World Economic Forum says it’s time to start microchipping humans with ‘augmented reality’ by Leo Hohmann


An article posted on the World Economic Forum’s website makes the case for implantable microchips – including in healthy adults and even children.

The article sings the praises of what it calls “augmented reality,” a euphemism for transhumanism, and predicts it will soon be normalized.

Transhumanists believe the next big leap in the evolution of humanity will be directed by humans themselves, taking advantage of advancing technologies that allow them to blur the line between human physiology and computerized artificial intelligence.

In the article posted August 16 on its website, the WEF says:

  • Augmented reality technology has the ability to transform societyand individual lives.
  • As much as visual and hearing aids are a part of our lives today, implant technologies could become the norm in future.
  • Stakeholders in society will need to agree on how to ethically make these amazing technologies a part of our lives.

Take a look at the short promotional video the WEF includes with the article.

“Are we moving towards a ‘brave new world’?” the article asks, adding:

“As scary as chip implants may sound, they form part of a natural evolution that wearables once underwent.”

The WEF is attempting to conflate implantable microchips with innocuous inventions like hearing aids, prosthetic legs and eye glasses. This is a deliberate deception. Eye glasses and hearing aids may improve our functionality as human beings but they don’t have the potential to change our very makeup as humans.

Yuval Noah Harari, an Israeli historian and chief adviser to the WEF, has said that if he had access to artificial intelligence when he was younger, he believes he would have discovered he was a homosexual at age 11 or 12 instead of at 17. In fact, a Newsweek article from September 8, 2017, made the case that AI can predict “with startling accuracy” whether someone is gay or straight.

Tell me this is no different than wearing glasses or a hearing aid. Not buying it.

The WEF is clearly starting to get defensive now that its anti-human agenda is becoming more widely known among the masses. They are no longer able to operate under a cloak of anonymity. The globalist organization, based in Geneva, Switzerland, and headed by prominent futurist and German economist Klaus Schwab, is one of the world’s main drivers for population control and what many critics believe is the gateway to transhumanism – the experimental gene-based Covid “vaccines.”

Schwab has said he wants every person on the planet jabbed. 

“As long as not everybody is vaccinated nobody will be safe,” he says in the video below, which of course was the exact opposite of the truth. Those who got injected with the toxic spike protein are the ones playing Russian roulette with their health, not to mention they gave up their rights to bodily autonomy.

Schwab and his WEF comrades, which include vaccine peddler Bill Gates, BlackRock CEO and ESG peddler Larry Fink, Metaverse peddler Mark Zuckerberg, Harari, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Pete Buttigieg, Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern, Boris Johnson, etc., have all spent the last two years calling for a “Great Reset” of all aspects of life on earth. This requires tearing up the existing world order so we can “build back better,” with digital money and digital identities tied to a social credit scoring system.

The WEF is tightly connected to the global implementation of digital health passports, requiring people to “show their papers” before they can travel or enter public spaces.

Yet, the WEF is increasingly worried about its reputation. It prefaces its August 16 article on microchip implants with an editor’s note that says the article has been “misrepresented” on sites that “spread misinformation.”

Oh, those poor, misunderstood globalist elites. Don’t you feel sorry for them?

Anyway, back to the article, penned for the WEF by Kathleen Philips, vice president R&D of the Interuniversity Microelectronics Center.

Human implant technologies will soon become a commodity, the article suggests, arguing that there are “solid, rational” reasons for microchipping children with location trackers.

Philips argues that augmented reality technology “has the ability to transform society and individual lives” and despite sounding “scary,” will undergo the same “natural evolution” as wearable technology.

“Hearing aids or glasses no longer carry a stigma. They are accessories and are even considered a fashion item. Likewise, implants will evolve into a commodity,” she writes.

In some ways, the article reads like an advertisement for Zuckerberg’s Metaverse.

“The augmenting technology will help in all stages of life: children in a learning environment, professionals at work and ambitious senior citizens. There are many possibilities.”

Philips further explains, adding:

“Or another example: many children with attention deficit struggle in school. In the best case, they get special education services or classroom accommodations. However, with extra visual and audio guidance that blocks off excess stimuli, an otherwise-enabled child can cope with a standard school environment. And when class is over and playtime begins, they can just take the aids off.

“Augmented reality doesn’t end there. Your phone might feel like part of your body, but it’s not put in through surgery. Technology will become more intertwined with the body in the form of implants, but it will also seamlessly integrate with the environment – you might have sensors in a chair, for example.”

No, augmented reality does not end there. It does not end with simply improving the lives of the hearing impaired or otherwise handicapped. Now they are venturing into new territory. They want to “augment” those “completely healthy” people who for whatever reason do not meet their expectations as we enter into this new digital society, a society that will be more controlled and monitored. 

