BlackRock CEO and WEF globalist Larry Fink says corporations must work harder to ‘force’ people to change behaviors


Our last two articles have attempted to peel back the layers of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its drive to usher in an all-new type of global society based on total information domination.

If they are successful, everything you do in life will be reduced to digital bits of storable data. That includes where and how you spend your money, where and how you travel or move about in society, your health and education records. In the name of privacy and security, you will hand all of this information over to them, you will own none of it and yet you will be happy, they said.

We’ve looked at the man Noah Yuval Harari, the chief philosophical adviser to the WEF, which has been working toward the attainment of a global surveillance society for 40 years under the direction of its founder Klaus Schwab. They hope to bring it about through “partnerships” between governments and corporations.

Now let’s take a look at another WEF power player who operates in the shadows, who boldly seeks to fundamentally transform the world through the “Great Reset.”

He is the chairman and CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest investment firm with $10 trillion in assets, a firm that has at least a partial ownership of almost every major corporation in the world, including the big media and Big Tech companies.

So Fink is not your average CEO. He:

  • Plays a key role at Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, where he is a member of the board of trustees and listed as one of the top “agenda contributors.”
  • Sits on the board of directors for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which has been the most powerful driver of U.S. foreign policy for the last 75 years, to the point where it’s impossible to work in the upper echelons of the U.S. State Department without being a member of this elitist globalist club.
  • Sits on the board of the International Rescue Committee, one of nine private agencies that works to funnel refugees into North America and Europe, mostly from countries that CFR-trained diplomats and Pentagon apparatchiks help to destabilize with wars and revolutions. These refugees come from places like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan, cultures that don’t typically mix well in Western societies.

So when Fink speaks, the world’s most powerful business leaders are all ears. He controls trillions of dollars in investment money and sits on all the key globalists boards.

Here’s what he had to say in a New York Times forum from four years ago:

“Behaviors are going to have to change and this is one thing we are asking companies, you have to force behaviors and at BlackRock, we are forcing behaviors,” Fink said.

Was this a Freudian slip of the tongue? I’m guessing it was, because Fink is usually not this brutally honest in communicating his beliefs.

Following is a quote from Fink’s 2022 letter to CEOs worldwide: 

“Every company and every industry will be transformed by the transition to a net-zero world. The question is, will you lead, or will you be led?”

That sounds like a threat.

After receiving some serious blowback, Fink tried to walk back his comments. On Jan. 24, 2022, Fink told CNBC “I’m not trying to strong arm CEOs to adopt my worldview,” even though everyone knows he is. That’s what Fink is all about. He’s the leader of the global movement to create a social-scoring system for corporations related to how environmentally and socially “woke” they are. This is called the ESG scoring system. ESG stands for “environmental, social and governance” score.

If you don’t believe in the fake science that says humans are the primary cause of global environmental degradation and you don’t believe that gender is fluid, you will not qualify for investment going forward in Fink’s world.

According to Riley O’Donnell at, Fink’s letter “carries a warning call to every sector – all of which will inevitably be changed by sustainable technology. Fink highlights the idea that those who decarbonize will be those who lead. Leveraging the power of actionable ESG data is crucial in this global transition towards a net-zero world.” 

Fink is warning the world’s top CEOs: It’s no longer enough to just be a good capitalist, doing what’s right for your shareholders and employees. You must work to “better society or risk losing support from BlackRock.”

And how do you “better society” in Fink’s way of thinking? You become a global citizen first, only secondarily considering yourself an American, Canadian, French, German or Ukrainian citizen, and then you adopt a “woke” view of the world.

Here is another excerpt from his 2022 letter to CEOs:

Capitalism has the power to shape society and act as a powerful catalyst for change. But businesses can’t do this alone, and they cannot be the climate police. That will not be a good outcome for society. We need governments to provide clear pathways and a consistent taxonomy for sustainability policy, regulation, and disclosure across markets. They must also support communities affected by the transition, help catalyze capital for the emerging markets, and invest in the innovation and technology that will be essential to decarbonizing the global economy.

