18 thoughts on “Zelenskyy Video: Dancing in High Heels

  1. Janine

    Shocking. From the laughter it sounds like parody re food but those outfits are sickening. Can’t imagine why people were laughing.

    1. Mary

      Geri, it showed up. That’s Absolutely SICK & DEMONIC. Don’t have a Clue what they were saying but it was seductive & SICK.

      Devil worshipers NO DOUBT about that. God HELP us. I couldn’t watch the whole thing.

      Lord save their souls & DELIVER them from the strong man in Jesus name Amen!

  2. Wild Olive

    That video was the reason he was propelled to #1 contender for the position of Antichrist, IMO.
    Plus he is the only world leader, at the moment, who is pretty well not despised.

      1. Jim V.

        OMG Geri, I couldn’t watch it, it was so sicken!!!! Wow!!!! This man is a hero? Yeah right!!!

        Please Heavenly Father take us home now.

  3. Dale Vernon

    Well lemme see now, he probably is all the things mentioned above & perfectly suited to be the future antichrist cuz according to the Bible “Z” (man?) has many of those same qualities. He must also love what the devil loves & from what I read & seen so far publicly he qualifies handily. Wonder if fellow Ukranians take comfort in their “leader” being seen cavorting around in cross dress attire acting like some kind of sex pervert while their nation is being destroyed, citizens killed, starved & homeless? Ok maybe the vid was made another time but is there any record of him apologizing or sequestering the vid? I would think any leader worth his salt & spokesman for his nation’s people OR aspiring leader & future role model for youth would understand that doing a vid like that is beneath his & his country’s dignity. Is shame a bygone Godly virtue? Then again I’m old school & apparently behavior like this is why God’s Judgement is imminent. God’s Word told me that.

  4. Carol

    I’m conflicted about sharing this on my fb page but I feel like people should know. The narrative about Putin being so evil and I’m not saying he isn’t, he definitely was the aggressor. However saying anything negative about Zelensky is just like going against the Covid narrative. Any thoughts on this.

    1. I was hesitant at first about sharing the video, but I felt that it was more important for the readers to really see this man. Putin definitely is a thug but so is Zelenskyy and there is MUCH to this story that we are not privy to.

      1. Carol

        Yes agreed it’s not as black and white as it is being portrayed. One thing I’m certain of Zelensky is a good actor

  5. Is this for real? Can anyone vouch for authenticity? There is a lot that can be done with cameras and special effects. If this is real, then this is one sick, demon possessed man and he should not be supported. i heard a clip where Z is actually bombing his own people and blaming Russia. Something is fishy.

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