‘We Are Going to Get Justice’: Families Unite to Call Out Questionable Hospital Protocols That Led to Deaths

Families will finally be heard because they have NOT been heard by mainstream media outlets.

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The details in the stories of the families whose loved ones died in the hospital because of what they call “death protocols” are strikingly similar.

The patients were all scorned because of their unvaccinated status and were given a combination of sedatives and the antiviral drug remdesivir. They were also kept isolated, malnourished, and ultimately put on a ventilator before dying.

After the deaths of their loved ones, the families were left in confusion and with inconceivable stories that many don’t believe—stories of chilling administrative cruelty.

The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation (FFFF) has gathered about 200 of these stories through its COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project to build an online database of testimonies for the purpose of surveying accounts of treatment for the sick unvaccinated and prosecuting any cases involving alleged abuse.

“They are horror stories,” Carolyn Blakeman, media director and task force coordinator for FFFF, told The Epoch Times.

Many of these hospital deaths occurred in 2021, after COVID-19 vaccine mandates were announced by President Joe Biden.

In some cases, people who didn’t want to take the experimental vaccine were being fired from their jobs, while unvaccinated patients in hospitals were being treated much differently than their vaccinated counterparts.

The phrase “the pandemic of the unvaccinated” was used by public officials to place blame on those who chose to not take vaccines that later proved to not be as safe and effective as touted.

Reports from people such as Scott Schara in Wisconsin and Anne Quiner in Minnesota began to reveal patterns of behavior by hospital administrators that suggested medical discrimination and protocols that many, such as Schara and Quiner, have alleged led to the barbaric deaths of their loved ones.

To grasp how health officials, physicians, and citizens were falling in lockstep with what appeared to be a global trance, Dr. Robert Malone, a pioneer of mRNA technology, presented the idea that many have fallen into “mass formation psychosis.”

‘We Need Massive Investigations’

Brad Geyer, a former federal prosecutor for 21 years with the Department of Justice and the FBI, told The Epoch Times, “We found these testimonial accounts to be so overwhelming, unimpeachable, and compelling that it might be exactly what we need to break the spell.”

Dr. Peter McCullough, the renowned cardiologist who has spoken out against COVID-19 protocols, is the president of FFFF, a New Jersey-based nonprofit made up of former federal agents, prosecutors, lawyers, medical professionals, researchers, and volunteers whose efforts are geared toward exposing what it has determined are fraudulent COVID-19 practices established by the medical establishment and Marxist ideologies infiltrating U.S. institutions that have directed society into a “new normal” of unconstitutionality.

There are several goals of the project, one being to create a historical document on what has taken place for those who can’t get their voices heard in mainstream media outlets that have been corrupted by the “safe and effective” feedback loop, Geyer said. Then, FFFF finds representation for the victims while building a larger, collective case for crimes against humanity investigations.

There’s also the goal of putting pressure on elected officials to hold everyone involved accountable, he said.

“What is the purpose of sedating patients with 15 different drugs, including fentanyl, and withholding food and water while keeping them isolated from their families?” Geyer said. “We need massive investigations.”

‘They Scare These People to Death Through Emotional and Psychological Abuse’

In each story, Blakeman said family members have told her that doctors presented the same case for a ventilator.

“If I’ve heard that once, I’ve heard it 200 times in the exact words: ‘We’re just going to put you on the vent for a couple of days to give your lungs a rest,’” she said. “It’s like they all got the same memo on what to tell their patients. It’s insane.”

There’s also the “COVID Cocktail” that’s set before every patient, Blakeman said, which she called a kidney-failing concoction of remdesivir, vancomycin, and dexamethasone.

Each report also includes vitriolic contempt from doctors for the unvaccinated patients.

“They scare these people to death through emotional and psychological abuse,” Blakeman said. “We had a victim whose husband literally had to break her out, with cops chasing them down the hallway to their getaway car. They are treated worse than prisoners.”

The value of the interviews as historical documents will help future generations to remember and not repeat these atrocities, according to Geyer.

“Imagine if we could have interviewed all of those in the concentration camps,” he said. “That’s what we are doing here in trying to build a machine that unearths the full truth of what occurred while it can deprogram enough people to get engaged in our effort to ensure our government continues to honor and respect the full measure of rights associated with citizenship and protect our constitutional rights.”