“It was the partnership between government and the private sector that led to the development of COVID-19 vaccines in record time. When we harness the power of both the public and private sectors, we can achieve truly incredible things. This is what we must do to get to net zero.

Fink refers to this new system as “capitalism” but don’t be fooled. This is capitalism in the same way China practices capitalism, with everything the private sector does being done in “partnership” with the central government planners.

This is why the Biden administration continuously beats the drum of companies “doing the right thing” and forcing their employees to get the experimental gene-therapy injections — and that includes your kids, too.

As a good global citizen under the BlackRock-WEF definition of “capitalism” you will obey the state and your corporate master by keeping up to date on your shots (all of them including the latest “booster” from Big Pharma), you adopt their radical climate agenda, which means you either drive an expensive electric car, ride public transportation or a bicycle to work and back, you forego eating meat, you live in a tiny house or high-rise apartment, and you believe as a matter of faith all the radical social justice ideas like critical race theory, transgenderism, etc. Oh, and you will turn in your firearms in your city’s latest “buy back” program.

These are the kind of “behaviors” that Fink wants your corporate employer to “force” you to adopt.

Fink popped off this week saying the war in Ukraine will “accelerate the shift to ESGs and digital currencies as a replacement for cash.”

But most of these changes in the rules of society will only apply to the commoners, not the elitist professors, entertainers and corporate billionaires at the World Economic Forum.

Take for example, the friendly advice that was given us from Bloomberg News, which is owned by Michael Bloomberg, another billionaire member of the World Economic Forum and friend of Fink’s.

Bloomberg offered up some advice in the tweet below for us peasants (those making under $300,000 a year) struggling to make ends meet in Joe Biden’s inflationary economy.

Could you get more arrogant? The Bloomberg writer above left no question about the fact that he thinks if you make less than $300,000 a year, you aren’t worthy of being a consumer of meat. Get over yourself and settle for lentils?

And it’s time to park that car. Just take the bus.

Of course, the privileged ones above that $300,000 mark will continue on as normal, no sacrifices necessary.

They don’t tell you that moving to “net zero” carbon emissions, which is advocated by Fink, along with Bloomberg, Gates, Harari, Zuckerberg, Schwab and the rest of the globalist cult, would throw 90 percent of middle-class Americans into poverty and dependence, which is exactly what they want. They want a much smaller global population with those who are lucky enough to remain to be 100 percent dependent on the government and its corporate “partners” in a system they call “stakeholder capitalism.”

Stakeholder capitalism is just a fancy word for fascism, the type of system they have in China. Big business and big government in collusion to oppress the people, monitoring their every move and assessing them in real time as to whether they get points or demerits on their social credit score.
Whereas Harari is a man of ideas, Fink is a man of money and brute force.

So when he speaks, other corporate honchos listen.

And he’s telling them to force behavioral changes on their employees.

We know what those changes are. We know the things we as believers will need to resist in the coming months. I would like to say we have years, and maybe we will, but I can’t guarantee that.
It will not be easy to live outside the beast system but we can help mitigate the difficulties by working together. We can do this. Because inside the system there will be only more manipulation, surveillance and brutal control from beast-like men in the vein of Schwab, Harari, Gates, Zuckerberg, Bloomberg and Fink.
Share this article/video with your friends, along with the previous two articles that dig into Harari and they will get a clue what the world is up against and why everything always drifts toward tyranny. It happens because men like Schwab, Harari, Gates, Zuck and Fink have too much power and sway over the politicians we elect. is 100 percent reader supported and directed. If you would like to donate, send c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.

Nolte: Biden Predicts ‘Real’ Food Shortages in America, but Offers No Plan: C’mon Man, What’s the Plan?


Astonishingly, the president of the United States stood before the world this week, predicting “real food shortages” without mentioning a plan to keep us fed.

“With regard to food shortages—yes, we did talk about food shortages, and, uh, and it’s gonna be real,” His Fraudulency Joe Biden said at a Thursday news conference. “The price of these sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia; it’s imposed upon an awful lot of countries, as well. Including European countries and our country, as well.”

