CREEPY JOE Says What We All KNEW Was Coming – ‘Blames GOP for Attack on Paul Pelosi’

O’biden says he used same chant as January 6th protestors:

“WHERE’S NANCY?” Is that really the best you’ve got, Joe? PATHETIC


President Joe Biden blamed Republicans on Friday for the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi, claiming that their rhetoric was responsible for inspiring the attacker.

“It’s reported that the same chant was used by this guy they have in custody that was used on January 6th in the attack on the U.S. Capitol,” Biden said. “I’m not making this up.”

The president was referring to several media reports that cited anonymous “sources familiar” with the incident about the details of the attack.

“This is reported. I can’t guarantee it. I can tell you what’s being reported,” Biden continued. “The chant was ‘Where’s Nancy!? Where’s Nancy!? Where’s Nancy!?’

Biden commented on the attack at the top of his speech at Philadelphia’s 3rd Annual Independence Dinner and said that he spoke with the Speaker and said that her husband was operated on and was recovering and in good spirits.

“She’s in a plane now heading out there,” he said.

As he spoke about the incident, Biden grew angry, and began yelling.

“This is despicable,” he said. “There’s no place in America. There’s too much violence, political violence, too much hatred, too much vitriol.”

The president put the blame squarely on Republicans.

“What makes us think that one party can talk about stolen elections, COVID being a hoax – it’s all a bunch of lies – and not affect people who might not be so well balanced?” he asked.

“Enough is enough is enough,” he concluded. SOURCE

YEAH Joe……..Enough is enough is enough of your BLATANT LIES.

I believe that Creepy Joe and his cohorts are all possessed by demonic spirits and most likely have been given over by GOD to their reprobate minds.



Biden Admin Puts Drug Supply Vending Machines in Addiction Epicenter of the Country – Rural Kentucky


The Biden administration will spend $3.6 million to deploy drug supply vending machines in rural areas of Kentucky in an effort aimed at “reducing stigma around drug use to support treatment and recovery.”

In doing so, The Washington Free Beacon said it appears that President Joe Biden and his team are still moving forward with the highly controversial concept of “harm reduction policies.”

In an Aug. 31 news release, the White House wrote, “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), launched four complementary education campaigns that provide information about the prevalence and dangers of fentanyl, the risks and consequences of mixing drugs, the life-saving power of naloxone, and the importance of reducing stigma around drug use to support treatment and recovery.”

The Free Beacon reported that a new study from the University of Kentucky will be the first effort to deploy harm-reduction vending machines.

These machines have already been deployed in other nations, such as CanadaAustralia and Germany where, “The distribution of sterile needles, syringes and other equipment via syringe vending machines in public areas and prisons is done in Germany in about 120 cities.”

The grant text from the National Institutes of Health said the vending machine or “KyOSK (KY Outreach Service Kiosk), will be supplied with injection equipment, naloxone, fentanyl test strips, hygiene kits, condoms, and other supplies.”

The grant is particularly targeted at two counties where “epidemics of injection drug use, overdoses, hepatitis C, … and … imminent HIV outbreaks” are a major concern, “in rural Appalachian Kentucky which has long been an epicenter of these intertwined crises.”

Patrick Hauf of the Free Beacon said the University of Kentucky declined to comment.
This move comes almost six months after multiple outlets reported on the administration’s plans through the Department of Health and Human Services to distribute crack pipes in a $30 million “harm reduction program.” Massive public blowback threatened to derail that initiative, according to The New York Times.

Numerous liberal news outlets published “fact-check” reports in February, insisting the administration was not distributing crack pipes, and the White House flat-out denied it.

“They were never a part of the kit, it was inaccurate reporting,” then-Press Secretary Jen Psaki said when questioned regarding the kits in February.

“A safe smoking kit may contain alcohol swabs, lip balm, other materials to promote hygiene and reduce the transmission of diseases,” she added.

Investigative reporting by the Free Beacon in May discovered that in the cities of New York, Boston, Baltimore, Washington and Richmond, crack pipes were included in “safe-smoking kits,” despite the White House claiming that they were not.

The report found that “[a] survey of more than two dozen harm reduction organizations found that not all harm reduction organizations distribute safe smoking kits, but those that do almost always provide crack pipes. The few that don’t include crack pipes in their kits say they are willing to, but unable to.”