Another goal is to set up a humanity restoration board of physicians who have been uncorrupted, such as Drs. McCullough and Malone, to administer an organization that would confer, recommend, and advocate for physicians and nurses who want to come forward to make full disclosures of what they’ve done in exchange for leniency and amnesty.

“If we could create a quasi-governmental entity of physicians and scientists to administer a whistleblower program that would initially be a trickle, it could eventually become a stream and then hopefully a river of testimonies from physicians and nurses who want to get off their consciences what they’ve done,” Geyer said.

Epoch Times Photo
Richard and Katrin Crum. (Courtesy of Richard and Katrin Crum)

‘Our Stories are Eerily the Same’

Among the people FFFF has interviewed are Katrin Crum, Aletha Chavez, and Ashley Wines, each of whom also spoke with The Epoch Times about their experiences.

“It’s been eight months since my husband was killed, and I say killed because that’s exactly what happened,” Crum said. “He did not die of COVID. He died from the federal COVID protocols that were dictated to every hospital in the country.”

Crum started the private Facebook group C19 Widows/Widowers that want JUSTICE, where she met Chavez and Wines. The group now has 600 members.

“All of our stories are eerily the same, and there’s a reason for that,” Crum said.

Crum’s husband, 58-year-old Richard, was a principal in Washington state at a private school that served special needs students.

“Over 20 of his former students attended his memorial and spoke about the positive impact he had on their lives,” she said.

After Richard’s death—a more detailed account of which can be found on FFFF’s web page—Crum said she turned her grief and anger into activism and advocacy, pouring herself into research.

“When the pandemic started, the NIH [National Institutes of Health], the FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] handed down protocols for hospitals to follow in treating COVID patients,” she said. “Never before in the history of our country did a three-letter agency dictate to the doctor what the standard of care for a patient was going to be.”

Neither the NIH nor the FDA responded to The Epoch Times’s request for comment.

Previously, individual treatment had been left up to the physician and was an open discussion between the physician and the patient, according to Crum.

“But now, all of that has been thrown out the window,” she said. “My 58-year-old husband in Washington received the exact same treatment as a 40-year-old woman in Florida who had none of the same health issues that my husband had.”

Richard was admitted on Oct. 21 and died in the hospital on Nov. 5, 2021, with Crum, who had been able to advocate her way into finally seeing him after 11 days, in the room with him as nurses attempted CPR.

“He had wrist restraints on, a sore on his face from the mask, and had lost 36 pounds in 14 days,” she said.

Before he died, one doctor had attempted to coerce Crum into agreeing to change his classification to “Do Not Resuscitate,” she said.

“I kept refusing, and finally, at the end of our conversation, she was so mad, she told me, ‘Fine, if you won’t change him to DNR when your husband goes into cardiac arrest, I’ll refuse to give him chest compressions,’” she said.

Crum had a private autopsy and toxicology report done that listed medical conditions that caused his death other than COVID-19: a 90 percent blockage in the main artery of his heart that went untreated throughout his 16-day stay at the hospital and a lethal dose of fentanyl.

The protocols make the patients like her husband sicker and lead to death while reaping high financial incentives from the federal government through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic  Security (CARES) Act and the American Rescue Plan supplemental funding to hospitals, she said.

Hospitals get reimbursed for admitting or having a patient test positive for COVID-19, which is why there are reports such as Crum’s in which staff will continue to test a patient for the virus, even if they weren’t admitted with a positive test.

She said hospitals get reimbursed for using remdesivir, putting a patient on a ventilator, and having a patient die with COVID-19 listed on the death certificate.

‘A Perverse Agenda’

Tom Renz, an attorney with America’s Frontline Doctors and Make Americans Free Again—organizations that oppose unconstitutional federal health mandates—spoke with The Epoch Times in a previous article about the reimbursements.

Renz said hospitals get federal funding through the CARES Act, which gives a 20 percent increase in reimbursement to hospitals for inpatient stays resulting from COVID-19.

“The laws are structured in a way that incentivizes hospitals to kill people,” he said. “The hospital makes more money if you die from COVID-19 than if you recover from it. Why don’t we incentivize hospitals for getting people cured of COVID?”

In a Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services in June, Texas state Sen. Bob Hall alluded to stories such as the ones collected by the FFFF when he said, “Never before have we seen the government step between the patient and the doctor and usurp that doctor’s right to exercise their conscience, their training, and what they know that patient needed.”