Naturally, Biden said this just a few days after Press Secretary Lyin’ Ginger said Americans are unlikely to face food shortages.

“While we’re not expecting a food shortage here at home, we do anticipate that higher energy, fertilizer, wheat, and corn prices could impact the price of growing and purchasing critical fuel supply, food supplies for countries around the world,” she said.

But now, per the president himself, America will face “real” food shortages. So what’s the plan!!???
Food shortages. Real food shortages. That sounds like a pretty big deal to me. That sounds like something an American president might like to start mobilizing for. You know, we are still America. We are still a dynamic country with millions and millions of square miles of unused farmland that could easily make up for losing Ukraine as the “breadbasket of the world.”

But what’s Slow Joe’s plan?

Get a load of this bunk:
Biden said, “Russia and Ukraine have been the breadbasket of Europe in terms of wheat,” and insisted that he and other leaders had a “long discussion in the G7” about the need to “increase and disseminate” food production.

“In addition to that, we talked about urging all the European countries, and everyone else, to end trade … limitations on sending food abroad,” Biden said. “And, so, we are in the process of working out with our European friends what it would take to help alleviate the concerns relative to the food shortages.”
That’s not a plan. That’s BS. That’s a plan to come up with a plan.

Imperial Japan has just bombed Pearl Harbor, and the left-wing socialists in Nazi Germany have just declared war on us. What’s the plan, President Roosevelt? 

Well, we’re going to increase and disseminate war machinery and troops. 
If Biden honestly believes food shortages will be “real” — food shortages, y’all: FoodShortages. — every government alarm, every government priority, everything possible should be done to feed the American people. The first priority must be mobilizing efforts to ensure America can produce enough food to feed its own. Once that’s accomplished, we must do what we can to feed the world.

There is no reason why America cannot become the world’s breadbasket and do so by this summer.
One of the blessings of America is our bounty of plenty. Everyone has enough to eat, a decent place to live, medical care, and all kinds of stuff. That’s a beautiful thing, truly. But this bounty is such a given in American life it blinds us to the idea that life could be anything else. We are blessed, but this blessing helps us forget that for most of human history and much of the world still, things like food, shelter, housing, medical care, and stuff are not the norm.

Full shelves, full bellies, stuff, stuff, stuff… It all comes to us so effortlessly, almost like magic. Store shelves are full because of course, they are!

But beneath this magic is a whole weave of slender threads that make our full shelves and bellies possible, and if just one of those threads breaks, we will face untold misery. And most of us, including myself, are so spoiled by this bounty we have no idea what to do if one of those slender threads breaks. We’re not prepared to hunt or grow or gather.

So here we are, currently living in a country where the American president is predicting “real” food shortages, something this country has not faced in a hundred years, and he’s not doing a damn thing about it… This is especially galling when we live in a bountiful country with all the resources (and then some) to ensure we never again have to depend on a foreign country to feed our own.

This, like the historically high gas prices currently battering the poor and working-class, are perfect opportunities for a leader, a real leader, a compassionate leader, to say, Enough of this outsourcing of the American way of life. America has these resources, and we will never again depend on a slender thread. 
But Biden will never do that because he’s a monster who sees the effects of industrial farming and oil drilling on Mother Earth as not worth the benefits those things offer human beings, including Americans.
That’s the bottom line to all this.

That’s why Biden admits he believes America will face “real” food shortages and won’t do a damn thing about it.

Like the rest of the Democrats and organized left, Biden would rather see us suffer and starve than open our own lands to energy and food production.

Do you want to count on China to feed your family? You don’t have to if you stop voting for these sociopaths who call themselves “Democrats.” Source

Have you ever felt this insecure under a president before? Jimmy Carter comes to mind, and of course Barack Obama with his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

But being governed by Sleepy Joy is more than a bit disconcerting – it’s downright SCARY.

