GRUESOME NEWSOM: Newsom Seeks to Delete Law That Makes it a Crime to Kill a Baby After It’s Born


Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif) has been very vocal about his pro-abortion stance, undermining states that placed restrictions on abortions passed a certain week of pregnancy. 

In a recent letter addressed to Newsom, bill AB 2223 will change a California law “in a way that radically undermines protection for newborns,” and if signed, “will allow certain forms of infanticide.”

Introduced by Assembly member Buffy Wicks, the proposed bill would do away with its current infanticide law which makes it a crime to kill a baby that was born within a year. 

If Newsom goes ahead and signs into a law, the bill would erase the requirement for a county coroner to hold inquests to investigate perinatal deaths “related to or following known or suspected self-induced or criminal abortion.”

It would also bill “delete the requirement” for a coroner to handle “an unattended fetal death” as a “death without medical attendance.”

Doing away with this law would also protect those responsible if a baby was left to die after a failed abortion, meaning it could effectively legalize infanticide up to twenty-eight days after the baby is born for any reason. 

Last week Newsom launched a series of ads blasting Republican states who have placed restrictions on abortions with several of them taking aim at the Bible. 

This comes as Newsom was asked why so many people are fleeing California despite the governor touting how “great” of a state it is. 

Many factors — and there’s been two deep analyses that drives the No. 1 factor… The vast majority, almost the entire amount, impacted because of visa policies in the Trump administration. Our formula for success is getting first-round draft choices from the rest of the world. I mean, we’re as dumb as we want to be,” Newsom said. Source


Lord please come and get Your bride!


11 thoughts on “GRUESOME NEWSOM: Newsom Seeks to Delete Law That Makes it a Crime to Kill a Baby After It’s Born

  1. Donna

    You know some of us would love to leave California however, The Lord has us here for a purpose which we do not know yet.
    Also many of us are not leaving because we are senior citizens living on SS and unable to move. Can not afford to.
    We love Jesus, we walk with Jesus and looking forward for Him to fetch us up.🙏❤️🙏❤️

    1. In no way was I comparing the people of California to the governor. My son and his wife and children live in California. Gavin Newsom is an evil man – that is all I know.

  2. If the dems retain power in DC congress & senate & OBiden falls out of favor with the Deep Staters & WEF then look to see that some how the Gruesome one will be our next (ugh) presidential servant of Satan. He seems to be of the antichrist spirit
    & I think he was summoned to DC for a secret strategy type meeting with top dumocrats fairly recently. He’s overqualified in evil aspirations a quality the Dems love with passion.
    That’s my guess if our God doesn’t intervene.

      1. Jim V.

        HI Geri, I’ve heard the rumor that Newsom is thinking of running the President if Joe Biden doesn’t planned to re-run the election. And I’ve heard the rumor that evil lady, Michigan governor would be Newsom’s VP candidate. California is stink which is sad because lot of people were telling me back then were good old days. Now??? It’s terrible place to live in California. Time changed.

  3. robinlinaz

    We are still living in the Church Age where evil is being restrained. Nevertheless, we can see it pushing very hard against all the walls of godliness, truth, law, compassion, and morality. When we are gone in the Rapture these debauched people will be fully unleashed, along with the satanic realm, to do their worst. For a short time. Sin makes people stupid and wicked; a terrible combination.

    Already these evildoers have proven there is nothing they won’t do to kill, steal and destroy…with the full backing of their reprobate supporters. Their hypocrisy is unbridled and they are utterly corrupted, totally without self-awareness. (The Martha’s Vineyard illegal immigrant fiasco last week was a wonder to behold. I imagine God got a good laugh over the abandonment of their Sanctuary City label when they were forced to confront the consequences of their own idiotic ideologies.)

    Surely, Jesus must be at the door. ALL the signs are converging. We are living in a Jenga Tower world, which has seemingly reached twice the size it could possibly reach without collapsing, based on the laws of gravity. As Christians, we see God is holding it all together…but for how much longer?!

    Geri, I read Daymond Duck’s article this morning, where he mentions your health issues on I am praying for you sister, and am truly sorry you are in so much pain. Also praying for all Believers around this groaning world, who are suffering. It can’t be much longer now.

    Sending many hugs, and prayers.

    1. Robin, thank you for the prayers about my health. I also have another problem. I am allergic to all antibiotics except one (I thought). I got a sinus infection a couple of weeks ago and I waited to see if it would resolve itself, but it didn’t. My doctor put me on Keflex (the one I thought I could tolerate. I took it for 3 days but my joint and shin bones were so painful – it brought me to tears. I had to stop it. Then I found out that all antibiotics cause the bones to break down (osteoporosis) I am SO ready for my new body as I’m sure ALL the readers are as well!

      1. RobinL

        Oh Geri I’m so sorry! I didn’t know that about antibiotics either. Good grief I’ve taken so many in my life…yes, please Jesus come take us home 🤴✝️💥!

  4. Jim V.

    Geri, this morning I read Rapture Ready site of Daymond Duck posted an article, he mentioned about your health problem. I’m so sorry what you’re going though. Hang in there. Very soon we will get new bodies. God bless.

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