CREEPY BIDEN’S Drag Queen, Now Biden Staffer, Defended Underage Gay Prostitution Website Raided by Feds in 2015 Article

At first I thought that I should not post this disgusting article. But then I felt that it’s better to know the WICKEDNESS in Biden’s administration.



When Sam Brinton was tapped for a position at the Department of Energy in February, the new Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy was already a controversial hire.

Brinton, who is a “gender-fluid” drag queen, calls the national COVID czar “Daddy Fauci” and bragged in his bio that he “has worn his stilettos to Congress to advise legislators about nuclear policy and to the White House where he advised President Obama and Michelle Obama on LGBT issues. He shows young men and women everywhere he goes that they can be who they are and gives them courage.”

He’s also what’s known as a “pup handler.” No, that’s not someone who works with abandoned puppies at the local shelter. I wish I didn’t have to explain this, and you’ll probably wish you didn’t have to read it, either, but here goes: In the gay kink community, there’s a subculture devoted to men who like to pretend they’re dogs and men who like to pretend they’re the “dog’s” handler.

After he held a discussion on the kink community at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2017, the student newspaper wrote that he regaled them with stories about “how he enjoys tying up his significant other like a table, and eating his dinner on him while he watches Star Trek.” I’m guessing that’s about as PG-13 as this sordid tale gets.

At the time, the controversy merely had to do with Brinton’s curious lifestyle choices. Some defended him because he was normalizing something they wanted normalized. Others acknowledged he was an odd duck, but none of this stopped him from carrying out his job. The final camp noted (correctly, in my view), that a man desperately in need of serious and intensive psychiatric intervention was being put in charge of safely storing spent fissile material from nuclear power plants — a sensitive position that could be filled by any number of people who don’t engage in bestiality role play.

The debate over the wisdom of Brinton’s hire has taken a decided turn, however, after a 2015 piece he wrote defending a gay prostitution website notorious for featuring children resurfaced earlier this week.

The National Pulse, a conservative publication helmed by former Breitbart staffer Raheem Kassam, first reported on the piece’s existence on Tuesday.

In “The Real Ramifications of the Rentboy Raid,” published in LGBT outlet The Advocate, Brinton argued federal officials shouldn’t have raided the offices of and shut the service down, even as he acknowledged those behind the gay prostitution website may have broken the law.

Just so we’re clear, wasn’t being shut down solely for being a sexual supermarket — although it certainly was that. In the argot of the gay subculture, a “rentboy” is a younger man who has sex with older men in exchange for money. As for the question of how youngwe’re talking here — well, part of the problem is that seemed to have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

In a 2016 indictment, prosecutors said that employees called the company’s age-verification process a “gray area” and that it “did not always remove advertisements when the advertisers failed to provide identification” of the individual’s age, The National Pulse reported.

“In one case, after an escort agency failed to provide photo identification for an escort, a RENTBOY.COM employee advised the escort agency that he had deleted photographs with the face of the subject escort, but left the advertisement online and left photographs that showed only the escort’s body,” the indictment read.

“In another case, after a different escort agency refused to provide identification for several escorts who appeared underage, the same RENTBOY.COM employee ‘suggested to [him] to crop the faces of those super young escorts.’”

This was especially true in the Asia market, where prosecutors said the company “failed to comply with its own standards requiring age verification” and ignored “employees [who] complained to RENTBOY.COM management about the quantity of underage escort advertisements.”

“RENTBOY.COM employees reviewing Asia advertisements were also told by the defendant Jeffrey Hurant and other RENTBOY.COM managers to apply lesser standards in doing age verification of Asia-market advertisements,” the indictment read.

One email mentioned in the indictment read, “In Asia ok to approve them … unless you see a baby … :)”

The CEO of would eventually plead guilty to promoting prostitution.

In his piece for The Advocate, Brinton said the raid was “a devastating assault on some of the most vulnerable members of our community” and that “the dissolution of Rentboy is more dangerous than the website ever was.”

“ may or may not have broken the law. I don’t know,” he wrote

“But I do know, from the frantic emails filling my inbox, that the raid on its headquarters has thrown many gay, bisexual and transgender young adults into turmoil as their main source of income has been ripped away due to irresponsible and archaic views of sex work.”

The young prostitutes, Brinton said, were “reaching out to me because of my passion for ending conversion therapy, a set of the dangerous and discredited practices linked to severe depression, substance abuse and even suicide.

“The connection is horrifying: Many of the young men were forced into conversion therapy by their families — the families to which they may now have to return without a steady income. This makes it my issue.”

“The rent boys weren’t harming anyone. But now these young men might have to return to communities and homes which have rejected who they are. And that’s when the real danger begins,” he wrote in conclusion.

Brinton, an MIT grad, is hardly a stupid man. Throughout the piece, he assiduously avoids mentioning anything about underage prostitutes. It doesn’t take much to read between the lines, however.