“I would if I knew how,”  Tyrone Pinkney, who distributes clean needles in Washington, told the Free Beacon. Source



LEFTY NEW YORK TIMES Launches Campaign to Dump Joe Biden

From the

The far-left New York Times has just launched a merciless campaign to kick His Fraudulency Joe Biden out of office.

The thing about the corporate media is this… Everything the media do, report, and focus on is only about achieving one goal: furthering the left’s fascist agenda that puts a central government in control of every American’s life.

You see, other than getting worse, the corporate media will never change, never improve, never embrace decency, truth, or honesty. The media’s only morality is that which furthers their fascist cause. Once you understand and accept that, everything the media do makes perfect sense.

This brings me to the New York Times

On Sunday, the Times published a piece attacking Joe Biden over his age.

Here’s the Times’ brutal framing:

Just a year and a half into his first term, Mr. Biden is already more than a year older than Ronald Reagan was at the end of two terms. If he mounts another campaign in 2024, Mr. Biden would be asking the country to elect a leader who would be 86 at the end of his tenure, testing the outer boundaries of age and the presidency. Polls show many Americans consider Mr. Biden too old, and some Democratic strategists do not think he should run again.

…He often shuffles when he walks, and aides worry he will trip on a wire. He stumbles over words during public events, and they hold their breath to see if he makes it to the end without a gaffe.

On Monday, the Times published a devastating poll that shows a whopping 64 percent of Democrats — Democrats! — want to vote for someone other than Joe in 2024, while only 24 percent choose Joe. That poll also shows that Biden’s overall job approval rating has cratered to just 33 percent.

Here’s how the Times framed that poll:

For Mr. Biden, that bleak national outlook has pushed his job approval rating to a perilously low point. Republican opposition is predictably overwhelming, but more than two-thirds of independents also now disapprove of the president’s performance, and nearly half disapprove strongly. Among fellow Democrats his approval rating stands at 70 percent, a relatively low figure for a president, especially heading into the 2022 midterms when Mr. Biden needs to rally Democrats to the polls to maintain control of Congress.

In a sign of deep vulnerability and of unease among what is supposed to be his political base, only 26 percent of Democratic voters said the party should renominate him in 2024.

Mr. Biden has said repeatedly that he intends to run for re-election in 2024. At 79, he is already the oldest president in American history, and concerns about his age ranked at the top of the list for Democratic voters who want the party to find an alternative.

We are used to seeing the Times publish hit jobs like that to destroy Republicans. Not Democrats. Never Democrats. So what’s going on…?

Someone unfamiliar with how the corrupt media operate might look at those stories and think, Hey, the New York Times has finally been forced to report the truth!

And that someone would be wrong.

Instead, you have to ask yourself this…

Biden’s cognitive and physical decline has been OBVIOUS for two years, so why is the Times choosing to report the truth now after two years of lying, ignoring, spinning, and covering that truth up?


The New York Times has been juicing weighting polls for decades to protect Democrats and manipulate public opinion, so why release this bombshell poll now?
Well, it all goes back to what I said above… The corporate media’s only agenda is to further the left’s fascist cause. So once you lay that Leftist Cause Filter over these two Times’ stories, you get your answer: It is in the best interest of the left’s fascist cause to dump Joe Biden.  

The Times wants Biden out of office. They want him gone. Period. His age, dementia, failures, jaw-dropping incompetence, and growing unpopularity now threaten the left’s fascist cause, so the Times wants him gone.

It really is that simple.

You could argue the Times is trying to force Joe not to seek a second term in the hopes that another Democrat will  have a better chance of beating Trump, furthering the left’s fascist cause.
You could also argue the Times wants Joe out now, right now. Think about it… Joe steps aside for health and family reasons. Her Vice Fraudulency Kamala Harris becomes president. The first woman president! The first black woman president! Democrats might rally in 2024 to protect that legacy. Worst case, the Times knows the 2024 presidential election is already lost to Democrats, but this way, Democrats still notch another couple of firsts with Kamala.

Either way, Joe Biden is toast. The knives are out, and after Democrats are annihilated in the upcoming November midterms, things will get even nastier for His Fraudulency.


Pop the popcorn and enjoy the show! SOURCE

I won’t enjoy the show. Creepy Joe……..Cackling Kamala : What’s to enjoy?