Philips concludes her article for the WEF as follows:

“Augmentation can be defined as the extension of rehabilitation where technological aids such as glasses, cochlear implants or prosthetics are designed to restore a lost or impaired function. Add it to completely healthy individuals and such technology can augment. Night goggles, exoskeletons and brain-computer interfaces build up the picture. The augmenting technology will help in all stages of life: children in a learning environment, professionals at work and ambitious senior citizens. There are many possibilities.”

So now, at the end of the WEF article, the vision begins to be more fully presented. You have to read to the end to find out that it’s not just about helping the downtrodden but “improving” the healthy people. Because while you may be healthy, you may not be ideally suited for the type of controlled society they are building. Through microchip implants, they openly admit, the possibilities for human manipulation are indeed endless. 

Philips believes an augmented society (i.e. transhumanist) is more or less inevitable and the only thing still up in the air is how it will be regulated. 

“The limits on implants are going to be set by ethical arguments rather than scientific capacity,” she writes.

For example, should children be implanted with microchips at birth, or maybe when they enter school?

“There are solid, rational reasons for it, like safety,” she writes, while admitting that for some it might be a “bridge too far.” You know, like those insufferable Christians who believe it’s biblically suspect to be chipping your kids like farmers do livestock.

And who does Philips believe should have regulating authority over the use of implantable microchips?

“Ethics should not be preached from an academic ivory tower. Overarching or independent institutions should guide policymakers and researchers in the augmented society on the do’s and dont’s and help build the ethical framework on societal aspects of augmented reality technology,” she writes, without naming who these “overarching” institutions might be.

She does give clues, however, pointing to the Council of Europe, which recently launched a strategic action plan for issues raised by the application of neurotechnologies, as well as the Rathenau Institute, established by the Dutch government, which assesses the impact of technology on people’s lives.

In other words, it’s the government that should decide what’s ethical and what’s not in the use of transhumanist technologies. No surprise there.

Let’s not forget that WEF founder Klaus Schwab has predicted a soon-to-arrive “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which he says will “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity.”

So the WEF can say what it wants about its August 16 article being “misrepresented” on sites that “spread misinformation.”

Taken in the full context of prior statements made by Schwab and Company, it’s hard not to believe the worse of motives are behind their drive to microchip the human population. This is a man who has openly advocated, along with his supporters, for brain implants, mandatory digital health passports, digital and programmable money, basically the digitization of everything in so-called “smart cities,” where people will “own nothing,” will have “no privacy” but will learn to like it.

This must be resisted with every fiber of our being. To do otherwise will result in not only the relinquishment of our bodily autonomy, but the death of our humanity. is 100 percent reader supported and does not accept any corporate ads or sponsorships. If you would like to help us stay online and continue waking people up to the current state of the world, you may send a contribution of any size c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.



Yesterday, I wrote a piece based on a article. It was PURE PROPAGANDA. Now today I find this satanic Manifesto stating the same thing as the other article.

Something is very wrong with this. I still smell George Soros. I will research this throughout today to find the culprit. by Satan

We, the undersigned, join together as Christians who uphold the authority of God’s Word and see science as a tool to understand God’s world. We call on all Christians to follow the advice of public health experts and support scientists doing crucial biomedical research on COVID-19.  

We are deeply concerned about the polarization and politicization of science in the public square when so many lives are at stake. The word “science” has become a weapon in the culture wars. Scientists are vilified and their findings ignored, while conspiracy theories go viral. Sadly, Christians seem just as susceptible to these trends. Thoughtful Christians may disagree on public policy in response to the coronavirus, but none of us should ignore clear scientific evidence.

It is appropriate for Christians to be skeptical of claims made by scientists who speak outside their area of expertise. We firmly reject claims that science has somehow shown God does not exist or faith is mere superstition. Such claims go beyond what science is capable of investigating. We lament the times when science and medicine have been misused to perpetrate atrocities like the racist Tuskegee experiments. But Christians should listen to scientists and doctors when they speak in their area of expertise, especially when millions of lives are at stake.

The Bible teaches that our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made by God (Psalm 139:14). Thus, those doing biomedical research—whether they are Christians or not—are studying the very handiwork of God. Scientists are discovering truths about the virus, our bodies, treatments, and vaccines. As Christians, we know that all truth, including scientific truth, is ultimately from God. 

God can do miracles of healing, but God also uses doctors and scientists to bring healing. Before Jonas Salk discovered his vaccine, polio killed 350,000 people a year, most of them children. Christians in the biomedical sciences, like Dr. Francis Collins, see their work as continuing the healing ministry of Jesus (Matthew 15:30). Pursuing medical treatment is not a sign of weak faith in God, but a grateful acceptance of God’s gifts.