But we who love the Lord Jesus Christ are blessed. He has His eye on His own. He never sleeps and Nothing surprises Him. He is in full control and we can fully trust Him!


Naming Names: US Built War capability for Russia—Leading to the Deaths of American Soldiers 

From by Jon Rappaport

Continuing to present the extraordinary research of the late Antony Sutton—

Today’s Sutton excerpt comes from his 1986 book, The Best Enemy Money Can Buy

As usual, the detail is shocking. So are the names of the men.

The question is why: why are these men doing this?

Are they bankrolling and supplying both sides of a war for the money? Is because they want to make both sides equal, in hopes that a standoff will avert a global catastrophe?

My position is clear. I’ve stated it before. 

When you can fund and supply two enemies, you’re already thinking about the aftermath, when the conflict will diminish or end. You’re planning to build an organization that will “manage the peace.”

That organization will have to be large. Very large. Which is exactly what you want. It will take on the shape of something like global governance—as much governance as you can create and impose.

Which is really what you wanted all along.

Which was why you funded and supplied both sides in the first place.

Which is why you’re called Globalists.

(And I’m not just talking about the United Nations. That’s merely one piece of a much larger “management” structure.)

OK. Now here is the Sutton excerpt: 

“Although the military output from [Soviet] Gorki and ZIL was well known to U.S. intelligence and therefore to successive administrations, American aid for construction of even large military truck plants was approved in the 1960s and 1970s.”

“Under intense political pressure from the deaf mute blindmen, U.S. politicians, particularly in the Johnson and Nixon administrations under the prodding of Henry Kissinger (a long-time employee of the Rockefeller family), allowed the Togliatti (Volgograd) and Kama River plants to be built.”

“The Volgograd automobile plant, built between 1968 and 1971, has a capacity of 600,000 vehicles per year, three times more than the Ford-built Gorki plant, which up to 1968 had been the largest auto plant in the USSR.”

“Although Volgograd is described in Western literature as the ‘Togliatti plant’ or the ‘Fiat-Soviet auto plant,’ and does indeed produce a version of the Fiat-124 sedan, the core of the technology is American. Three-quarters of the equipment, including the key transfer lines and automatics, came from the United States. It is truly extraordinary that a plant with known military potential could have been equipped from the United States in the middle of the Vietnamese War, a war in which the North Vietnamese received 80 percent of their supplies from the Soviet Union.”

“The construction contract, awarded to Fiat S.p.A., a firm closely associated with Chase Manhattan Bank, included an engineering fee of $65 million. The agreement between Fiat and the Soviet government included:”

“The supply of drawing and engineering data for two automobile models, substantially similar to the Fiat types of current production, but with the modifications required by the particular climatic and road conditions of the country; the supply of a complete manufacturing plant project, with the definition of the machine tools, toolings, control apparatus, etc.; the supply of the necessary know-how, personnel training, plant start-up assistance, and other similar services.”

“All key machine tools and transfer lines came from the United States. While the tooling and fixtures were designed by Fiat, over $50 million worth of the key special equipment came from U.S. suppliers. This included:

1. Foundry machines and heat-treating equipment, mainly flask and core molding machines to produce cast iron and aluminum parts and continuous heat-treating furnaces.

2. Transfer lines for engine parts, including four lines for pistons, lathes, and grinding machines for engine crank-shafts, and boring and honing machines for cylinder linings and shaft housings.

3. Transfer lines and machines for other components, including transfer lines for machining of differential carriers and housing, automatic lathes, machine tools for production of gears, transmission sliding sleeves, splined shafts, and hubs.

4. Machines for body parts, including body panel presses, sheet straighteners, parts for painting installations, and upholstery processing equipment.

5. Materials-handling, maintenance, and inspection equipment consisting of overhead twin-rail Webb-type conveyors, assembly and storage lines, special tool ‘sharpeners for automatic machines, and inspection devices.”