Hall said it’s something “we need to get to the bottom of” so that it doesn’t become “the norm,” because the treatment isn’t only unhelpful, but also causing harm.

“How many people walk into U.S. hospitals and don’t walk out again because of this perverse agenda?” Crum asked. “A very high number.”

Roberto and Aletha Chavez. (Courtesy of Aletha Chavez)
Roberto and Aletha Chavez. (Courtesy of Aletha Chavez)

‘I Trusted Them’

Chavez’s more detailed account of her husband Roberto’s death in a hospital in California can be found on FFFF’s web page.

Roberto was a deputy sheriff for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department who lifted weights and hiked every day.

“We were told he was the healthiest person there with COVID,” Chavez said. “He never took any medications, worked out every day, and had no co-morbidities.”

Roberto was aware of stories of neglect in nursing homes and hospitals throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she said.

“He didn’t want to be admitted, but we just thought that he would go in and get a breathing treatment and come home, so, I took him to the hospital,” Chavez said. “It’s my biggest regret after all I know now.”

Roberto was admitted overnight on Aug. 17.

From the beginning, he was isolated, treated with neglect and disrespect because of his unvaccinated status, and put through the same series of protocols that led to Richard’s death, according to Chavez.

“He had told me he needed to use the bathroom, but couldn’t get a nurse to help him,” she said. “He asked me to call the nurses station at least five times since they would not respond to him.”

Chavez received a call at 4 a.m. from a nurse telling her that Roberto had fallen out of bed.

“I know my husband,” she said. “He’s not just going to lay there. He’s going to get up and use the bathroom.”

The nurse told Chavez that there were no injuries from the fall, but because Roberto lost his oxygen mask, he had gone into respiratory failure, which then led to their petition to put him on ventilation, she said, even though it was never a treatment he wanted.

“We had been texting and talking on the phone every day, so I knew he had been fine,” she said. “They told me if we don’t vent him he’ll die, so I was put on the spot. I agreed. When given that choice, what would you do? I trusted them.”

The next day, Roberto’s heart stopped three times, and on the third time, he couldn’t be resuscitated. He died on Aug. 26, 2021.

“That was the worst day of my life,” she said.

At first, Chavez said she thought it was just neglect, then she paid an outside company of physicians and nurses to review Roberto’s medical records, which showed what they referred to as many red flags and, among other issues, that Roberto had been saturated with cross-interaction drugs while kept on fentanyl.

“As I delved further into this, I found that my story is many, many other people’s stories,” Chavez said.

Epoch Times Photo
Phillip Carron and Ashley Wines. (Courtesy of Ashley Wines)

‘They Told Us It Was His Fault’

Ashley Wines, a nursing student whose story in more detail can be found on FFFF’s webpage, lost her 32-year-old fiance Phillip Carron on Oct. 14, after he was admitted on Sept. 23, 2021.

“Phil was a real estate agent here locally in Bellingham, Washington,” Wines said. “He actually just became sales manager and senior vice president for NW Premium Homes shortly before everything happened. We pretty much had our future set up for us.”

Like Crum and Chavez, she encountered rabid discrimination because of Phillip’s unvaccinated status, she said.

“When I tried to drop off some food, one nurse yelled at me, telling me that because he was unvaccinated, he was going to die and that he’s not going to be eating or drinking for the rest of the time he’s here,” Wines said.

Initially, Phillip was going to be kept for observation; however, after he denied vaccination, she said he was put on morphine overnight, which she said increases respiratory distress.

“The next morning, he’s getting sent to ICU and labeled ‘imminent death,’” Wines said. “A couple of days later, they start giving him precedex, which is a strong sedative, and remdesivir.”

After one dose of remdesivir, Phillip went into complete liver failure, she said.

Wines’s questioning of the protocols eventually got her banned from calling the hospital, she said, and she could no longer speak with Phillip, so she relied on Phillips’s mother, Pam, as power of attorney.

While Phillip was on the ventilator for 15 days, Wines said he had lost 86 pounds.

“I would say 75 percent of the nurses were just nasty,” she said. “Every single doctor was nasty. We had doctors laugh at us. They told us it was his fault because he was not vaccinated.”

Wines and Phillip’s mother, Pam, were with Phillip the day he died, but had left two hours earlier, according to Wines.

