2 thoughts on “Never Before Seen Documents: Las Vegas Shooting Documents Prove Multiple Shooters (VIDEO)

  1. Dale Vernon

    I always suspected a squad of shooters. Just too much spent ammo for 1 guy to shoot up in a short time & from different angles too. Interesting how “law enforcement experts” could never get to 1st base even with the Feds involved. Remember the Feds want our guns. People don’t kill, guns do, ya know. Our trusted Feds probably were involved but not like you normally think.

    I am thinking now of the JFK “lone gunman” + “magic bullet” joke; his brother Robert, joke #2 “lone gunman” who somehow shot RFK in the back & front. Joke #3, 911; “single aircraft” on each of the 2 WTC towers + Pentagon (no airplane parts found at any 911 location) a lonely engine, fairly intact “found” on the sidewalk of one tower but was not the correct type for that aircraft. No “parts” other than small planted pieces at Shanksville or Pentagon (google a lady April Gallup) who was working there that tragic day..interesting simple, sensible testimony. Why is she being persecuted?

    TWA flight 800 blew up midair cuz of a bogus “middle tank explosion” another tragic “joke”…best guess is our Navy blew that up with a missile gone awry during a training exercise & Clinton quashed a real investigation so it wouldn’t mess up his re-election. ETC ETC. It will get much worse cuz our borders are wide open & our globalist enemies are paying the way for every crudball imaginable to come to America. Our citizens are being played like a fiddle & our God given country is burning & destroying itself from the inside. Jesus Christ is our only hope. The end is near. Our nation is doomed but Jesus is actively seeking the lost on a personal level. He suffered a gruesome, agonizing death nailed to a cross, shedding His blood so He could pay the penalty each of us owes God the Father for being a breaker of His Laws. The breaking of any law demands justice. Only Jesus, sent by the Father can pay the penalty for you. There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved.

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