“Some equipment was on the U.S. Export Control and Co-Corn lists as strategic, but this proved no setback to the Johnson Administration: the restrictions were arbitrarily abandoned. Leading U.S. machine-tool firms participated in supplying the equipment: TRW, Inc. of Cleveland supplied steering linkages; U.S. Industries, Inc. supplied a “major portion” of the presses; Gleason Works of Rochester, New York (well known as a Gorki supplier) supplied gear-cutting and heat-treating equipment; New Britain Machine Company supplied automatic lathes. Other equipment was supplied by U.S. subsidiary companies in Europe and some came directly from European firms (for example, Hawker-Siddeley Dynamics of the United Kingdom supplied six industrial robots). In all, approximately 75 percent of the production equipment came from the United States and some 25 percent from Italy and other countries in Europe, including U.S. subsidiary companies.”

“In 1930, when Henry Ford undertook to build the Gorki plant, contemporary Western press releases extolled the peaceful nature of the Ford automobile, even though Pravda had openly stated that the Ford automobile was wanted for military purposes. Notwithstanding naive Western press releases, Gorki military vehicles were later used to help kill Americans in Korea and Vietnam.”

“In 1968 Dean Rusk and Wait Rostow once again extolled the peaceful nature of the automobile, specifically in reference to the Volgograd plant. Unfortunately for the credibility of Dean Rusk and Wait Rostow, there exists a proven military vehicle with an engine of the same capacity as the one produced at the Volgograd plant. Moreover, we have the Gorki and ZIL experience. Further, the U.S. government’s own committees have stated in writing and at detailed length that any motor vehicle plant has war potential. Even further, both Rusk and Rostow made explicit statements to Congress denying that Volgograd had military potential.”

“It must be noted that these Executive Branch statements were made in the face of clear and known evidence to the contrary. In other words, the statements can only be considered as deliberate falsehoods to mislead Congress and the American public.”

“…Up to 1968 American construction of Soviet military truck plants was presented as ‘peaceful trade.’ In the late 1960s Soviet planners decided to build the largest truck factory in the world. This plant, spread over 36 square miles situated on the Kama River, has an annual output of 100,000 multi-axle 10-ton trucks, trailers, and off-the-road vehicles. It was evident from the outset, given absence of Soviet technology in the automotive industry, that the design, engineering work, and key equipment for such a facility would have to come from the United States.”

“In 1972, under President Nixon and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger, the pretense of ’peaceful trade’ was abandoned and the Department of Commerce admitted (Human Events, Dec. 1971) that the proposed Kama plant had military potential. Not only that, but according to a department spokesman, the military capability was taken into account when the export licenses were issued for Kama.”

“The following American firms received major contracts to supply production equipment for the gigantic Kama heavy truck plant:

* Glidden Machine & Tool, Inc., North Tonawanda, New York — Milling machines and other machine tools.

* Gulf and Western Industries, Inc., New York, N.Y. — A contract for $20 million of equipment.

* Holcroft & Co., Kovinia, Michigan — Several contracts for heat treatment furnaces for metal parts.

* Honeywell, Inc., Minneaspolis, Minnesota — Installation of automated production lines and production control equipment.

* Landis Manufacturing Co., Ferndale, Michigan — Production equipment for crankshafts and other machine tools.

* National Engineering Company, Chicago Illinois — Equipment for the manufacutre of castings.

* Swindell-Dresser Company (a subsidy of Pullman Incorporated), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — Design of a foundry and equipment for the foundry, including heat treatment furnaces and sine;ting equipment under several contracts ($14 million).

* Warner & Swazey Co., Cleveland, Ohio — Production equipment for crankshafts and other machine tools.

* Combustion Engineering: molding machines ($30 million). Ingersoll Milling Machine Company: milling machines.

* E. W. Bliss Company”

“Who were the government officials responsible for this transfer of known military technology? The concept originally came from National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger, who reportedly sold President Nixon on the idea that giving military technology to the Soviets would temper their global territorial ambitions. How Henry arrived at this gigantic non sequitur is not known. Sufficient to state that he aroused considerable concern over his motivations. Not least that Henry had been a paid family employee of the Rockefellers since 1958 and has served as International Advisory Committee Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, a Rockefeller concern.”