“I worked in hospice; I know what end-of-life looks like,” she said. “There’s no way we would have left had I thought he was going to pass. I find it interesting that two hours after we left, he passed.”

These are just brief examples skimming the surface of Crum’s, Chavez’s, and Wines’s stories, which can be found in more detail—in addition to the stories of others—on the FFFF’s COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project’s webpage.

‘We Are Going to Get Justice’

“People don’t want to believe that this is happening,” Crum said. “But as more stories come out, you cannot deny it.”

There are hundreds of people willing to come forward to share stories like theirs, she said.

“This has got to stop,” Crum said. “I think whoever set this evil system in place thought we would just dissolve into a heap of grief.”

Although there are times when they may want to do just that, it’s now become bigger than that, she said.

“We are going to fight. We want the protocols to stop, and we want to hold these people accountable,” Crum said. “We are going to get justice.” SOURCE

Right before Christmas of 2021, our neighbor and my good friend, Donna, died in the hospital at the hands of sociopaths who were simply following orders. Sounds like nazi Germany, doesn’t it?

I call them sociopaths because these people could NOT do the things they do to C-19 patients if they had a conscience. The C-19 patients of which I speak were the ones who had not been jabbed. They were not treated like the patients who were jabbed and got C-19 anyway.

These patients were Marked for Death.

Donna was sent home with a collapsed lung. She was brought back to the hospital and injected with numerous pain killers. It was told to her family that she needed to be on the ventilator to help her. She died that very night.

If this sounds familiar to the readers, it’s because it was all part of the script. These so-called doctors and nurses should be behind bars for the rest of their lives.


WARNING: Food Shortage IS Coming

Many believe that the talk of a worldwide famine is simply scare tactics. I seem to be reading on many credible sites that this is very real and that people should be preparing.

From raptureready.com

Is America on the Cusp of a Food Catastrophe? :: By Jonathan Brentner

Warnings of catastrophic food shortages by the end of 2022 abound. What are we to make of these?

In the book of Genesis, Joseph prepared Egypt for the coming famine and saved the lives of a great many people, including his entire family. Is it prudent to follow his example and prepare for what many tell us is coming our way?

There’s a Proverb that I believe speaks to the day in which we live.

“The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it” (Proverbs 22:3).

Please allow me to present the evidence that I have and demonstrate why it’s prudent, or wise, to prepare for the food shortages looming on our horizon.

Warnings of Great Economic Peril

The warnings of coming economic peril are far too frequent to ignore. Even if food remains on the shelves at some stores, this will make it difficult for a great many people to afford to buy groceries.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon recently warned about a coming “economic hurricane.” He said this:

“It’s a hurricane. Right now, it’s kind of sunny, things are doing fine, everyone thinks the Fed can handle this … That hurricane is right out there, down the road, coming our way. We just don’t know if it’s a minor one or Superstorm Sandy or Andrew or something like that. You better brace yourself.” [i]

It’s disconcerting that the JPMorgan Chase CEO refers to record-high gas prices and double-digit inflation for groceries as “kind of sunny.” What might the “hurricane” have in store for us if it’s “sunny” now when a great many people are already suffering and unable to make ends meet?

Robert Kiyosaki is an American businessman, author, and the head a of private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videos. Michael Snyder, in his article 4 Really Big Names That Are Warning That Major Economic Disaster Is Ahead, quoted one of his tweets (with his emphases):

“DO YOU HAVE a PLAN ‘B’? We are in the BIGGEST BUBBLE in world history. Bubbles in stocks, real estate, commodities & oil. FUTURE? Possible DEPRESSION with HYPER-INFLATION….”  [ii]

Michael Snyder, a blogger and economic analyst, in that same article wrote this:

“I hope that you are enjoying these beautiful summer weekends while you still can because it appears that very troubled times are dead ahead. Simultaneously, inflation continues to spiral out of control even as economic activity in the U.S. dramatically slows down. Many have compared what we are currently experiencing to the “stagflation” of the 1970s, but the truth is that what we are facing will eventually be so much worse than anything that we went through back then. A meltdown of historic proportions is here, and as you will see below, some of the biggest names in the entire country are talking about it.”  [iii]

Britt Gillette, prominent biblical prophecy author and blogger, recently wrote:

“So, what does all this mean? It means a major economic crisis is on the horizon. It may be the worst global economic crisis ever – worse than the Great Depression. In times of chaos and economic instability, dangerous political leaders and demagogues capture the public imagination. Past economic crises led to the rise of Napoleon, the launch of the Bolshevik Revolution, and the consolidation of German state power in the hands of Adolph Hitler. All these events had grave consequences for the entire world, not just the individual nations in question. Why should we believe this time will be any different? We shouldn’t.”  [iv]

Besides the warnings of increasingly difficult economic times ahead, many are also warning of a severe crisis this fall and winter caused by dangerous food shortages and soaring costs for groceries beyond what we have already seen.

