NEW FROM STEW: Biden’s State of Failure, Las Vegas Multiple Shooters Exposed, Bioweapon Jab Editing Genes (VIDEO)

Wednesday on the Stew Peters Show, we share the real address Americans should have received from our leaders, detailing the epic failures of the Biden junta, and their role in almost driving the world to global depression, food shortages, and nuclear war.

Karen Kingston exposes the marketing disguise given to Covid vaccines which are clearly engineered bioweapons killing millions. The ‘vaccine’ is just a mere patent, according to Karen, with its true intentions emerging with disaster within our bodies.

Dr. Jane Ruby returns for her ‘Ask Dr. Jane’ segment to discuss the jab’s affect on individuals with AIDS, Governor Ron DeSantis, and much more.

Investigative reporter Patrick Howley has never before seen documents from former Trump national security official Rich Higgins, giving credence to the theory that the 2017 Las Vegas Shooting involved ISIS and Antifa, and multiple shooters.

And, as the Canadian Freedom convoy cheers from the massive success over Fidel Trudeau’s vaxx mandates, Suzzanne Monk, founder of ‘Reopen America’ joins Stew to educate Americans on the convoy headed to DC.