“The U.S.-Soviet trade accords including Kama and other projects were signed by George Pratt Shultz, later to become Secretary of State in the Reagan Administration and long known as a proponent of more aid and trade to the Soviets. Shultz is former President of Bechtel Corporation, a multi-national contractor and engineering firm.”

“American taxpayers underwrote Kama financing through the Export-Import Bank. The head of Export-Import Bank at that time was William J. Casey, a former associate of Armand Hammer and now (1985) Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Financing was arranged by Chase Manhattan Bank, whose then Chairman was David Rockefeller. Chase is the former employer of Paul Volcker, now Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank. Today, William Casey denies knowledge of the military applications (see page 195), although this was emphatically pointed out to official Washington 15 years ago.”

“We cite these names to demonstrate the tight interlocking hold proponents of miltiary aid to the Soviet Union maintain on top policy making government positions.”

“On the other hand, critics of selling U.S. military technology have been ruthlessly silenced and suppressed.”

“For two decades rumors have surfaced that critics of aid to the Soviet Union have been silenced. Back in the 1930s General Electric warned its employees in the Soviet Union not to discuss their work in the USSR under penalty of dismissal.”

“In the 1950s and 1960s IBM fired engineers who publicly opposed sale of IBM computers to the USSR…”

—end of Sutton excerpt—

In the current climate of “cancel anything Russian,” supporters of that campaign ought to be calling for the cancellation of Americans indicted in Sutton’s work.

But of course, how many people know what Sutton discovered?

The widespread ignorance is no accident. Source

Absolutely NO Accident


Europe Welcomes PM Trudeau To His New World


hether he realizes it or not, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has much in common with the truckers of the Freedom Convoy.  The truckers found world attention and international admiration for their courageous stand against vaccine mandates out in the bitter Ottawa cold;  Trudeau the revilement of elected officials for turning to tyranny in trying to get even with the truckers who stole his thunder.

No one likes a bully—especially when the bully is prime minister:

“Six MEPs and an Irish Senator have openly denounced Trudeau during his trip to the EU, labelling him a “dictator”, “disgrace”, and someone who “tramples on democratic rights”. (Counter Signal, March 25, 2022)

“PM Justin Trudeau is now perhaps one of the most despised men in Europe — second only to Vladimir Putin. Not only has he been ridiculed in front of the entire European Union over his tyrannical response to peaceful protesters participating in the Freedom Convoy, but nearly every MEP also boycotted his speech, leaving him to humiliatingly utter his platitudes on “democracy” to an almost empty parliament.”

Makes little difference that the bought off Canadian media—including the $1-billion-plus taxpayer funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)—ignored the story.  People here and abroad don’t turn to CBC for the news, but to the international media available everywhere on the Internet.  

“Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes was one of the first on the international stage to denounce Trudeau, doing so while Trudeau’s crackdown against peaceful protesters was ongoing.(Counter Signal)

“He’s exactly like a tyrant, like a dictator. He’s like Ceausescu in Romania. If you raise doubts about the vaccines, you’re outcasted,” Terhes said at the time. 

“Terhes reiterated these sentiments in a Facebook post when Trudeau arrived in Europe, ultimately boycotting Trudeau’s speech.

“I refused to validate, by my presence, the façade of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who gave a speech before the Plenary of the European Parliament on 23.03.2022. It was the reason for which I was not in the room when he spoke,” Terhes wrote.

“…. Between the Russian imperialist tyranny, promoted by Putin, and the neo-Marxist tyranny pretending to be progressivism promoted by the like of Trudeau, in which people are deprived of their rights and freedoms, becoming objects of the state, I do not choose any.”

“Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic was the first to openly denounce Trudeau in front of the European Parliament, while Trudeau was sitting directly behind him. (Counter Signal)

“Addressing the European Parliament and Trudeau directly, Kolakusic said, “Freedom, the right to choose, the right to life, the right to health, the right to work for many of us are fundamental human rights for which millions of citizens of Europe and the world have laid down their lives.”