Warnings of Catastrophic Food Shortages

Below is a sampling of quotes that speak of catastrophic food shortages in our future.

Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue recently told Fox News that the world is on the brink of a food crisis. “We are on the precipice of a global food crisis,” he told Maria Bartiromo. [v]

Rockefeller Foundation president Rajiv Shah described what is soon to unfold as a “massive, immediate food crisis that will strike the entire world, leaving no country untouched.” [vi]

Michael Snyder, on his End of the American Dream blog, wrote about the dire situation facing America and the world. I know it’s long, but he sums up my point better than I can:

“The hits just keep on coming. Over the past few months, I have carefully documented the rapidly growing global food crisis, and I have explained that even here in the United States, food production is going to be way below original expectations this year. Unfortunately, most of the population still doesn’t grasp what is happening. Most people simply assume that everything will turn out okay somehow. Meanwhile, farmers are telling us as loudly as they can that everything will most definitely not be okay. 

“In my entire lifetime, I have never seen America’s farmers this alarmed about what is ahead. And of course, everything that we are currently witnessing in the U.S. and around the globe is setting the stage for the sort of historic famines that I have been relentlessly warning my readers about. I wish that I knew a way to get through to the millions upon millions of apathetic people out there that don’t seem to care that a major food crisis is coming, because the suffering that we are going to witness all over the world will be off the charts.” [vii]

I follow a great many newsfeeds that include both believers and those outside the faith. I hear many voices warning of the food crisis that’s about to hit the world and America. Making matters worse are the famine and severe droughts in parts of the world, including the western half of the United States.

The title of this insightful article says it all: U.S. Farmers Issue Dire Warnings of Looming Food Shortages as Most Americans are Clueless as to How Their Food is Produced and Unprepared for What’s Coming. This piece puts together several news stories that contain warnings from farmers concerning the high prices of diesel fuel and fertilizers. Below is a quote from it:

“Today, less than 1% of the population of the United States now produces food for the other 99%, thanks to the technological age, so when farmers, particularly farmers with contracts in the commodity food industry, which is by far the majority, speak out with warnings about what is ahead, it is time to sit up and listen, and realize that if you cannot buy food from your usual local grocery outlets, there will be no one to bail you out if you have not prepared for such a situation.”

A recent article on The Epoch Times website also warns of food shortages later this year and into 2023:

“With each passing week, it’s becoming increasingly clear that severe food shortages are going to be inevitable, more or less worldwide, and whatever food is available will continue to go up in price. The cost of agricultural inputs such as diesel and fertilizers is skyrocketing due to shortages — caused by a combination of intentional and coincidental events — and those costs will be reflected in consumer food prices come fall and next year.”  [viii]

Shortages of Diesel Fuel and DEF Could Spell Doom for Many Americans

Because less than 1% of America’s population produces food, we are totally dependent on diesel fuel for our survival. Without engines propelled by it, food would never reach our groceries stores, and we would starve to death.

The following is a quote from Time magazine warning of the dangers inherent in the shortages of diesel fuel:

“Though most consumers shake their heads at the cost of gasoline and complain about the cost of filling up their car tanks, what they really should be worried about is the price of diesel. The U.S. economy runs on diesel. It’s what powers the container ships that bring goods from Asia and the trucks that collect goods from the ports and bring them to warehouses and then to your home. The farmers who grow the food you eat put diesel in their tractors to plow the fields, and the workers that bring construction equipment to build your home put diesel in their trucks.” [ix]

Not only does the planting and harvesting of crops depend on diesel fuel, but it’s necessary to keep the trucks running that take the harvest of our food supply to relevant plants and then to the stores. I know that the majority of you know this, but so many assume that we can survive without gasoline, natural gas, and diesel fuel; the truth is that all these sources of energy are absolutely essential, and without them, tens of millions of Americans would die of starvation in a very short time.

