TRUMP DOCUMENT DUMP? Photos Emerge of Notes in Toilet – Who Leaked this Toilet and Who Stuffed it with too much TP? We PLUNGE into this Riveting Report

From reported Monday that photos exist of ripped-up notes allegedly found in a White House toilet that staff believed were disposed of by then-President Donald Trump.
Axios, which was sold Monday for over half a billion dollars, led coverage with images of torn notes in two toilet bowls.
The photos, if authenticated, would help to corroborate earlier claims that Trump disposed of White House documents in unconventional ways, raising questions about whether he violated federal laws on the preservation of government documents.

However, it is not clear if Trump himself flushed the notes. It is also not clear if the toilet is actually in the White House, or who would have used the president’s private lavatory. It is also not clear if the notes are official documents or personal ones. In fact, little is known beyond the existence of the photos.

Axios reported (formatting removed):
— Axios (@axios) August 8, 2022

Remember our toilet scoop in Axios AM earlier this year? Maggie Haberman’s forthcoming book about former President Trump will report that White House residence staff periodically found wads of paper clogging a toilet — and believed the former president, a notorious destroyer of Oval Office documents, was the flusher.

Trump denied it and called Haberman, whose New York Times coverage he follows compulsively, a “maggot.

Well, it turns out there are photos. And here they are, published for the first time.
Haberman was a repeated beneficiary of leaks from the Trump White House and on-the-record comment by Trump himself, at a time when Trump was not speaking frequently to conservative news outlets. She later became a Trump media nemesis. Source

It isn’t often that I cover something comical, so I took this opportunity to do just that.
I hope that it put smiles on many faces 🙂


Doctor PROVED that NIH Listed IVERMECTIN as a Safe and Recommended Therapeutic for Covid 19 – But After Doctor’s Revelation – NIH Scrubbed it!


Many saw Dr. Ardis saying that Covid Vaccines have snake venom. I must tell the reader that I never believed this.

BUT I did watch the interview with Ardis and a Canadian personality Laura Lyn Tyler where Dr. Ardis PROVED that NIH posted Ivermectin as a effective and low risk therapeutic for Covid 19.

I followed the directions on how to get to the page on NIH and yes indeed – there it was!

About a week later, I tried to get to the same page. IT WAS GONE.

I encourage the reader to watch the short video in its entirety. You will SEE for yourself that NIH did post Ivermectin as a very safe and effective therapeutic but then removed it!