“…. Canada, once a symbol of the modern world, has become a symbol of civil rights violations under your quasi-liberal boot in recent months. We watched how you trample women with horses, how you block the bank accounts of single parents so that they can’t even pay their children’s education and medicine, that they can’t pay utilities, mortgages for their homes.”

“To you,” he continues, speaking to Trudeau, “these may be liberal methods; for many citizens of the world, it is a dictatorship of the worst kind. Rest assured that the citizens of the world, united, can stop any regime that wants to destroy the freedom of citizens, either by bombs or harmful pharmaceutical products.”

German MEP Bernhard Zimniok was the next to mop the floor with Trudeau in Parliament, saying he didn’t even deserve a chance to speak.

“[The EU] invitation to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is an invitation to someone who’s been trampling on democratic rights, who’s been cracking down on people protested against disproportionate corona measures, who supported a non-sanctioned movement coming under criticism,” Zimniok said.(Counter Signal)

“So, clearly, the values of democracy are despised by this individual. Let us not give someone like this any speaking time in this house of democracy.”
“Meanwhile, Finnish MEP Laura Huhtasaari wrote directly to the Vice-President of the European Commission to demand the EU clarifies where they stand on habitual civil rights abuser Justin Trudeau. (Counter Signal)

“On several occasions, the EU has condemned human rights violations in various countries,” Huhtasaari wrote. 

“Does the Commission or the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy intend to condemn the measures used by Canada against peaceful protest in the Canadian convoy demonstration, and what is the EU’s position on the Canadian Government’s actions against peaceful protest?” 

“… “Canada has decided, inter alia, to freeze the bank accounts of persons taking part in the demonstrations and has threatened to arrest peaceful demonstrators.”
“French MEP Virginie Joron took things a step further, showing up to Parliament wearing a Freedom Convoy t-shirt, complete with a Canadian flag and saying that she supports Canadians in the face of Trudeau’s tyranny.”
But perhaps the best ‘Takedown of a Tyrant’ speech came from German MEP Christine Anderson, who concluded her speech telling Trudeau he is, “in no way, shape, or form, welcome in the European Parliament”.

“Then again, a Prime Minister, who openly admires the Chinese “basic dictatorship”, who tramples on fundamental rights by persecuting and criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists, just because they dared to stand up to his perverted concept of democracy, should not be allowed to speak in this house at all,” Anderson said.

“Mr. Trudeau, you are a disgrace for any democracy! Please spare us your presence.”
“Please spare us your presence” is the sentiment of millions of Canadians, not just truckers and their supporters. “
Before his anti-trucker temper tantrums, Trudeau was a virtual unknown
Trudeau, who won the 2021 Canadian federal Election in minority status, this week gained a majority by joining up with the socialist New Democrat Party in a coalition deal with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, set to last until 2025.
Before his anti-trucker temper tantrums, Trudeau was a virtual unknown.
Long a bridesmaid and never the bride, Justin Trudeau first rode into public life on a pony called ‘Publicity’.  Back in the day, he was known for his perfect hair and symbolic socks, which he sported at G-7 meetings. 

In those days he looked stupid but basically harmless.  He was a lightweight instead of a bright light and many knew that.  

International criticism for tyranny has made him a modern day emperor without clothes.
A self-made pariah, Trudeau will go down in history as the first leader of an industrialized nation who gave his nation over to Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset.

Meanwhile, European politicians aren’t the only ones now saying : “Please spare us your presence”.
And the story is no longer “Trudeau did the truckers in” but “The truckers did Trudeau in”.
In any case,  hope now looms on the horizon. Source

I believe that Justin Trudeau has no clue as to what is coming to our world. Of course, it depends on God’s timing of the man of sin’s being revealed to the world. If this happens during Trudeau’s reign, he will be SHOCKED by Antichrist.

If ever there will be the quintessential BULLY – it will be him.

How Can I Be Saved?