Was the Person Messaging me an Impersonator and Not Stew Peters? This is Widespread on Telegram

Many of my readers have seen my latest article on Stew Peters. After posting that piece, I have had numerous brothers and sisters in Christ write to me asking the question: “Could this have been a scammer/impersonator and NOT Stew Peters?”

After much prayer and reflection, I am now wondering if this was not Stew, but someone desperately trying to get our banking information.

So, if that is the case, I want to apologize to Stew Peters.

But perhaps this happened so that I might sound the alarm to other Christians to be aware of this scam – especially on Telegram.

A friend told me that Stew and Dr. Jane Ruby have said that they will NEVER DM (direct message) anyone on Telegram. I wish that I had heard them say this. I would have immediately blocked whoever that was trying to scam me and my husband.

So brethren, please note this and also share this with your friends and family. The evil and deception is so thick. We must pray for discernment and put on the full amour of God each day.

Ariyana Love

The strange occurrence of Ms. Love’s appearance on the Stew Peters show the very next day was what made me confident that it was Stew Peters on the DM.

A few weeks back, I wrote an open letter to Stew regarding Ms. Love who is openly and rabidly anti Semitic. Stew ceased having Ms. Love on his show.

Here is that open letter:


So I must question why Stew Peters decided to have this woman back on his show.

I do know that a genuine Born Again believer would NEVER associate with hate-filled anti Semites.

So now I am left wondering why Love was brought back on as a guest one day after the person wrote to me.

Puzzling, isn’t it?

How Can I Be Saved?


4 thoughts on “Was the Person Messaging me an Impersonator and Not Stew Peters? This is Widespread on Telegram

  1. I bet this was an impersonator. As one who’s been abused by wicked people of the Demorat persuasion for several years now, I’ve had variations of this same dirty trick done to me several times. In some cases, a supervisor or coworker would go behind my back and lie to another person, saying that I had said something bad about them, that I was a racist, or whatever it took to break apart all my collegial relationships and get everyone to hate me. The stress from this and other abusive treatment having caused me to develop severe health problems, I took early retirement. Well, lo and behold, the same thing happened to me in my rural area, with local county “law enforcement” and their minions in the local neighborhood watch group doing the same things (and more). I’ve also had old friends turn very cold toward me, most likely because nasty emails had been sent to them from my old Yahoo account (since deleted to hide the evidence). And speaking of nasty, nasty letters and lists of unfounded, completely false accusations about me and my family have also been spread far and wide, to every community we ever lived in, to completely destroy us. THIS IS WHAT THESE EVIL PEOPLE DO.

  2. Carol

    Geri, after you let us readers know about Stew Peters having a anti semite on his show I never listened to him again. Regardless if it was Stew or not talking with you on telegram is not the issue. He has had her on again, that speaks volumes! The evil and deception is so thick, we must walk closely with Jesus in prayer and the word. Thank you for your commitment to the Lord and his body

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