Scientists of all faiths at many universities and research institutes have been working hard to combat COVID-19, including at the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. Many scientists have dropped their own research programs to devote themselves full time to understanding exactly how this virus works, how it spreads, how the disease can be treated, and which vaccines would be both safe and effective. Experts have been communicating their knowledge in real time as the pandemic progresses, which has led to some confusion. In the early days, they advised the public against masks when supplies were needed for healthcare workers, but later they changed their message in response to more data. A change in expert advice is not a sign of weakness or unreliability, but of good scientific practice and honesty. On the biggest points, scientific predictions have been proven right: scientists said stay-home orders would reduce cases, and thankfully those measures worked. Scientists predicted that ending quarantine too soon would increase cases, and that has been the case. 

Scientists are not all-knowing and have biases like the rest of us. That’s why the process of scientific research has built-in steps for testing, vetting, and validation by the whole community. While any individual scientist may be biased, the community actively critiques each other’s work to reduce bias and errors until together they develop a consensus on what the data are saying. It’s not a perfect process and one can always find dissenters, but scientists working together are far more accurate than one person’s theory on YouTube. Scientists are trained to communicate where the consensus is uncertain and to not overstate conclusions. They may speak in sound bites in an interview, but if you listen a bit longer you will hear the caveats. So when Dr. Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, tells us what scientists have learned about this infectious disease, he should be listened to.

We need more than science alone to make good decisions. Invoking “science” is not a one-word rationale for public policy; many factors need to be considered. The economic losses and social hardships of the pandemic are painful, and thoughtful Christians will disagree on how to balance those needs with health needs. Even closer to our hearts is the impact of quarantine on church fellowship. As churches reopen, Christians need to balance God’s call to meet together with God’s call to protect the vulnerable among us. We need more than science to make these decisions; we need biblical faith to be wise and discerning (James 3:13-18). As Christians throughout history have shown during other pandemics, our faith is what moves us to deep compassion for the sick, the young, the old, and the vulnerable, as we follow Jesus’ command to care for the least of these (Matthew 25:31-36). Our faith calls us to sacrifice ourselves for others and accept temporary limitations on our freedoms because we have a permanent and complete freedom in Christ (Hebrews 10:34). Our faith helps us be humble and patient when discussing contentious issues (Ephesians 4:2-3). It is our faith, not science, that overcomes fear and brings hope. God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1).

Therefore, because of our faith in Jesus Christ, we will:


Wear masks in indoor public spaces and follow other physical distancing rules given by public health officials (1 Peter 2:13-17), unless there are underlying health conditions. Yes, wearing a mask is uncomfortable and awkward, but the evidence is clear that masks reduce the chance we will transmit the disease to others. Mask rules are not experts taking away our freedom, but an opportunity to follow Jesus’ command to love our neighbors as ourselves (Luke 6:31).


Get vaccinated against COVID-19 when you are eligible to receive one of the safe and effective vaccines and as directed by a physician. A large fraction of the population needs to be vaccinated to develop the community-level immunity which protects the immuno-compromised and others who cannot be vaccinated.¹ Vaccination is a provision from God that will prevent disease not only for ourselves but for the most vulnerable among us (Matthew 25:31-36).


Correct misinformation and conspiracy theories when we encounter them in our social media and communities. Christians are called to love the truth; we should not be swayed by falsehoods (1 Corinthians 13:6). We will actively promote accurate scientific and public health information from trustworthy, consensus sources, and use this information when making decisions for our families, churches, schools, and workplaces.


Work for justice for communities who have suffered the most deaths from COVID-19. Christians are called to be courageous in fighting for justice (Micah 6:8). We should be the least indifferent to the disadvantaged and vulnerable. Groups that have been hit hard include the elderly in nursing homes, the Navajo nation where many do not have access to clean water, and people of color who continue to experience discrimination in access to health care.


We pray for God to heal the millions of sick, to comfort the thousands of grieving families, and to give wisdom to decision-makers. We pray for God to sustain biomedical and public health researchers as they work to develop treatments and a safe and effective vaccine. We pray for God to protect nurses, doctors, lab techs, and all healthcare workers fighting COVID-19 as they serve patients and our communities. And we pray for God to bless our cities and nation with justice and flourishing for all (Jeremiah 29:7).


SIGNATURES (and I do wonder how many of these are truly BORN AGAIN Believers in Christ)

¹Slightly revised since the statement was released and signed in August. Previously this said “when a safe and effective vaccine is available” instead of “when you are eligible to receive a safe and effective vaccine” and referred to “herd immunity” instead of “community-level immunity.” SOURCE

Brothers and sisters in Christ, I do hope and pray that NOT one of you reading this hogwash will believe what you have read and will NOT sign this!!.

I believe that those of us who did NOT receive the poison Jabs heard directly from the Holy Spirit within us!!