‘In God We Trust’ Signs Going Up in More Texas Schools

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The motto “In God We Trust” is being displayed in a growing number of Texas schools thanks to a law that recently went into effect requiring its display in a prominent location in public schools and institutions of higher education in the Lone Star state.

Texas state Sen. Bryan Hughes, a Republican, co-authored Senate Bill 797, which was passed last year and requires schools to display the motto as long as the signs featuring it came from private donations, at no cost to taxpayers.

“The national motto, In God We Trust, asserts our collective trust in a sovereign God,” Hughes said in an Aug. 17 statement on Twitter following an appearance for a Northwest Austin Republican Women’s Club event earlier in the week.

Hughes shared a photo of one of the signs, saying he’s encouraged by people “coming forward to donate these framed prints to remind future generations of the national motto.”

The law states that Texas public schools and institutions of higher learning must display the national motto in a “conspicuous place,” and an increasing number of signs featuring the words have been donated to school districts across Texas.

Patriot Mobile, a Texas-based cellphone company, donated several “In God We Trust” signs to Carroll Independent School District (ISD) campuses, saying in a statement on social media that they’re “proud to be a part of having our nation’s motto hung in our public schools.”

“Our mission is to passionately defend our God-given, Constitutional rights and freedoms, and to glorify God always,” the company added.

The company later clarified that they donated framed “In God We Trust” posters to “many other school districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and we will continue to do so until all the schools in the area receive them.”

“We are honored to be part of bringing God back into our public schools!” the company said.
Carroll ISD shared a photograph of the donated signs in a post on Twitter.
Similar signs have gone up in Austin and the Houston area, according to the Houston Chronicle.
But not everyone is pleased with the law that requires the display of the “In God We Trust” signage.
Anya Kushwaha, founder of the Southlake Anti-Racism Coalition, told NBCDFW in an interview that the law is problematic as it blurs the line separating church and state.

“I feel like they don’t have a choice right now to put them up, but hopefully this will spark larger conversations about having more freedom of expression, so if they are allowed to put up signs like this there should be no reasons that other students or people can’t put up signs that have different messaging,” Kushwaha told the outlet.

Despite some objections, the signs are increasingly popping up in Texas schools, with The Yellow Rose of Texas Republican Women saying in a recent post on social media that they had donated a number of the signs to Houston area school districts.

“In God We Trust” became the official motto of the United States in 1956 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower put his signature on a bill that gave it the force of law. SOURCE




CORRUPTION ABOUNDS – Even in the Church: GOD IS OUR ONLY HOPE by Dale Vernon

For the last six years, we have witnessed the stunts pulled by the Trump opposition rascals.

They never give up. They have plenty of money as well because the globalists supply unlimited funds to look under every rock for anything their media lap dogs will, without conscience, twist, print & televise to fuel the fires of hate and doubt.

These arrogant miscreants create endless harassing “investigations” for “wrongdoing”. What a joke that has been, but fear not peasants as the silver tongued fox is guarding the hen house.

If that doesn’t work, throw the election and their bribed illegal system judges, DOJ, FBI etc will take care of the outcome. If good arguments come up by honest people then they must be censored, jailed, fired or families threatened.

We have watched them operate over the years and they are merciless. We can’t put any hope in America’s Judicial, Executive or Congressional branches. I believe America is too rotten to be restored as the world’s beacon of hope & fairness it once was.

Let’s face it, even the visible apostate church is due for Judgement. God has allowed Satan to have his way, and few seem to realize the extent of it. Not convinced? So how hard is it to find a real Bible believing church dedicated wholly to Jesus these days?

How many times have you left a church because they went off the rails? If you are fortunate to run across someone who is searching for real answers and eternal hope, what church is around that you can send them to – confident they will get the real gospel?

Once upon a time in America, those Gospel preaching churches were as plentiful as weeds in your lawn. Now the salvation message must be presented by you and me because the bottom line oriented, apostate, Laodicean churches are everywhere – so we must prepare ourselves to ably present the Gospel.

Pray for the salvation of people God puts in our path, and that we maintain the Lord’s standard of holiness in our lives for public observation. Hopefully they see us calm and reassured about our future in Christ, even though the sky is falling on America.

America as a sovereign nation as we know it is done BUT we (the truly born-again) are the church and we aren’t done.

We are still here so let’s do what the Lord commands in our Guidebook, the Holy Bible. He is our Boss – not OBiden’s version of Tammany Hall.

Look up as our redemption draweth nigh.