2 thoughts on “Listen Up All You WOKE LEFTIST DEMOCRATS: Tucker Carlson Exposes Your BLATANT HYPOCRISY- THIS is CLASSIC CARLSON

  1. It might take a civil war to wake up America. I hope not. Most people seem to be shielded from the real goings on by their cell phones, censored news choices, tv progressive programing, peer group pressure, friends & their woke bosses at work. The frog is almost dead from the boiling water but it may take a little longer b4 it croaks. The mid-terms are almost here & if the demoncrats retain their majorities I can guarantee the loss of freedoms & the WEF bond will be even more solidified for our demise nor are there any guarantees things will change much for the better as there are so many RHINOS & woke in the GOP now. Tucker did a fine job spelling out the hypocrisy & maybe some will wake up to our govt’s destructive path to absolute tyranny & enslavement of its citizens, but you can’t say the Lord Jesus hasn’t adequately warned us. He is our ONLY hope & as Noah Hutchings used to say “prayer changes things”.

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