The looming crisis extends beyond just the shortages of diesel fuel and the soaring prices for this fuel but also to diesel engine oil and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). Newsweek magazine had this to say about the looming DEF shortage:

“The U.S. could soon experience a severe shortage of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), impacting U.S. drivers already hit with soaring fuel prices. DEF is a solution made up of urea and de-ionized water that is needed for almost everything that runs on diesel. It reduces harmful gases being released into the atmosphere and works by converting nitrogen oxide produced by diesel engines into nitrogen and steam. The solution is injected into the exhaust stream to limit pollution from diesel engines in order to meet current exhaust emissions standards.” [x]

Not only do these things potentially spell disaster for our food supply, but it could mean the deaths of a great many people in the U.S. I cannot emphasize this enough; the warnings regarding shortages of diesel fuel, oil for diesel engines, and DEF could alone spell disaster for tens of millions of people in the U.S.

A Controlled Demolition

Perhaps even more alarming is the purposeful destruction of sources for both food and the draconian restrictions on energy production in the U.S.

Recently, thousands of cattle died in Kansas. The media gave the official cause as excessive heat. In response, I read numerous reports saying that the “official response” was a lie. Ranchers from many other states contradicted the story, stating that even higher temperatures in the past did not impact their herds in this way.

They also said that it’s highly suspicious that so many died at the same time; such things just do not happen. Maybe a few weaker heifers might die from extreme heat, but never thousands at one time. That never happens.

The killing of these cattle was deliberate and fits with a pattern of demolishing the food supply in America.

Lest you think that I’m a wild conspiracy theorist, and some do, it’s well-documented that in the United States alone, fires have struck at least 97 food processing facilities since January of 2021.

Michael Snyder lists all 97 of them in his blog post, More Major Disasters Hit U.S. Food Production – Are You Prepared For What Comes Next? [xi] Click here to see a listing of all of these with dates and locations. And other disasters have taken place since he posted this detailed account.

The authorities in the U.S. are also ordering the slaughtering of chickens and turkeys in huge numbers. They blame the “bird flu,” but it’s too coincidental for me. I’m highly suspicious.

Combined with the famine in many of the western states, the controlled demolition of America adds up to a crisis that will soon hit the U.S. as well as the rest of the world.

Jesus is Coming Soon

What does all this mean?

First, I believe the food crisis on the horizon signifies that we prepare as best we can for the danger that lies ahead. It’s a matter of being prudent.

The writer of the article for The Epoch Times agrees:

“While it’s difficult to predict just how bad it will get in any given area, it seems safe to say that everyone should prepare for some degree of food shortages, regardless of where you live, as we’re staring at a perfect storm of confounding factors that are global in nature and therefore can cause far-reaching and somewhat unpredictable ripple effects.” [xii]

Second, it tells us that Jesus is coming for His church in the very near future.

The catastrophic shortages of fuel and food that lie in the future for our world speak to conditions that the apostle John described in Revelation 6:1-8. (My recent post, The Sound of Approaching Hoofbeats, goes into much detail on how what we are seeing today fits with these verses.)

However, there’s good news in all of this: the Bible says we will be with Jesus before He unleashes the seal judgments described in these verses.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3, Paul describes the judgments that John would decades later write about in Revelation as the Day of the Lord wrath that will come unexpectedly upon the people of the world.

For believers that are awake, however, this day will not surprise them “like a thief” (1 Thessalonians 5:4). Why is that?

First, we recognize the signs of this coming day, and they are everywhere we look.

Second, the apostle promises that the Lord will come for us before this day in 1 Thessalonians 5:9-10:

“For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us so that whether we are awake or asleep we might live with him.”

This is joyous news for all of us that are securely in Christ. We may suffer between now and the Rapture, but the Bible tells us that the Rapture will happen before the astronomically high death toll of Revelation 6:8 occurs. That’s day of the Lord stuff, and according to Paul, the Rapture must happen before that.

My wife and are, bit by bit, adding to our reserve of food; we believe that a crisis is coming and want to both be prepared and in a position to help others who are not as able to prepare. Our prayer is that if we do not need our added supply because of the Rapture, a tribulation saint might find our home.

Maranatha! Come soon, Lord Jesus!