The individuals contacting him “may now have to return” to their families or “return to communities and homes which have rejected who they are.” Sure, adults do move back in with their families under exigent circumstances — but one can make a reasonable inference from Brinton’s language that he’s not entirely concerned whether these young men have reached the age of majority yet.

It’s worth noting, too, that Brinton’s concerns are almost entirely of a bourgeois, American-centric nature. The fact may have facilitated child sex trafficking in Asia either didn’t occur or didn’t matter to him — so long as young men running away from families subjecting them to conversion therapy could make a buck selling their bodies online.

In short, the piece makes it impossible to cast Brinton as a flamboyant dandy bringing a splash of Weimar, Germany, to the D.C. Beltway. It’s one thing to have esoteric sexual preferences, but quite another to enthusiastically cosign the practices of while acknowledging they may have broken the law. Online meat markets cheapen sexuality and leave deep scars that take a lifetime to heal — and that’s just for adults.

As the indictment alleged, didn’t necessarily know nor care whether the escorts using the service to sell themselves had even left childhood behind. But, Brinton thought it was a profitable tool for these young men to escape conversion therapy for a life of prostitution — which he saw as a fair exchange. Someone that morally adrift should not be in the Biden administration. SOURCE

We have all known for years that Creepy Joe seems like the stereotypical pedophile; smelling young girl’s hair as he attempts to touch these girls.

We have seen these young girls cringe and move away from him in disgust.

So, what did we expect from a pedophile’s administration??



7 thoughts on “CREEPY BIDEN’S Drag Queen, Now Biden Staffer, Defended Underage Gay Prostitution Website Raided by Feds in 2015 Article

  1. robinlinaz

    And THIS is the person in charge of managing the USA Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy?!

    He may not be ‘stupid’ in the traditional sense but sin makes you stupid. Unbridled and unrepentant sin makes you corrupt, blind, inept, confused, greedy, a liar, a pervert and sometimes a murderer. Eventually God disavows you, turns you over to your heard heart and allows you to do your worst, which in the case of human depravity has no limits.

    What is especially scary is that this man is not the exception in the Biden Administration, he is the ‘norm’. He is just like the current POTUS and the rest of the people working for him.

    Lord, PLEASE, deliver us from the evil one, and soon, we are ready to come home!!!
    Your will be done.

  2. Dale Vernon

    Kinda sounds like the debauchery committed in Roman times by the emperors, Afgan warlords & their “dancing boys”, pizzagate, Boys Town scandal, Lolita Express, Hollyweird, etc etc, el sicko, ad infinitum. During the roaring twenties the popular slogan, “Ur ok and I’m ok”. President Clinton & Monica + others in our times. The 2nd Reformation, said Robert Schuller was to be one of self esteem. Victoria Osteen said we had to learn to love ourselves b4 we can love God, “send yourself candy & flowers”. Realize the divinity within like God..sounds familiar (see Genisis chap3 & see how that worked out). So we are basically good, right? I hope you really don’t believe that baloney! If we are basically good then why would Jesus have to go to the cross & die for our tiny little, I’m basically good sins? We are lawbreakers & like any of them we must pay the penalty in full or trust someone else who is recognized & qualified by God Almighty to redeem us from the sin debt we owe to Him & can never pay. Forget your good person stuff as payment Isaiah 64:6 says in part…”And all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment.” That doesn’t mean the Lord doesn’t appreciate one who does the right thing but our good deeds don’t have redemptive power over our sin debt to God. They don’t rebalance the scales nor does God “grade on the curve.” No such thing.

    Solution: Acts 4:12 “And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven, that has been given among men, by which we must be saved.” That Name is the Lord Jesus Christ. Time is very short but you must ask Him to save you. He is a gentleman & wont intrude but He knows you well. The very hairs on your head are numbered. He knows your every thought, deeds, intentions, aspirations & sins. He will be your judge. Man dies once & then the judgement. You will be ashamed as He shows you everything done in your life. You will hate yourself as He shows you the times you rejected the Gospel. There’s no escape & all of us will die & face Him either at the White Throne Judgement for the condemned or the BEMA seat Judgement for believers who trusted Him & receive heavenly rewards. You don’t want to appear b4 Him at the White Throne because its too late & at the conclusion He will tell you “depart from Me, I never knew you.” You clever, proud, arrogant ones can play church & fool us but NOT the Lord. Your sin debt was never paid by the only One who could…the Lord Jesus.
    You are bound to eternal Hell eternally. No backing up, no 2nd chances, no work release, no parole, no clever lawyers. Eternal Judgement is final. For the wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Rom7:22.
    If you ask Jesus to save you NOW because you recognize you are a sinner & you trust Him to do just that & you will follow Him until death then you are not condemned any longer but fully redeemed & justified. Justified can also mean “Just if I had never sinned”. That’s how the Lord Jesus will see you & then you belong to Him forever. Rom 8:1 “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. The very 1st step is ask the Lord Jesus to save you because you are a sinner & NEED saved & He paid the full price just for you.

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