so obvious we are all living under a STRONG delusion. But since God is in control, I am waiting to see just what will transpire with BHO’s goal to win the big job in the UN. IF he wins, it will be the end of the US, and maybe that is how America will finally meet her end….God help us…He can certainly no longer BLESS us….

  5. Very good article with one problem. What a pastor does something like that he needs to be called out by name. If I had to guess its probably Jakes. The Bible says in the last days people would be deceived and deceive. I have no problem saying anyone who supported a person like Obama their walk with the Lord is questionable.

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  7. Thanks Geri — obviously your discernment is correct. And Christians should be beyond skin color; however we know better.
    The fact is that Black people are still on their way back from “living in the US.” They have clearly been relegated to the shadows of this once thriving society (they even faced discrimination while sacrificing their lives in World War Two); it hasn’t been until the 60’s that they really gained a foothold on the status quo on a large scale. There has been far more compassion for Muslims threatening to murder us that for American blacks. All of these realities have to be taken into account.
    Moreover, who could have foreseen just how incredibly far Obama would have taken this country? We are beyond Sodom. Now Black people have been herded into the Liberal party like sheep going to the slaughter. Yet many, as is the case with Whites, have seen the light. God knows who has been written in the Book of Life.

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  9. Good thing you have discernment.. The President has laughed at the remarks that he could be the antichrist.. but one thing is true.. he is a anti-Christ.. He has to approve any photo op that goes out of the White House.. While talking with Netanyahu over the phone, he had his feet propped up on the desk, and had the soles of his shoes sent out across the newspapers.. this is a direct insult to the Jewish people.. having a Muslim background, he should know this.. was it on purpose? we will never know.

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